I am hearing troubling things about the State’s DMR Investigation

I would remind people that a state prosecution into wrongdoing at DMR involves a two step process:

  1. Investigation by investigative agency, in the case of a State Agency like DMR that would be the Office of the State Auditor and,
  2. The State Attorney General and/or local District Attorney receiving referral and taking this referral to the grand jury for indictment and prosecution.

Another way of looking at this would be to examine the opposite because logic tells us the opposite is also implied thus some who committed a crime could avoid prosecution:

  1. By a botched investigation and,
  2. By the prosecutor refusing an otherwise good case

For reasons why the opposite should be considered, I recommend Hanlon’s Razor as a starting point for the subsequent analysis.

Now what does this have to do with the post title?  Everything folks.  You see I have this source up on High Street that is not inside state government but, just like one of the people that form the composite source called The Wino of Lafayette Square they may happen to eat breakfast or lunch at the right place and overhear things. Braggadocious is not too strong a word to use with certain members of the political class. It is a well known fact of the human condition that people like to talk, especially about themselves, their work, their families etc etc.

So, back to the post title.  I’m not casting blame at anyone in particular but I did write this back in the day when the scandal at DMR was young:

If this had been a school secretary embezzling a few thousand dollars from the Student Activity Fund or a secretary at (insert name of state agency) doing same that person would be, at the minimum put on a leave of absence while the investigation sorted all the dirty deeds out.  If you are a political appointee of Bryant on the other hand you get to keep your job and search for a graceful exit.

For now that is as detailed as I’ll take this topic. In the case of DMR the local District Attorneys would be responsible for prosecution of the fruit of Auditor Pickering’s Investigation.

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  1. I put them in the post tags, Joel Smith and Tony Lawrence, Smith because DMR is located in Harrison County, Lawrence because of certain boat activity etc.

  2. I too have been hearing there are problems. It appears the problems started when Stacy Pickering ran his mouth at the OS Rotary Club meeting and continued when he participated in the Joe Cloyd fundraiser. Cloyd being a contractor of the DMR at the time. Possibly the DA is having an ethical issue with the way Mr. Pickering has conducted the investigation? Or perhaps Mr. Pickering is having issues persecuting justice on his “dear friends” the Walkers. Mr. Pickering needs to be removed from his intentional botched handling of this investigation. We will hear of “deals” being made for Pickering’s friends and campaign contributors. Suspended sentences and meek fines.

  3. What about an investigation of the State Auditor’s office, Doug? Who could the taxpayers approach for that?
    I have just about reached the point that these people who either abscond with or misuse public
    funds in this state do it because they know there is nothing to fear from the top. No one really cares.
    We must start now looking for a really good candidate for Auditor and Ethics Commission in this state.
    Talk about the DMR wasting our money. Let’s look at how much we pay to run the two aforementioned
    agencies in this state, and what we are getting for our hard earned tax dollar.

  4. I have also heard this for quite some time now. I think what may have started these rumors is that it was taking such a long time for the investigation to complete. I know these types of investigations take quite a bit of time. You also factor in the multiple people who may be involved. Also, there are so many different things that are being looked at. I know of one that has managed to stay hidden and has not been revealed to the media yet. It would not surprise me if the investigation took another 6 months.

    Deep down I really think there is too much at stake for everything to fall through the cracks. If the alleged criminals did in fact commit crimes and it gets swept under the rug or if bullshit mistakes are made I beleive it may cost alot of people an upcoming election. Also, if the mainstream media were to find out I think it would cause a public backlash across the country. I beleive when it’s all said and done and proof of crimes exist, some may manage to slip out of a charge or two but they may get nailed with the others.

    1. I agree Eye-Spy. This is too big to ignore or sweep under the rug. The elected people or person that resolves this to the satisfaction of the justice seeking public will find this to be a career building booster rocket, like DA Mike Moore from Jackson County who after prosecuting the local Board of Supervisors went on to be Ms. Attorney General. Whomever fails to do so will be punished by the same public. One day soon I think we will find out that many crimes were committed and some will be held responsible, some will turn on others to escape prosecution and some thru connections in Jackson will be allowed to walk away. My short list of the low hanging fruit to be prosecuted in the first round includes Bill Walker, Scott Walker, Sharon Walker, Michael Janus, Moby Solangi, Robbie Maxwell, David Harris, Melba Harris, Tina Shumate, Joe Ziegler, and many property owners who knowingly conspired to sell real estate at inflated values. Of course this is my educated opinion based on what we know at this point. Once these people are squeezed no telling who they will give up. When you take a hotty toddy melon head like Scott Walker and threaten him with 20 years inside the Federal Penis System he will cry like a baby while telling everything he knows plus some. His family better be glad that arrogance is not a crime.

