BREAKING: 7 more years bad luck for the former Team Letten(mego)

Thanks to multiple readers for the heads up.  I scanned Judge Engelhardt’s 129 page order and have concluded:

  • Neither I nor Slabbed was mentioned. (Whew)
  • Judge Engelhardt indicated he knows the identity of NOLACat60, a former Slabbed commenter that I believe is now deceased, along with the several other identities contained in the subpoena sent to the Times Picayune which the Times Picayune successfully fought.
  • Judge Engelhardt had some strong words for both the AP and the Times Picayune in light of the suit filed by the T-P seeking access to the Horn report.
  • The fact someone posted online about the Danziger Bridge case straight from the hive in Washington DC does not surprise me in the least.
  • Jim Letten purportedly knew about Jan Mann posting online very early on after Sal Perricone was unmasked by Fred Heebe.  If true that allegation is damning towards Letten IMHO.
  • We get to see the USA v Kaufman et al aka the Danziger Bridge trial all over again.
  • This is certain to dominate the news cycle in NOLA and in certain lawyerly circles nationally for days.

Click the pic below the jump to score the 129 page pdf:

USA v Kaufman et al Doc 1137

Other media coverage:

Judge grants new trial for ex-New Orleans police convicted in notorious Danziger Bridge slayings after Hurricane Katrina ~ Juliet Linderman

Justice Department prosecutor Karla Dobinski was also posting on about criminal defendants, judge reveals ~ Manuel Torres

Federal judge overturns Danziger convictions ~ The Advocate Staff

20 thoughts on “BREAKING: 7 more years bad luck for the former Team Letten(mego)”

  1. This Order and reasons ought to send Holder and his asst. who came to NOLA to prosecute the Danziger case into a racial frenzy.

    If the new incoming Feds let Heebe and others off to try and save the Danziger case and failed then EVERY criminal prosecuted by the reported bias blogging, prosecutorial team should be given new trials. Lets be fair Judge Engelhardt and open the prison doors and parade them ALL out free and not just the racially charged defendants/cases.

    Finally, hope Obama’s green team don’t hear about your 129 page order and reasons thereon and charge you with unnecessary environmental destruction of __?_ trees.However, your doctoral Order may help you get up the ladder to possible nomination to 5th Circuit or higher.

    1. Muspench nailed it in comments on the NOLA story. Jan Mann threw Jim Letten under the bus. They’ve turned on each other, the pressure must be intense,

      1. Doug, in the word of kleptocratic actions, I would not be surprised if Letten eventually is outed, along with his thugscrum masters in the District of Criminals, as routinely engaged in a systematic tainting of prosecution merely to notch those belts on the wall – in addition to in some cases mount a legal system coup d’etat.

        After all, recall that nauseating position of prosecutorial discretion on prosecution. Where one criminal is prosecuted and others equally situated are not.

  2. The Engelhardt order simply goes to show that DOJ was conducting a show trial, pure and simple. Given the overwhelming power of the State to convict people, why this was deemed necessary is beyond reason. The direct participation of a DOJ attorney in the District of Criminals proves beyond all doubt that this was a political, not a criminal, prosecution.

    Sad to say the only “penalty” to mete out is incarceration of the individuals, given the city will hide behind its immunities and only indirectly get taxed with a payout to the victims and their families. The true crime in this case, based on the philosophy of criminal law, is that of the cover-up, not the original accidental shootings. Yet what we have is a sub rosa trying of the defendants for their first actions, the shootings, not the coverup. Yet this is what was forecast and what will always happen when you have a “justice system” geared toward prosecution, not justice. (I trust only a fool or knave would read into my comments some apologia for uniformed thugs. My writings indicate otherwise.)

    Indeed, if there was any adherence to constitutional principles, letting ten guilty go free so that one innocent is not deprived of liberty, the only principled outcome would be to drop the criminal prosecution and pressure the city’s thug kleptocrats to make good to the victims without delay and money on trial in a civil settlement. But given the State is nothing more than a gang of legitimated thieves thriving on extortion, the likelihood of State actors doing the principled thing is ZERO.

  3. This is very “COMPLICATED”. Does anyone in his or her right mind not belive that the Negros on the Bridge were not MURDERED by the cops? Or that after the murders the cops conspired to obstruct justice in order to “hide” their crime. Or that they will not be convicted of “something” at re-trial? My belief is that this 129 page opinion has more to do with Government lawyers LYING to a Federal Judge, time and time again, than anything else. Fortunately for the Judge, he had Rules and Regulations to hang around the necks of the Government lawyers, And we haven’t heard the last of this: I predict that it will go ALL THE WAY to D.C. Perez is “a gone pecan”, along with some of his Staff. And Holder will be “smeared”, but protected by “the System”. If Tulane has any sense they will FIRE Letten, who will be disbarred, along with Perricone, Maselli-Mann and her husband. And you know what? As serious as Judge Englehardt has made this, it’s still not as SERIOUS as “Injustice” Kimball and Chief Disciplinary Counsel Plattsmier sicking the GOON SQUAD on me in the aftermath of KATRINA, and obstructing justice for the past 8 years to cover their tracks. Or Letten’s prosecution of me on false criminal charges, which required me to defend myself for almost 2 years, but only AFTER spending 34 days in solitary confinement in “The Windsor Court St. Bernard”, for “nothing. I don’t have any sympathy for the NOPD cops, for Perricone, for Maselli-Mann or her husband (or for Michael Magner – he was SO “courageous”: Magner told his “superiors” about the commenting, but he didn’t go “high” enough, and didn’t ever DO anything about it – COWARDLY CRIMINAL – Greg Kennedy or any of the other miscreants who should be made to account). THIS IS MORE ABOUT LYING TO A FEDERAL JUDGE THAN IT IS ABOUT SHOOTING SOME NEGROS ON A BRIDGE AND COVERING UP THE CRIME (Justice WIILL be done in that respect, eventually). And it sure ain’t about commenting on any web-site. Why don’t you think the Judge ruled that the defendant/movers didn’t have to prove “prejudice”? One man’s opinion. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Doug and company:

