OK folks I’ve gotten enough emails. Here are a few links of interest:

Coast eyes are on Stacey Pickering ~ Paul Hampton

Whitney Pickering: No tears allowed in fight against cancer ~ Sherry Lucas

SunHerald.com changes its commenting policy today ~ Kate Magandy-Holzhauser

My interest here is mostly scientifically based complete with mathematical component as is my wont. A more artistic way of viewing the same problem set can be found here. Worth noting is that it was Whitmergate that turned me on to the artistic way of looking at the same thing demonstrating the power of community sourcing. A fair read of the comments to the last link indicates the inherent fallacy to using Facebook as the commenting gatekeeper.

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  1. Now I think there will be a lot of “coast eyes on the Sun Herald” and not just Pickering. There is also an article posted about their new comment posting policy. I read this article and even though the paper has the right to do this, I think it’s a bunch of crap.

    I get the impression the SH may have been feeling pressure from the radical regime that is doing everything in there power to control and limit the information flow. Hey, this sounds like something that goes on regularly in radical Muslim countries.

    I am not sure what the tipping point was in this decision but we have the selection of the CIAP management selection coming up next week which will most likely cause more public concern. I am quite sure the awarded dollar figure will shock the public and make us look at Jamie Miller and say: “And you wonder why your asking for more money.” I am willing to bet some simple math will prove it was probably cheaper just to have a small group of DMR employees run the program for the next few years.

  2. I wonder if the Sunherald sold out to anybody we know? I am going to cancel my subscription in the morning. I am not interested in reading puff pieces with attached comments from only people like Bo Alawine. Funny how Stacey Pickering volunteered for damage control. Just maybe he negotiated the Facebook deal with the Sunherald. I personally despise Facebook and their total control over people with accounts. I will continue to post my opinions where the freedom of anonymity is available. Thanks Doug

    1. The articles are not fully readable because they are partly covered by advertisements & pop-ups abound……it’s sensory OVERLOAD.
      Who gives a damn about where Stacey PICKERING bought a college degree or where his home town is?
      I GO TO SLABBED for the REAL NEWS…
      Part Times Picayune …
      Cunt Herald…
      Baton Ruse Advocate…
      All Corporate/Governmental Whores ~

      1. I think sensory overload is a perfect term. They may be able to stop most of the commenters but they have been, and still are struggling with finding the leaks of their dirty deeds. Some may even be dumb enough to think they have been plugged recently. LOL

  3. I agree with CottonMouth on the writings of the SH on Pickering. In my estimation, he comes across as a hypocrit. These politicians spouting how religious they are yet they do not even perform the job description they are elected to do. So like Bryant, neither audited DMR.

    And as far as Miller wanting more money to operate DMR, how about collecting some million dollars stolen first? Why hire people of questionable qualifications and for mega bucks when in the next breath you are asking for more money to function?

    Where are our legislators? I hear no comments!

  4. Two thoughts come to mind right off of the bat.
    First, I have the deepest respect for Whitney Pickering and applaud her trials and all of her work and effort that is involved in a recovery of this nature. She must truly be a remarkable woman. And I hold not malice towards her and her children. That being said, why would the SH print 19 pages on this? And just because she is a wonderful person, does not mean that her husband is the same, in my opinion. Maybe the SH is working on repairing Auditor Pickering’s image???

    CM, I think your thoughts are headed in the right direction. I now feel that I know why Mr. Miller hired the girl from the Sun Herald! It is obvious that she and Magandy are good buddies since MS Magandy is “muzzling” the residents of the Coast. I am sure that is what Mr. Miller wanted. He wanted the truth to stop coming out. There were too many holes in the boat for him to plug. So he must have coordinated with Ms Magandy through his new hire, to stop input. Shame on you Ms Magandy. That is very poor reporting, and in my opinion, you have jumped right in with the rest of the CONprofits by covering their backsides. Hope the FBI is paying attention. And believe me, if you think this will stop the Snake Nation and slabbed, you are sadly mistaken. It has just thrown a black eye on you and now your character may be questioned???? I am truly disappointed in you ma’am.