  5. Joel Smith and the FEDS are going to be the folks who take this on and Stacy is out of it for some reason. That explains why he would be comfortable enough to speak to the OS Rotary AND why he would let Joe Cloyd talk all of his Coast supporters to use the Cloyd house as a place to raise cash. Some of them showed up at the initial fundraiser meeting and were appalled that the invites we’re already printed and they had no say so on the venue. Hence the low turnout. They knew Stacy and Joe screwed the pooch before the event was even held. add Scotty as a neighbor and it really smells bad. Stacy, Joe, and some of the other Repub Koolaid drinkers separate fund raisers from conflicts of interest, inappropriate ethics, and just plain right and wrong. Fundraising is the lifeblood and Jackson County is ripe for an upstate Republican candidate….just look at how Tater cleaned Billy Hewes clock in Jackson County in the Lt Gov’s race. That did not go unnoticed by Stacy and other statewide candidates. Billy couldn’t win his neighboring county and that shocked the Jackson crowd. So we are back to what the FEDS are telling Joel Smith to do which is interesting since he is the former State Democratic Party Chairman’s nephew., Wayne Dowdy. Joel is a very capable DA and does do a good job. While I don’t think this is a Repub vs Dem issue as has been discussed in this forum, it is interesting how this is all shaking out. One day maybe someone will come forth and explain why it has taken so long. It could be due to the long list of people tied to city management, mayors offices, dolphins studies, bait shops, Winn Dixie in Pass Christian , utility contractors, workforce housing sucking the CDBG booby, lobbyists, and the list goes on. They ate going to need buses to round up all of these folks when the time comes

    1. A very reliable source tells me that the local YMCA over in Jackson County has been visited by the FBI on numerous occasions and that previous directors/board members have also been questioned about the activities of the Harris family while David Harris was the person in charge. Of course information tells us he manipulated the donation program to his benefit. Once it was determined that Harris was putting the Y at risk he was asked to leave and took whatever donated inventory the Y had, placing it into YADA. Harris then went on to craft a scheme with Bill Walker to transfer money from the DMR to the both of them thru the nonprofits they had formed. As we have already been made aware of by the actions of Stacey Pickering, the board members from these organizations either were kept in the dark about the activities or they lying. They must know what is coming.

    2. I think the Republican Club of Jackson County would do themselves a favor by asking Joe Cloyd-R to step down as its president and disappear. I have been hearing for some time that the CDBG monies that came to the Coast routed thru the Ms.MDA are under deep scrutiny. Take Cloyd’s CDBG funded Riverside workforce housing development in Harrison County that costs $15,000,000. Where did all of that money come from? The taxpayers put up most of it of course. How much equity did he come up with? How much has to be repaid? Of the total cost how much was the management fees paid to Cloyd and others? By the time Riverside opened it had become an age restricted 55+ all adult community. Do not take my word for it, go to http://www.Riverside.ms and see for your self. How can someone with no previous experience in this type of business even get access to this amount of taxpayers money? Oh that’s right he once tworked for the previous governor, experience is always trumped by insiders access. In my opinion this is no less wrong than taking CIAP money and buying property at inflated values from your son or friends. This is but one Cloyd issue that needs to be completely opened an investigated by the FEDS because any possible misuse of CDBG funds is a federal crime due to the source of the money. Then the total off the cliff stumble with the “in your taxpayer face” fundraiser for Stacy Pickering-R with all involved parties aware that Joe Cloyd’s Frontier Gulf Coast had a contract at the very agency that is at the heart of the investigation the State Auditor’s is supposed to be conducting. This contact in itself creates many more questions than answers. Is it a pay back bogus deal for helping Miller get the job? Many think so. If this is not enough you have Cloyd’s relationship with Scott Walker-R. Was this much more than just a casual Republican handshaking relationship? Hell, he thought enough of Ole Scotty boy to move next door. The two mansions on the beach are only about twenty feet apart. That would have to be considered a very close relationship by every measurement What other involvements are there between these Republican consultants? You would think that with all of the questions this would be enough for anybody who cares about honesty and integrity in their political party of choice to show this Cloyd guy the door before more damage is done. Remember the age old saying,”In politics perception is reality”.What R they to do at the Republican headquarters when most involved in the current scandal are known Republican party consultants, operatives, appointees or elected officials. Gov. Phil Bryant needs to think about what all of this might do to his re-election.If he takes this,thows in a little open carry, some self deportation then add some nuclear waste his chances fall faster than a lead balloon.

  6. Deep Throat’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by arrogance, but don’t rule out stupidity. Yet, “You cannot substitute cock-ups for conspiracies in the explanation of events.”

