Trout Point Lodge, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary remain repugnant to the US Constitution

I invite all of my media brothers and sisters to sleep well tonight under the blanket of freedom provided by Slabbed New Media, Bobby Truitt and yours truly. Click the pic to score the 25 page opinion.  I’ll have more a bit later.

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      1. I’m not aware of the relevant procedural rules, but I expected that the Appeals Court would have made a ruling as to costs.

        1. Such rulings procedurally are made at the District Court level thus it is back to the Gulfport Federal Courthouse. I am not saying Judge Guirola will award fees as that is his call but we will be asking for them.

          All that said Section 4105 of the SPEECH Act mandates that attorney’s fees be awarded to the prevailing party. At this point, my attorney is confident that we can collect that since Messrs Leary and Perret have now availed themselves of our jurisdiction.

        1. With the Yarmouth ferry being renewed in a deal signed off the backs of the Nova Scotia taxpayer on the even of a provincial election, those with existing tourism interests in the region are likely to benefit nicely.

          However, perhaps the construction of a “freedom of speech” Lodge in the East Kemptville region could be a successful venture in its own right.

      2. Jack Truitt: That would be the expected norm but may I remind everyone, as gleaned from “Rawhide”, when dem’ ” doogies” are cornered,crowded and agitated sporadic discharges of static DC current automatically occur sometimes resulting in spontaneous,irrational stampedes.

        In this case, a possible rapid trail of dust to a full review before the entire 5th Circuit and a wild “dooggie” run to SCOTUS .But such a ” repugnant” run would only bring more $$$ per hoof at da’ rendering plant in the Southern District of Mississippi.

        Better for dem’ doogies to ride dat ‘ “Wabash Canon-ball” with Diz to da’ good Judge G to chew some fat and mend their ways:

  1. To Doug Handshoe, Bobbie Truitt ( with “et als” surely) I say: “Congratulations and thanks for the service coincidentally provided all who comment!’ To quote Lewis Carroll: “Oh frabjous day..”!

  2. It’s a long and winding road that led these goats off the legal cliff. Maybe you will get real lucky, Doug and never hear from them again.

    1. Wishful thinking BB. They have not gotten permission from the court in NS to amend their meritless copyright suit into another defamation case and yet they are already on the second rendition of their proposed amended defamation action. They also moved to recuse Justice Muise who was also their Judge in the Fox 8 case and to move the case to Halifax.

      As it turns out Muise evidently did both their and Broussard’s legal work in NS before he landed his judgeship, which is disturbing as he certainly should have recused himself from the Fox 8 SLAPP suit, you know the one where Leary submitted perjured affidavits for purposes of invading the privacy of several of this website’s commenters. Now the Goatherders claim both he and his niece, who formerly worked for them and Broussard over at the Billy Hill Trail Society are their witnesses. I’m thinking a 42 USC 1983 action may be just the ticket to bringing some sunshine to their specious use of the Canadian courts, who appear to have gone along with them willingly in these endeavors. Heck, I had to threaten legal action to simply get a hearing date per Justice Wrights instructions and it turns out Leary and Perret were hounding the Court Clerk to not accept my court filings.

      They do not see it yet because they are not litigating to resolve a difference as much to inflict garden variety harassment upon me but their spleen venting, largely incoherent proposed amendments put me in a heads I win, tails you lose sort of position. Heck they are even inventing new torts. And then there are the histrionics as Perret is seemingly on the verge of tears and/or shedding them at these hearings as Leary acts as attorney for the whole gang despite not being a lawyer (Perret is a licensed lawyer BTW). Worth noting is Perret pulled his crying routine at the damages hearing back in January 2012 according to press reports.

      1. They play dirty, eh.

        What “rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution” would you allege that they had denied you, and specifically by what use of “any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia” was this achieved?

  3. Doug,

    If you are awarded damages, don’t you still have to make the judgment executory in Nova Scotia in order to collect, i.e. seize assets? I agreee they have submitted to the jurisdiction of a U.S. court and I suppoose that means a U.S. court can enforce judgments against them, but would that entail? JD Rule? Contempt?

    I suppose their refusal to pay would create prooblems if they come into an American court and sue you.

    1. I could answer that question but then I’d have to kill you after. I will say Team Slabbed has a well planned and mapped legal strategy in this case including the end game.

  4. Doug: Well, this must be a “load off your shoulders”. Please accept my sincere CONGRATULATIONS! But I would continue your regimen of anti-depressants and sleeping pills until the time for the Goatherders’ filing of Petitions for re-Hearing and Re-Hearing en banc have passed. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. I don’t do narcotics or pain medication beyond aspirin/ibuprofen, even when I had the shingles last year. Goes back to when I was 6 and broke my arm in 3 places after Camille. I refused the pain meds and the doc set the fractures the old fashioned way except I used a towel instead of a bullet.

      I have been known to tip the elbow on occasion though. 🙂

      1. Dang napit Diz,’ didn’t now you were an injured war vet of the Camille campaign too. Sure you wouldn’t be interested in doing some ” on the scene” reports of hurricanes with fearless Mr. Canatore of da’ Weather Channel?

        1. Went swimming in Camille, went swimming in Katrina…. am now retired from Hurricane duty. Broke the arm about 6 months after the storm climbing a dead tree.

          1. Dang, after Camille huh, yo’ sure. Done messed up a fine myth Diz but I hope you learned yo’ lesson dat only Medicare men should play wit’ dead wood.

            Talkin’ wars and heroes dough, know this – yo’ overwhelming Marine roots victory wit’ General Pruitt over Dudley Doo-Right and da’ goatherders in The Battle at Trout Lodge will forever be etched in da’ journals of jurisprudence warfare as exemplifying Truth, Justice and the American Way.

          2. Thought we mustov had somethin’ in common….I went swimming in lake Pontchartrain during Betsy & again Camille. Kept gettin’ wave-tossed over the seawall; then run & jumped back in! Bent the elbow a bit first of course. Ah, the good old days…..before it started raining rats & goats!

            1. If that is the case I can also count Hurricane Frederick. We used the lower section of the Oak Boulevard pier (which had broken off) as a great water ride platform.

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