    1. Excellent set of thoughts BM1699 that you could no longer post on the SH website without a Facebook account. Next you will have to have an original birth certificate when they find out FB is no shield against different opinions. I feel certain by now they have turned over all of the commenter’s IP address to help stop these horrible people from telling what they think. Miller, Pickering, Bryant, Walker, and others are probably celebrating at a champagne brunch this morning with Ms. Magandy is as the guest of honor.

  5. One more word of caution, fellow commenters = this may be a “Wag the Dog” moment to draw the heat off of “Rat” Pickering and Mr. Miller, and the DMR scandal. I am sure that everyone is really disappointed in what Ms Magandy has done to the residents of the Coast; however, please keep your eyes on the real concerns….Conspiracy, Theft of Taxpayer dollars, Misappropriation of the Same, Prosecution, Jail Time, Recovery of funds in question, Fraud, Lying, and TRUE JUSTICE for the lost innocent, the Taxpayers, and Mississippi Coast Residents.

  6. I and several other members of the SlabbedNation feel that the Sun Herald has adopted a policy which ties the hands of anonymous citizens who could come forward with facts to stimulate and further federal prosecution. especially when multiple scandals are around several local politician’s necks like “millstones.

    With time maybe the Sun Herald will be forced to see the Light as the TP did with its many favorite political sons of champagne lunches both going down in flames of failure and present affectionate kisses transformed into mafia kisses of death

    When the public who dutifully pay the Sun Herald’s subscription realize they have been sold out by a press whose obligation to protect becomes to “suppress” the truth then will we again see the TP’s plight played out before our coastal eyes.

    Without a corrective course the Sun Herald will possibly become known as the famous train, the ” Sunset Limited”.

  7. Folks I would like to announce as of this moment the Sunherald Sunset Limited has made the conversion to being a subsidiary of Facebook with all previous comments made by all removed from the site. So be it.

  8. Hanlon’s Razor probably explains the new improved Sun Herald commenting policy, rather than Gulf Coast intrigues and machinations. The dead tree media are well known for instituting corporate policies which do not necessarily serve the readers and subscribers. Case in point, Facebook commenting. Significant evidence exists to suggest this is a corporate policy emanating from the parent company of the Sun Herald, which is The McClatchy Company, and not a local editorial policy.

    The effects of this new Sun Herald policy will have the same stifling effect, whatever the source. One may read back in old comments (are old comments still visible?) and see allegations made which later appear as news stories with the facts (which probably originally looked like “character assassinations”) confirmed. The debunking and refutation of the statements of public officials and politicians by the posting of information in comments will likely decline; as will the number of comments, and of those reading the same.

    Corporate ownership has pluses and minuses. What would be the likelihood that a non corporate paper would have the resources and the will to take on some of the recent stories the Sun Herald has? Not the newspapers of 20 or more years ago, but the newspapers of today.

    Time for the shave with Hanlon. Viewing the wiki page for The McClatchy Company one finds the following list of McClatchy daily newspapers. The relevant link to the new commenting policy is appended to the first five newspapers on the list.


    Anchorage Daily News (Anchorage, Alaska)

    1. The comment which shows posted at 10:46am was hung in moderation for at least 45 minutes. There were at least two additional comments (including Ashton’s at 10:54am) which were visible before mine.

