6 thoughts on “Michele Morel needs your help……”

  1. So does her father, despite Ralph Capitelli’s protestations; since when did he speak for the FBI and AUSA as to whether their investigation is complete?

  2. Did this Michelle Morel ever work in the Court system in Jefferson Parish . If so why did she leave there and end up in 29th JDC as a judge.

  3. I was a day early on my comments about Capitelli speaking for the DOJ. The Advocate (you know, a real paper) reports this morning, that the investigation is ongoing. And, it needs to be!

  4. Look hard at that signature. To my fourty some odd year old eyes it looks like Morel N. Morel. I am dismayed by his situation; I always thought him to be a square guy.

    1. Usually a bad sign when the fraudster misses the “minor details” like that. Or, when you are a puppet, you sometimes get confused with the master.

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