Drama, always much drama over Jackson County way……..

My own opinion is DA Tony Lawrence is hotter than a hornet at Sheriff Byrd starting with the “Pot Doc“, continuing with Tater Nuts and other problems far far beyond those.

Claiming Jackson County sheriff contacted witnesses, DA seeks to revoke Mike Byrd’s bond ~ April Havens

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  1. Doug, given a district attorney in Louisiana rarely disrupts a local kleptocratic nomenklatura by doing in a fellow officeholder, this is extremely delightful.

  2. I am hearing some rumblings about the Scott Walker DUI and Byrd’s possible interaction with his brother, the Justice Court Judge Cecil Byrd who dismissed the case. While this is not part of Mike Byrd’s current legal problems I am told questions are being asked about this particular case and others that might involve the Byrd brothers working in tandem to help connected parties resolve legal issues and tickets in the justice court system. Would be very interesting if the Sheriff went to bat for Scott Walker and because of Walker being able to get out of the DUI and thumb his nose at the Ocean Springs Police pissed them off enough to create the obvious tension/hard feelings between the two law enforcement groups. If you remember Walker had all of the City of OS Aldermen, Mayor, Chief of Police brought to the court hearing alleging a grand conspiracy to get him. The OS Police were very upset about how this case ended up. I have no way of knowing if this is fact but if you think about it you can see that this could be possible based on what we do know.

    1. I’m hearing the same rumblings, there’s just not much solid stuff out there to really connect either Byrd to SW, except for possibly a fishing trip. I also just heard yesterday that Byrd’s involvement in the long drawn out investigation of the off duty Pascagoula police officer that was recently charged with a felony leaving the scene of an accident was being looked at with a fine toothed comb. Maybe something will turn up.

      1. I am told Scott Walker had one of those special miniature Jackson County Sheriff’s Badges Mississippi Sheriffs like MIke Byrd give to their political supporters. I don’t think SW plays into this prosecution otherwise.

        As I write this I think of Iggy and Tony Thomissie…..

  3. Attorney calls DA’s motion to revoke Byrd’s bond a ‘reckless filing’ filled with ‘scathing, inflamatory’ accusations

    Among other things:

    Byrd, Owen said, admits he talked to the three deputies “but not for the purpose of inquiring as to their grand jury testimony or their prospective trial testimony or to intimidate, harass or manipulate, but to elicit information about certain facts surrounding their involvement” in several of the charges pending against Byrd.

    “Mike Byrd was only assisting his counsel in attempting to assimilate accurate facts

  4. See where Judge Coleman did not revoke Sheriff Mike Byrd’s bond of charges for witness tampering. With a high-dollar lawyer, Joe Sam Owen, Jackson County Sheriff has employed with the taxpayers of the county footing the bill, how can Mike Byrd lose?

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