  9. The SunHerald is to be applauded for exposing some of the maggots that lurked under the DMR rock, but they could just haven’t gone “far enough”, and seem to be giving some people a “pass”. Maybe the Editor(s) should have tasked Journalist Paul Hampton with writing an expose’ on the State Auditor’s Investigative Division and the Director of Investigations, David Huggins. I learned all I need to know about the State Auditor when The SunHerald revealed: (1) He comes from a VERY politically-connected family; (2) He aspires for a position in the U.S. Senate; (3) He allowed DMR to “oversee” the “auction” of the two boats in July; (4) He declared that he would not “second-guess” the paltry sums generated by the “auction” of those boats, when contrasted with what had been spent on them by the taxpayers; and (5) The “new” revelation of the GUILTY plea by Howard Industries shortly before the “clean” Bill of Health issued by the State Auditor to his former employer. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. I have figured for the last month there was something was cooking behind closed doors. When ever I logged on to the SH to read articles and post I kept getting pop-up screens talking about a limited viewing until I registered an account. There is no doubt someone is in bed with the right person on this deal. But all this does not surprise me one bit. The people who consistently make the news and who are named in the comment sections seem to love to work behind closed doors in my opinion.–Out of sight, and out of mind as some say.

    I am going to pass the word around the neighborhood for people to consider pulling their paid subscriptions from the SH because they have started making things difficult for the commentors to express their freedom of speech online while remaining anonymous. –We need to hit them in their pocket books to make a statement but i will let them make their own decision and will just pass along what they are doing to us.

    Yes, I am quite sure there was a purpose on hiring Scallan and it seems as if it was not because of her professional skills since she had to be trained by an outsider–I wonder if that is still going on? Hmmmmmm…….

    I bet if all the negative publicity regarding the DMR, Jamie Miller, and Jamie’s Girls was against a Democrat or if they were reporting on Obama activities on a weekly basis there would have been no change at all…

    It’s all about protecting the Regime and nothing more.

    1. CM, I hope that all of the employees and others who have been posting under anonymous protection, will come aboard Slabbed and continue to share what they know that may help the FBI. I hope that this action by the SH does not slow down the information. Thanks for selling out your people SH!! You have just wiped out all of the good that you (or DaNoose and Anita Lee) have done to expose these people. Hope your subscribers show you the door!!!

  11. Notice that in his interview Stacy said, “I went to see the DA, before heading back up to Hattiesburg”. The DA is really handling this and Pickering is going to keep his distance and let the FEDS and Joel do the work. In the first week of October, the first indictments will be handed down. With many more to come. There’s something sordid in this mess that could hurt Pickering, but no one has figured that out yet. The whole truth will emerge but I think he’s walking a very fine line so he and his office can appear squeaky clean.

    1. Yea, like a fundraiser at Frontier Gulf Coast’s Joe Cloyd’s house for starters . Cloyd ended up being a “money bungler” for Stacy Pickering. He did not say which DA he was meeting with I do not think but it probably was Smith.

  12. If stocks were in play I can see the SH losing points and slabbed gaining points from this decision.

    I think this shows that the Sun Herald cannot be trusted either in my opinion. They may have produced some great stories but I beleive they are controlled to a certain extent but we would never know the real truth. A lot of the goodies are buried in the comments.

  13. The Sun Hearld has become useless. They are scared or paid off to make this type of change. I would hope people would start getting their news from other outlets that allow people to speak what they feel without using an account that could cause harm to them at work or school or in their community. Sun Hearld decided to cover for a few that are being hammered by comments. A scared paper is something we can do without.

  14. I want to start a new blog called SUNHERALD SUCKS.com. You will have to comment thru your Twitter account (Just kidding about the Twitter) There would be hundreds of participants. I bet even Henry Laird will come calling if I can get this going. This would be a site that would allow comments from all on the SH articles they post. Kate would go bonkers. She is stuck over there with her boy Bo. They deserve each other. Go to the article about the change and read the comments from the weak and meek. Sickening for sure. Give the their sucky ass Facebook controlled McHerald. I am thru with them.

