Because each and every one of them sold us out and voted for it: An NFIP Disaster Update

Lets take a trip down memory lane folks to those less pleasant days after Hurricane Katrina when everyone was busting a$$ trying to get shelter. Those like me that were slabbed out had rebuilding choices to make. Those that were flooded out had a seemingly more straightforward choice to make in fixing or selling the shell. Haley Barbour was even Johnny on the spot passing out homeowners grants to assist those that were outside the flood zone that flooded but the grants had a catch in putting a covenant on your land requiring flood insurance, essentially in perpetuity.

And Today?

FEMA’s high-risk premium guidelines described as disheartening by Cedric Richmond ~ Bruce Alpert

Today our own Congressman is virtually in hiding, possibly planning his family’s next taxpayer funded land swindle, perhaps soliciting yet more campaign cash from the very State Farm Execs that hosed people over down here after the storm. Whatever he is doing you never see the guy here on the Mississippi West Coast save for an occasional, tightly scripted event that excludes the general public but that is OK because I’ll take a tip from those inane Steve Scalise commercials the American Chemistry Council has been running locally.

Call Steven Palazzo at (202) 225-5772 and ask him why he put the interests of a multinational insurer ahead of the people that elected him.  Ask him why an insurance company that does does nothing but push a few papers get 30%, that’s right 30%, of the exorbitant flood premiums FEMA will be charging.  Tell him you’ll be voting for someone next year that represents the people of South Mississippi instead of a national political party, his double dealing family and insurance execs from Illinois.

Meantime for those of you that are stuck in homes feet below the new base flood elevation with a flood covenant, mortgage and plummeting real estate values should click here to begin planning for that which is coming.  And don’t feel bad sticking part of your loss on the mortgage company as they can always get a taxpayer funded bailout from new age crony capitalists Republicans like Palazzo.

Meantime Mike Chaney’s time is up as it appears the Commish was simply  flapping his gums touting a magic solution to the problem our Senators and Congressmen helped create.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Because each and every one of them sold us out and voted for it: An NFIP Disaster Update”

  1. Interesting, you’d think between the psychotics who are deeply into people control inhabiting the District of Criminals, the watermelon greens and those with some “other use” for land would have simply had the feds pop everyone a few bucks and tell them to move away. Instead, the sheeple landowner get to feed everyone else at the table.

    1. Exactly Empire and very well put. The economics in play here insure that britches hitchin’ won’t solve the problems caused by Palazzo, Cochran and Wicker and their votes for the State Farm flood insurance bill. Surely Palazzo knew whose district Judy Biggert represented in Congress when he was issuing press releases touting his vote to bankrupt substantial numbers of his own constituents.

      I was certainly closer to this issue than most and I have hundreds of posts on this blog to prove it, but there is a reason I never reinvested in bricks and mortar on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and that reason is becoming clear to all but those in the deepest stage of denial.

      The problem in passing substantial reforms to the hopelessly broken WYO portion of the NFIP, where the fox remains literally in charge of the hen house was always in the US Senate. Just like Chris Dodd and his hogger AIG wifey back in the day, the insurance industry still owns every member of the Senate Banking Committee. There will be no stopping the implementation of these rate increases via Congress.

      Blue Dogs like Gene Taylor lost their seats because the democrats sold their conservative wing down the river for the sake of Obamacare. The irony of Ed Rust crumpling up and throwing away tools like Palazzo is rich indeed.

      1. All too well, Doug. I took a financial loss in selling out but knowing full well the local government mafia had created the problem in the first place by not maintaining levees, and wouldn’t do anything to bring them up to required height. The unfortunate buyer got to experience my forecasting in Isaac when the same property re-flooded, just seven years later.

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