8 thoughts on “What of those infamous Henry Shane JEDCO emails???”

  1. LOL, the crickets are chirping and the 24th JDC Disabled Attorney and Louisiana’s Addled General and the Legislated Audible nowhere to be found ….

  2. Gee, by random assignment 24th JDC Judge Ansardi received the criminal case of cocaine charges to adjudicate and “bake” over for 3-4 years on notable Mr. Desi, owner of the 2421 Clearview Super 8 Motel, and again by the luck of the draw Ansardi is assigned to adjudicate the e-mail case ( to release or not to release dat is da’ question) of notable Henry Shane.

    I guess we will have to wait 3-4 years to see if poor Mr. Shane is ” stirred” to release whatever e-mails are deemed of a public nature, that is the ones still in existence at the time of adjudication.

    So stay tuned for more home recipes from the 24th JDC chefs in addition to Ansardi’s award winning Desi’s Sweet Cocaine Cake and da’ new, soon to be released Shane’s Sweet and Sour E-Soup of 2016.

    1. Good catch. The supposed random allottment through prestidigitation by the Creep of Court Gegenheimer (come to think of it, reminds one of a Herman Goering joke…) results in one’s pal getting the gig.

      But even better the Disabled Attorney of the 24th JDC is not grousing to get this matter moving – usually the DEFENSE is seeking delay, delay, delay – good note, Lock.

      Personally, I have little respect for Disabled Attorneys who are either protofascists, kleptocrats or a combination of both. Disabled Attorney CONnick really is in the low-rent league.

      And, where’s that fatasshole from the Metropolitan “See No” Crime Commission? Would be nice to see an expose on how that organization resembles a mere agitprop outfit to do in certain kleptocrats while remaining mum on others.

  3. Why has the chirping stopped on the Walker/Zeigler/Walker/Shoemate/Janus episode?? Anything to report? when will the publice be enlightened?

    1. A lull in news cycle after guilty pleas. The Sun Herald / DMR public records are still with the courts last time I checked MEC.

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