  15. I agree with all of the comments here. However, I think that Kate has teamed with FB because she is jealous of our writing prowess (especially Robert’s)!!! I, like Trip, was afraid when DaNoose was shipped off that something was getting ready to take place to protect the slobs. Now, I wonder what they will do with Anita Lee. Wonder is she can be paid off???? Don’t think so. Hope not.
    Okay Doug, you are the man. Please continue to do what you do to see that the CONprofit group is put out in the open – front and center. Looks like you did a great job in NO with that bunch of crooks.
    Since our own local newspaper has turned on the residents, and has chosen to play politics along with the Raiders of the DMR (sounds like a movie sequel?), it appears to me that they are robbing its subscribers of a service (or at least forcing them to do what they, themselves, claim to be against….conspiracy).
    Someone mentioned that indictments will be forthcoming soon. Any additional news you want to share??? In my opinion, Stacey “Rat” Pickering has forgotten what he has learned about humanity and right/wrong. He is more interested in being “a dear friend”, than trying to do the job he promised the taxpayers of this great State! All of the old Auditor’s office staff who are still working for “the good old boys” – You are not innocent either!!! You are part of the problem by sitting back and watching what has happened and not coming forward and help the people, instead of yourselves. There is such a thing as “aid and abet”, just in case you have forgotten.

    1. In the last month or so I have been going back reading the older DMR articles and comments in the Sunherald. Many opinions of people commenting were very close to how things have been unfolding. Robert stood out in my opinion because he seemed to have some pretty accurate info and either knew a lot of the players in the scandal or did a whole lot of homework. Hope he brings his whit to Slabbed He would fit right in. And now all of those Sunherald comments by the general public are gone. Next I guess they will erase all of the articles about the various scandals to protect the guilty.

  16. I think this move may have raised doubts about the Sun Heralds credibility as a whole. Not necessarily with the reporters and the writers but with their upper management. I would not be a bit shocked if they have been chronically hounded by the state politicians and government officials to try and muffle the public commenters in some way. I get the impression that there is a strong defense in place to guard Jamie Millers doings whether he ends up being a hero or a zero. I guess what this means is slabbed may now be the “go to source” for honest opinions of the public and insider tip offs.

    All in all I think the only thing positive about this is the comments made by the public were getting to the right people and caused some damage. Whether it was a comment made about poor decisions, fishy hiring practices, or job rehab, I think the “victims of the comments” got what they deserved.

    Last week was probably a rough one and full of surprises so this should give Jamie and Melissa a little breathing room so they can start to”work their magic” on the public starting tomorrow. 😉

    Fat Chance

  17. In the coming weeks, The Brass at the Sun Herald are about to have the biggest story on their hands in a very long time. They want control and want to stop anyone who will question their credibility or thwart their desire to control the scoop on this story. They probably have credibility issues with some of their sources and they want to limit anyone questioning them through the comment section. They may say its some corporate Facebook relationship issue but their timing is quite interesting since we are so close to the first indictments coming out

  18. It is so simple to make an alternate FB account. Get a yahoo or hotmail email and have at it. I have to live and work in Ocean Springs, so no way do I feel comfortable putting my name on any tips or info I may come across. Hope many make their way over here, but the comments area was a great venue to get the REAL news out to the general, uniformed public who may read the SH.

    1. I enjoyed reading the Sunherald comments much more than the articles they were attached to. I would not go thru the trouble of getting a Facebook account to satisfy some new corporate policy. Slabbed is just fine. We can all continue to post our comments on everything the Sunherald publishes. Believe me when I say the people being discussed are all reading Slabbed. We all need to tell everyone we come into contact with about this blog and the freedom of speech that is allowed. Watch the Sunherald comments going forward, they will be very sparse and of no interest. I believe this policy was implemented because of liability issues the various newspapers owned by this company may have and has nothing to due with just the comments posted on the Sunherald site.

    2. I understand that it’s simple to make an FB account but there is really no need. This is all simply a method of deterrence and control. I am not familiar with FB but there must be a particular reason why they chose them as the primary source. Maybe FB has a different set of guidelines and it may be easier to obtain identities.

