I hear Heather Hilliard has a new lawyer: Jefferson Parish Omnibus

Folks don’t get mad, get Slabbed.  I’m not certain why Ms. Hilliard changed counsel midstream but I certainly think she nabbed a fine lawyer. Newbies can find vital background here and here plus generally here. It is another example of a Slabbed scoop on the Jefferson Parish beat.

I’ve had a few things in my inbox on this and the Broussard flood suit for well over a month that need examining. Plus this Jefferson Parish hospital deal has people talking and they are not talking about the extensive coverage afforded to Councilmen Chris Roberts and Ben Zahn by NOLA.com and the Advocate or the quality of care provided by the various competitors to the deal. I’ll see if I can get something semi coherent together on that issue while I have a sliver of time to spare. It sounds like classic cesspool politics based on what I know at present.

The latest email blast from Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government came late last night. Speaking of Ben Zahn:

Supporters of Good Government:

The Jefferson Parish Council will meet this Wednesday, September 18th at 10 a.m. on the West Bank at the General Government Building. As we have been doing at every council meeting for the past three years, Citizens for Good Government will again present information from our Campaign Contribution Table shown below. The information which we present is summary information which supplements the contractor campaign contribution information read aloud by Council Clerk Eula Lopez. We have factually and precisely identified the entries in our table as total campaign contributions of at least $1,000 made during the PAST FOUR YEARS to our councilmembers by contractors and subcontractors on whom the Jefferson Parish Council is scheduled to vote at the next council meeting. The contractors and subcontractors in our table were obtained from resolutions in the Agenda for the council meeting and from the affidavits attached to the online Agenda Items.

We believe that it is appropriate to include in the campaign contribution totals for each of the councilmen, all campaign contributions made to them during the past four years by contractors and subcontractors on whom they are scheduled to vote. However, as can be seen in our Campaign Contribution Table below, we are now specifying at the bottom of our table the small portion of the total campaign contributions which were made to the new councilmen prior to their runs for the Jefferson Parish Council. For Councilman Ben Zahn, who has made an issue of this, only $750 of the $66,329 in the total campaign contributions which we reported for him were for campaign contributions prior to his run for the Jefferson Parish Council. The total campaign contributions shown in our table for all seven councilmen during the past four years is $435,106.

CFGG Campaign Finance 9-16-13

At the last council meeting Councilman Zahn suggested that Citizens for Good Government’s Campaign Contribution Reports should be moved to the end of the council meeting, rather than continuing to allow us to present our reports early in the meeting. We currently present our reports in the portion of the Agenda which is identified in the Code of Ordinances as “Persons appearing before the council for public comment on resolutions on the agenda.” However, we are entitled to do this, since the information in our reports is a summary of the campaign contribution information taken from the resolutions in the Agenda Items specified in our Table of Campaign Contributions. Since the information which we report is from resolutions contained in the Agenda, it is therefore appropriate for us to present this information during the “Resolution” portion of the Agenda. Hence, any effort to prevent Citizens for Good Government from presenting our Campaign Contribution Reports early in the council meeting is a violation of the Code of Ordinances.

CFGG is fully aware that it is both legal and ethical for the councilmen to vote to award non-bid contracts to their significant campaign contributors, even to contributors from whom the councilmen have solicited campaign contributions. However, we believe that this is wrong and needs to change, and this is the reason that we present our Campaign Contribution Reports at each council meeting.

If anyone would prefer not to receive our emails, please let us know in a response to this email, and we will remove you from our email list.

Margie Seemann
Vice-Chairman, Citizens for Good Government

3 thoughts on “I hear Heather Hilliard has a new lawyer: Jefferson Parish Omnibus”

  1. I have only two common sense, unaddressed questions and my opinions thereon which the CFFG needs to address the Council of Clowns about:

    1.) Why before spending 1.8 MILLION on a consulting leasing firm was a financial study not done on both hospitals with the common sense finding that the two independent hospital boards and administrative positions be consolidated into ONE BOARD/ ADMINISTRATION forming ONE PURCHASING ENTITY to reap purchasing saving and millions in duplicitous positions /salaries ( had consolidation been done we would not now be facing the conflicting opinions and recommendation of two politically motivated boards).

    Answer: Because both boards/ administrations possess political ” stooge” appointments which are raking in millions in duplicitous job titles/responsibilities and these political cronies want to save their BS political appointed positions which some are not even qualified to possess. Is West Jefferson cronies promised certain things by Childrens whereas East Jefferson cronies are promised others by HCA?

    Case in point, there is a infamous political appointee related to an ex- Jefferson politico who has no hospital administrative/ management education but has been reaping a salary over $400,000 a year. Inspector General Mc Clintock how about a quick study on these political “Stooges”, their lack of hospital qualifications, who they were appointed by and/or who are they related to?

    2.) I believe there was a recent Council resolution passed which stated that all the monies realized from the leasing of East and West jefferson were only to be spent on public health care but exactly where is Jefferson going to spent tens of millions each year? To non-profits to be raided by the political cronies and/or their supporters ?

    Answer: Probably after the lease money is realized the funds ( think tobacco and BP settlement funds originally to be spent on smoking ads and coastal restoration now being used by the State for general funding expenses) will be transferred to the general fund so the Jefferson politicos can continue their crony capitalism. The public needs to insist that an “iron clad” law be passed that any proposed transfer of hospital lease funds be put before a general vote of the public and not by the sole vote of the Council of Clowns placing the funds into the Community Fund in order to continue tp play JEFFERSON MONOPOLY: CRONY CAPITALIST EDITION.

  2. Re: Heather Hilliard’s new lawyer
    Congratulations Ms Hilliard. You have indeed nabbed the best IMHO. Best of luck to you and Bobby in your quest for justice.

  3. At least Mrs. Seeman is still able to live in her parish. In some other parishes she would find it provident to leave for a more hospitable clime.

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