  7. All I can say is, We need help in Mississippi.” A Diamondhead resident recently suggested to me
    a call to “60 Minutes.” Someone has to look at all of this. It won’t happen within our own borders.
    It is so discouraging. I know the investigators are up to their eyeballs in Harrison and Jackson Counties,
    but I just pray they have the time and resources to look West into Hancock also.

    1. I think a 20/20 investigative report would be a more better..They have all of the ingredients they seem to look for. First it is in Mississippi with the squandering federal money, second political corruption from the coast to the capital, third you have connected people illegally making millions by taking the taxpayers money, fourth they all appear to be Republicans. The perfect story for liberal TV producers.

    2. I think a 20/20 investigative report would be a more better..They have all of the ingredients they seem to look for. First it is in Mississippi with the squandering federal money, second political corruption from the coast to the capital, third you have connected people illegally making millions by taking the taxpayers money, fourth they all appear to be Republicans. The perfect story for liberal TV producers.

      1. I think a 20/20 investigative report would be a better venue. They already have all of the components they seem to look for. First it is in Mississippi. Second you have political corruption and cover up from the coast to the capital, third you have connected people illegally making millions by misusing the taxpayers money, fourth they all appear to be Republicans. The perfect story line for liberal TV producers. Doug if you could delete the first two similar posts that I did at 10:20 I be very appreciative. I tried without my glasses on. Thank You.

        1. Don’t forget to mention those various fishing trips. The fact that some of the boats were owned by a conprofit operation (which was birthed latched onto the DMR like a lamprey) possibly used to further other schemes possibly under investigation just makes it easy for the producer. This almost writes itself.

          A visit to the docks where the parties embarked from might be a good place to start. Just reading the Bill Walker explanation to the little people about how he and his piggies roll in the Sun Herald while the talking head is at Harbor Landing marina; followed by a brief explanation of some of the YMCA Harris YADA Walker DMR boat transactions will get the report rolling.

          “When asked if the two boats are necessary, Walker said, “I don’t know what you mean by necessary. We certainly use them for good.” Asked if they are used for entertaining, he said: “We take people who can be helpful to our department. We do take people out and entertain them on our vessels. And when we do, we do work.” The viewers probably won’t be convinced by this any more than the Mississippi taxpayers were.

          With the foot-in-mouth statements issued by many of the concerned (John McKay, Chaplain Pickering, and at least some of the Walker clan in particular), and the receipts for some very expensive “bait” purchased for these “working” charters, this story has plenty of sauce to go with the hog.

          Then the hook will be ready to set when they get around to perhaps millions of dollars of no-bid “reef construction”, and the spectacularly pungent dolphin and aquarium deals. Add a dash of Maxwell-Walker Consulting Group Jackson County Jail “consultation” and delay just for seasoning. There might even be a NBA name check or two in the boat story if they find the right sources.

          The time is right, as the producers can have the first part on air before the likely pay to play aspects (some of the indicia are present for some to suspect that this might be Coconut Road on steroids although the bills were probably handled following some of the rules) which may revealed by indictment(s). Should that actually happen, it will probably necessitate at least a part two.

          If the producers need some help reading between the lines, perhaps that Grisham fellow will be available. He might be following along for research purposes.

          1. Always funny to go back and read some of the first articles printed about the DMR scandal and in particular the comments from various people. I remember David Harris bragging about the sale of Harbor Landing and how much he received which turned out to be about 3 times what it was really worth. I also remember Bill Walker stating he thought it would be inappropriate to tell the public how much we paid for the property. And when Bill Walker tried to defend the purchase of his sons lot by saying that Scott Walker owed more on the lot than the DMR/Land Trust paid for it making the purchase a hell of a deal in the name of the green heron. These dumb comments are priceless and I hope they will be replayed over and over for these crooks as they sit in a court room facing 40-50 years in prison not if convicted but when convicted.

  8. I hope and pray that the local DA has the morals and balls to do his job. These people have got to be stopped and they have to be prosecuted. It’s one thing to steal and get away with it, but when you destroy people in the process you have crossed the line of just being slapped on the hand for having it in the cookie jar. I hope that everyone will settle for nothing less than jail time. I know I won’t.

    1. I beleive as long as the Feds are involved and the pressure from the public holds up we should be in fair shape to see justice if anyone is proven to be guilty. If this was a state run investigation it would have been completed within 90 days and the alleged would still be inside the Bolton building. I am glad that this whole thing has received a lot of media attention. If anyone gets too shifty there is always a threat to go to the national media. Bill O on Fox News would tare this apart if crooks were somehow let off the hook and protected.

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