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  1. Looking at page three, if this is the type of “lawyering” one can expect from a disciple of Gauthier, no wonder the firm sucks.

    The brief looks like the text was borrowed directly fro a court opinion without editing. “We hold” – really? Can’t get any more apparent than that!

  2. I have a few observations:
    1. Where did the Court note that all the defendants named above join in his pleadings?
    2. Where and when did all the defendants ( especially Aaron Broussard) ‘confer’ with him?
    3. Where were you found guilty of having defamed a number of persons?
    4. Do his allegations that you lied to the Court in the past and continue to do so and would deceive the court create additional grounds for you to add to your defamation, libel and slander suits?
    5. Did he read the 5th Circuit decision and then write this? Or, was the 5th Circuit decision handed down after this was filed?
    Thanks for any answers you can supply.

      1. Hey Diz, this is how I see the old legal ballgame above in the bottom of the ninth with two outs in my opinion:

        The Goatherders missed the Ordered date for briefs without a Motion for Leave of Court- STRIKE ONE;

        The Goatherders missed in bad faith saying you defamed them which is an intentional misinterpretation of the 5th Circuit Reasons for Judgment – STRIKE TWO;

        The Goatherders missed and failed to cite case jurisprudence opining that the attorney fees to be awarded a defendant in a SPEECH Act case represents actual personal damages to be collected from the violator/s- STRIKE THREE ( failure to present case jurisprudence in a novel legal argument may result in sanctions especially with two other intentional strikes as to the Rules of the Honorable Southern District Court mentioned above.

        GAME OVER !!!!!!

        Since this is a Two for Tuesday- my opinion on why the Goatherders are fighting hoof and mouth to stay in the Southern District and away from the appropriate Mississippi State Court? It is human psychology for a person/s who benefit/s from a bad faith judgment ( i.e like enjoying a po-boy, Homie meal in home jurisdiction) to naturally fear that the same bad faith judgment may occur again one day but in reverse . Nowdy would know the phobia term for it I’m sure, but as a layman I will just term it -Homiephobia.

        But there’s no reason fo’ dem to fear da’ local southern genteel mens as rumor bees dat Dudley Do-Right done got heself a State escort after his faithful steed, named “Horse”, done got lost on dat six-tier freeway in Wiggins,Miss..

        1. Doug can tell us if Mississippi courts countenance bullshit, but federal courts clearly do not and frankly, the track record with this lot indicates they are no better off in fed court than in state court. I’ve give them better chance in Louisiana court to bullshit the judge, given their political connections.

          1. I filed this suit where I did because I thought it was the appropriate forum given the nature of my complaint and preliminary calculation of damages. I’d have no problem trying this case before Judge Guirola if that is his ruling. I believe the Circuit Judge assigned is Judge John Gargiulo should the case be remanded.

            I personally operate on the theory that one should not mess around with the courts.

          2. Said self-flagellating goatdroppings will not float nor swim in Honorable Judge Guirola’s court as there exists two separate and distinct causes of action and said droppings can’t, especially without case jurisprudence, arbitrarily ” mix and match” the alleged personal defamatory damages you alleged in your correctly filed Miss.State jurisdiction case with only anticipated awarded attorney fees specifically due as per SPEECH Act in the earlier and separate Southern District case .

            Such “Total Insanity”, legal workout wastes trees , complicates and multiplies legal/Court resources/costs and needs swift and heavy weight sanctions. Especially seeing the droppings themselves sua sponte dissed the Honorable Court by failing to first secure a Motion for Extension of Time to File Brief or For Leave of Court before they were filed.

            Dudley Do-Right, even riding backwards on “Horse”, is a genius when compared to these Super 8 goatdroppings.

          3. Empire – I believe the goattherders prefer Jeffparish jurisprudence as there is a full selection of what Chicago Mayor Daley (Richard J.) used to call “good Judges”. To Daley, “a good judge” was one “who got bought; and stayed bought”. I believe we have “a good district attorney” and “a good sheriff” too!

    1. Definitely “facts” that J. Guirola should comment on, Mrs. Vandeweghe, especially given that Broussard is allegedly represented by his mandatary.

      Abel of course should recall the throwing of rocks in the glass house. No doubt Doug will kindly remind the court of Abel’s suspect lawyering due to the numerous sanctions….

  3. Pathetic piece of disjointed cut and paste shit.

    Are they seriously and with good conscious representing to the federal court that your motion for fees and costs for defending against their miserably inept attempt to enforce that “judgment” is actually somehow part of the calculation of damages in your defamation suit?

  4. Assume “..found guilty of having deamed.. .” refers to a Canadian “court of incompetent jurisdiction”??
    Can a court order attorneys be euthanized to put everyone else out of their misery? An “animal control” kinda thing? Or maybe on a “three strikes you out” basis! (AMV ??)

  5. I read that something like if the court uses common sense, and decides we are fucked, then we are not just fucked, but fucked to such a degree that we would have to be in federal court already to be fucked that bad. Why they didn’t chose that arena in the first place, instead of bumfuk N.S. (for 450K no less) could be a question begging for the asking. Never mind. I think I know.

  6. Daniel Abel may want to read the 5th Circuit’s resounding thumping of his business associates. And, his efforts to have his two cents worth heeded by the panel were disregarded. Mr. Abel may also want to think before he files mertiless lawsuits, lest the ODC get involved in him using litigation to try to intimidate people.

    1. Sad to say, but it appears Plattsmeier mainly does the politically unconnected. Very rarely does he tackle those mobbed up unless the violations are egregious to the max.

  7. Think what may be presenting is a case of closet masochism. Somebody likes getting the shit beat ot of them by authority figure in black robe! Heads you win…tails; they really like it!

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