      1. Facebook has the most users. The fallacy in using Facebook is people use it for social networking – in other words people follow their interpersonal relationships on Facebook, not their interests. Twitter is the exact opposite.

        The technology for blogs is evolving to using multiple platforms as potential methods of commenting, restricting commenting to one platform in Facebook to the exclusion of the others will inhibit commenting.

        This was not Kate Magandy’s call. McClatchy is following Gannett here.

  19. ALL ABOARD!!!!! ALL ABOARD !!!! —- Da’ SUNSET LIMITED Herald departing Gulfport-Boloxi for the underworld and beyond–.

    The engineer, Mr.Bill. is last seen negligently texting on Facebook while several political favorite sons are partying in the DMR Dining Car.

    Oh no Mr.Bil, what’s that $$$ignal ahead? The tracks ahead look a little shaky–shaky–shaky

    LOOK OUT MR. BILL da’ tracks are out !!!!



  20. Well, as I wait for the Folgers to brew this morning I have come to the conclusion that the Sunherald on Sunday decided to kick a whole bunch of good folks off of their Sunset Limited. I was one of them. First I felt hurt because I was being sold to Facebook without any notice but then as the day went on and after I put myself thru a short period of self administered therapy I decided I must move on. In looking at the Sunherald comments this morning on the very article that this post is about I see some known names like Steve Shepard/ Julia O’Neal-Sierra Club, John Rhodes-Tea Party Chairman, Bo Alawiner- Socialist from Mars, ect. If this is the new commenting crowd on this site I think most will refuse to even give it a glance. I for one will never return to a place I once enjoyed going to because I felt betrayed when my 800 plus comments were put to death by a delete button up in corporate headquarters. I have shed my snake skin leaving it behind at that despicable newspaper in decline as a protest. Thank you Slabbed for offering this great blog on which we can all come together and share information, rumors, speculation and some good laughs.

    1. Huzzah! As one of your followers, I find great comfort in seeing your name here to join the fight against the vast wing-nut conspiracy.

  21. After such great investigative reporting by Sun Herald reporters Anita Lee and Michael Newsome, Sunday’s newspaper blew away all their great intentions with the biased articles on Auditor Stacey Pickering and DMR Jamie Miller. Writing such crap turned my stomach!

    It appears to the public, Pickering is just another ‘good ole bot, career politician who is using the system for Pickering. It seems he is representing DMR instead of investigating the their reportedly corrupt practices.

    And DMR Miller needs to do a better job before asking for more money from the legislature to operate. Hiring those high-dollar clones to supervisory positions when the agency was having money problems doesn’t add up. But maybe he doesn’t know this or maybe he doesn’t care since Bryant is his supervisor and he’s too busy shining his cowboy boots or smelling lawnmower gas?

  22. It still looks like to me that the players that made this all possible are invisible. The following is my opinion:
    My recollection is that when this all first started, Herb Friarson (Phil Bryant’s boy)was over the DMR Marine committee in the Legislature. So what he wanted, he got. Also, Billy Hewes (Haley & Phil Bryant’s boy) was the Senate Pro Tem over the Senate. And what he wanted, he got. And Billy Hewes’ brother-in-law was the Chief-of-Staff, making $86K+ (with no formal education) at the DMR, only second to Bill Walker. Also at that time, an “elite group of recreational deep-sea fishermen” worked with this bunch to get control of the Lyman Fish Hatchery, in the name of “raising saltwater fish” to improve the Gulf. Fish were swapped from Cedar Point, to Lyman, to a personally owned hatchery in Perkinston for some reason. Not very efficient and very cost ineffective.
    Now, with that being said, do you think the FBI might begin to follow the crumbs and get everyone involved??? They need to start with Legislation that was written in 2007 and look at the Legislators in control of the Marine Resources on both the house and senate. I’m sure it will paint a very nice picture for them. There aren’t many of the State Agencies that this hasn’t trickled over into. Read it and weep.

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