    The local lickspittles on television and radio are already committing salient parts of the story down the memoryhole. Zero Zurich last night completely disregarded Englehardt’s outing of DOJ’s thug in the District of Criminals. Indeed, you’d thought Zero was tooling his tongue for some Fred Heebe largesse. On the morning radio programmes the DJs simply rolled over and let vermin like Senator Lying Landru fabricate a new storyline on the whole rotten setting. No doubt the last thing these azzklowns would want to do is both read and report the Judge’s order.

  5. And yet, Mark Titus sits in Oakdale and no matter how loud he has screamed lying corrupt Feds, he still sits, and the saddest thing is that they, the feds, remain protected by the same law that was designed to protect us, the innocent public.

      1. Here are a list of candidates who now have a get out of jail free card or an expungement opportunity:
        Former Congressman Bill Jefferson
        Renee Gill-Pratt
        Angela Coleman
        Betty Jefferson
        Greg Meffert
        Linda Meffert
        Derrick Shepard
        Eddie Price
        Bill Hubbard
        Jonathan Bolar
        Judge Wayne Cresap
        Mark St. Pierre
        Aaron Bennett
        Micheal Hingle
        Jamie Perdiago
        Ben Edwards Sr.
        Mark Smith
        Malcolm Petal
        William Bradley
        Bruce Edwards Sr.
        Dwayne Muhammad
        Elias Castellanos
        Jeff Bentley
        Albert “Buddy” Andre
        Jason Guy
        Harry Labiche Jr.
        Jacques Morial
        James O’Keefe
        Michael O’Keefe
        Aaron Broussard

  6. Ya know what? I sat in the witness box at Federal Court in New Orleans on March 4 (or was it 3?), 2009. Jan Maselli-Mann was in the Courtroom, as were several other highly-placed individuals in Letten’s office, Members of the Federal Bureau of Constipation (SPIT!), and DOJ employees (SPIT!), not to mention my “persecutor-in-chief”, that little WORM (SPIT!), Gregory Kennedy. I stated “on-the-record, under oath” that my persecution for a Federal “crime” was politically motivated, at least in part because I had EXPOSED PUBLIC CORRUPTION in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, directly involving “His DisHonor” Duval-Daley-Fayard and his wife/lawclerk, as well as Calvin Fayard “hissef”, who HisDisHonor has categorized as a “close personal friend of long-standing”. I also enumerated the FACTS of my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, which was “executed” by the State of Louisiana, but in which Letten’s office, and Michael Magner, Stephen Higginson and Brian Marcelle (all Letten AUSAs at the time), were complicit “willing participants”. All of this was a prelude to my assertion that my Federal persecution was politically motivated to embarrass , humiliate, and disgrace me, so as to marginalize me, and had no basis in fact, and that I wanted the entire matter investigated. And ya know what happened? BLANK STARES and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, although I WAS released from jail. I was vindicated @ 2 years later, after a long, hard struggle, and the dismissal of the false Federal charges against me was affirmed by the Fifth “Circus”. Wonders never cease. But all of this took a “toll” on me. I also spent 34 days in solitary in “The Windsor Court St. Bernard”, more time than the already-convicted “Gill-Pratt” has spent in jail to date. Would you call what was done to me (and continues to be done to me) “abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct”? Would you say that it was more “egregious” than a secret public relations campaign to attempt to turn the tide of public opinion against the “GUILTY AS SIN” Danziger defendants, who couldn’t prove “actual prejudice” if their lives depended on it (AND THEY DO, in large part, rightly so)? That’s essentially what U.S. versus Bowan is all about, if we take LYING TO A FEDERAL JUDGE out of the equation Why is Ashton O’Dwyer so ANGRY? AROD.

    1. I am sick that this happened to you Ashton.
      Letten is a MUTANT, void of conscience & NO regard for righteousness.
      This was SO APPARENT in O’Keefe’s video.
      Letten ranting like a maniac & degrading him with name calling, asserting that he wasn’t even human.
      TRUTH is Jim LETTEN et al. have no semblance of soul or whatever the facet is that allows some of us to care about people & the environment we all share.
      Legally sanctioned sub-human FILTH, they destroy peoples lives like walking corporations in pursuit of their own agenda & JUSTICE is so FAR from the forefront of their intent.
      I have seen the horrors committed by those empowered by the system from the inside out too & it is

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