19 thoughts on “We now have an official donnybrook! O’Dwyer Realty cross sues other Bay Tech co-defendants”

    1. It seems possible that there is a “home cooking” type of connection here between Lonagcio Smith and at least one of the other parties here, but I don’t find it. Also, AFAIK Lonagcio Smith has never been mentioned (in any searchable fashion) on Slabbed prior to the above comment.

  1. Doug, I must be missing something, but what is a “donnybrook?” Can’t wait ’til this gets deep into
    discovery and hopefully to trial.

  2. Thanks, Doug,
    I do remember the Justice Court fight, and O’Dwyer prevailed. I predict when the depositions start,
    some who are hiding right now as supposed “observers” of this wrestling match, are going to be found to
    be not only in it, but maybe even the organizers. Keep the word “relationship” in the forefront of your
    mind from here on out.
    An official at the state level examined this “donnybrook” way last year, and said that is going to be the
    deciding factor and downfall of the real culprits here.
    By “Relationship”, I don’t mean blood either.
    Remember: Relationships!!

  3. The Sargent Shultz defense could carry some Bay Tech water but wasn’t an O’Dwyer the winning bidder for one of the two golden DMR bateaus.

  4. Who bought a boat has absolutely nothing to do with a business man, a realtor, and the taxpayers
    getting duped. Wouldn’t it be great for the dupers for the focus to turn to something as unimportant
    as that. But I think Galloway , Owens, and Rafferty can keep everyone on track. I haven’t seen
    Galloway or Rafferty in court, but I have watched Owens in the courtroom. None of them will have
    trouble sorting this one out, probably already have.

  5. haddanuff: The scandalous “golden” boats were sold for a song and dance without marine appraisal so fast as to not allow investigation into alleged expenses and millions in repairs Resulting in the taxpayers not getting reimbursed a fair amount on the boats or disclosure of possibly more boat accounting fraud.

    If person/s was/were alleged to have been involved in a scandalous land sale and also was the alleged highest winning bidder on one of the scandalous boats, which initiated the investigation into said scandal; you say yo’ “haddanuff” and the results this deficient boat auction is just coincidental piddly smoke?

    Then I say blow the smoke away and ask yourself why is it that person/s popping up so often under suspicious circumstances? A person alleged to have been involved first in a scandalous land deal surely should have kept butt out of bidding on a pair of scandalous boats.

    1. The boats fetched with the market brought in an open auction that anyone could have participated in. The criticism directed at the people that submitted the high bids is misplaced and flat out wrong.

      You want to criticize someone about how the boat sale was handled then direct it to Jamie Miller. As a former governmental auditor I can tell you the auction was conducted in accordance with the Mississippi Code so any criticisms of Miller in this would thus also be misplaced.

      In fact the blame the boats belongs squarely on the shoulders of Dr. Bill Walker and his running buddy David Harris. And to place it anywhere else is flat out wrong.

      1. Doug/ Haddanuff: I have certainly put the blame first on Walker, the Jamie Miller”Lite” accounting with subsequent ” pubic” auction without a marine survey. But I, kingsnake 199 and AROD will keep a close watch to see if there are any future transfers of ownership of da’ golden bateaus to third parties.

        Being coastal residents we know there are eagle- eyed birds of prey dat attack under cover of night with silent winged feathers like the owl and only eat fresh, live prey. Then there are the daytime , ever present circling birds dat eat only the old rotten meat left over from da’ birds of prey. Anyone who thinks that these very different birds don’t and can’t work symbiotically are foolish ostriches in denial of da’ laws of nature.

  6. On the boat sale, I agree with you totally, Doug. And, changing the subject had better not be the defense
    of LNG in this case. I can assure you Washburn’s legal team will wipe the floor with them if that starts.

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