SPEECH Act in the news as word spreads of my historic victory over Broussard’s boys (Updated)

For those of you not following Slabbed on twitter I have a couple of links. First up is the story from LexisNexis’ Law360.com (subscription required) that I think told it best. Here is a snippet:

“The Nova Scotia Court’s oral decision does not contain specific findings of fact with respect to the falsity of Handshoe’s statements,” the opinion said. “Trout Point could not identify a single specific allegation in the statement of claim that the Nova Scotia Court found was actually false.”

Jack E. Truitt, who represented Handshoe, told Law360 Friday that the appeals court decision makes it “almost impossible to get a defamation lawsuit judgment in Canada and come here and enforce it.”

“[The SPEECH Act] has been on the books since 2010, but this is the first widely reported decision on it,” Truitt said. “From the perspective of journalists, it should help you guys sleep a little easier.”

An attorney for Trout Point did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

I know I’ve slept better ever since Bobby signed up to defend Slabbed. Quality lawyers get quality decisions and I can’t say enough good things about the job he did. I was surprised to see the otherwise loquacious Henry Laird declining comment as he frequently comments on his cases locally.

This brings me to the second link as the case was also featured on UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh’s blog. Continue reading “SPEECH Act in the news as word spreads of my historic victory over Broussard’s boys (Updated)”

Paging Ashton O’Dwyer……..

5 arrested on hate crime charges after man in French Quarter reports being fired on by pellet gun, called homophobic slur ~ Helen Freund

And the “weapon” they used described by Freund as a “large air assault rife”? This is the kind of “weapon” I understand is popular with 10 year old boys who run around and shoot each other with them.

And of course this reader comment that started my day off right:

Good drive-by training is hard to come by.

Nobody should have to worry about drive by shootings, but this is the reality of 2013 New Orleans. Out of control violent crime is also nothing new in the city. The victim should count his lucky stars he was assaulted by teenage nimrods instead of the more common vicious criminals that would cap ’em with an AR 15 along with the 1 year old sleeping in the crib next door without giving it so much as a second thought.