Bring out the condemned…….

I have my own initial thoughts on the Sheriff Mike Byrd indictment but I’m interested in what the community thinks so I’ll save my thoughts for later.  Since my interpretation is that the community on this topic is of the hanging variety let’s start off with some lovely hanging music.

Next up is the mugshot because everyone loves mugshots.

Mike Byrd Mugshot
Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd Booking Photo / Ocean Springs Police Department

Sheriff Mike Byrd used county employees for personal revenge plots, indictment claims ~ April Havens

And the indictment itself courtesy of the Mississippi Press:

Mike Byrd indictment

Editorial: Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd should resign ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Sheriff Mike Byrd needs to resign to focus attention on his legal woes ~ Mississippi Press Editorial Board

25 thoughts on “Bring out the condemned…….”

  1. If he is officially convicted one day I hope for his sake he has not messed with too many people who are already in jail. If he has acted like an outlaw and over stepped his boundaries as a sheriff he may be a target if he goes to prison.

    Due to his age and appearance, I think anything between his ass cheeks will be safe but all else will be fair game. I am predicting plenty of ass whippings if he ends up there.

  2. Count Four. Same or different than the others?

    FRAUD Section 97-11-31, Miss. Code of 1972, as amended

    in Jackson County, Mississippi o or between April 14, 2011, and April 15, 2011, while employed i public office as the Sheriff of Jackson County, Mississippi, did willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously commit a fraud therin, to-wit: in retaliation for John Curry objecting to the construction of a hotel at a particular location in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Sheriff Mike Byrd defrauded Jackson County by ordering Jackson County employees, Detective Ken McClenic and Narcotics Task Force agents Jackie Trussell and Chad Powell, to conduct surveillance on John Curry,…

    It is enough to make one wonder if Sheriff Byrd had some skin in the Ocean Springs boutique hotel proposal controversy. I’m not going to spend my holiday weekend comparing development proposals with political contributors for possible coincidences, but idle thoughts on this may be addressed on Tuesday if this topic remains hanging.

    1. Bad link in the above comment. Corrected:

      One wonders what skin Sheriff Byrd had in the Ocean Springs boutique hotel proposal controversy

      Preliminary research into this quickly found this story from late February 2013. Mentions such this: Moran said Wednesday that Bay Village is an ideal project because the recreational area, once developed, would adjoin two parcels of land owned by the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain tend to make one wonder.

      Then there was this: Moran said Wednesday the recreational area would be developed “over time,” and that she intends to seek grants from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to fund the project. Development of the recreational area would cost about $800,000, she said.

      Back to my weekend.

  3. It looks to me like more of the same…..Walker Gang and Company! This thing just gets bigger and bigger. Someone had already indicated to me that Byrd was one of the Walker Gang, but you can hear anything. Now I am beginning to wonder if there were any teeth in that comment????
    Here is yet another bunch using the “Mississippi Coastal Plan” to their own benefit. Looks like this may be another piece to the DMR puzzle. What about it Snake Nation???? Anything to add here???

    1. There are two tight rumors that I know of that surfaced awhile back from inside operators but I will not mention either one of them. One of them relates to issue that has not been made public yet and the other could get some crap stirred up and it’s over the line.

      1. Could there possibly be two new charges of embezzlement and fraud relating to his misuse of county employee(s) time being spent on attaching enough medals on his uniform to make him look like a russian czar? 😉

  4. My dad-blame ipad isn’t letting me post, so I’m having to sit down to send this one…..(why did apple create a product that could be confused with something women use for hygeine)

    What, if any, is the blood relation between the high shiereef and Judge Cecil Byrd? Those among us with understanding will remember that he was the judge that threw out Scotty-boy Walker’s DUI case due to a technicallity which was, if I remember correctly was a clerk that didn’t sign/initial something on his booking order. I also remember that the hoddy-toddy phucker had pretty much the entire O.S.’s board of aldermen and Mayor Moran subpoened to testify at the trial that never happened……..(home cooking bullshit at it’s finest)

      1. It appears that he might have been just another piece of the puzzle. And I guess he got out of the picture just in time. Now what is it with all of these Byrds?? Walker was paying one of them a huge amount of money out at Lyman Fish Hatchery. To do what??? And also the son of that Byrd was working out there making a large sum of money. To do what??? Again, does anyone know what is up with these Byrd folks????

    1. Yes, his brother let the Hotty Toddy Snotty off at someone’s direction. Was it his brother, the High Sheriff of Nothingham? I think so.

  5. If you think about it the beginning to the fall of the house of Walker began with Scott Walker getting the DUI. This single event and how the family handled it started people talking about the entire family. Little did we know what was to come. They used every local contact they had to get the DUI dismissed and it worked. They lost the respect of most when they subpoenaed the entire OS BOA and Mayor. Scott Walker was in the process of slow motion self destructing joined by both Bill and Sharon Walker. Now Mike Byrd has joined the party and some might say helped start the Walker fall by helping Scott Walker get out of the DUI. Once this was taken care of Scott Walker was emboldened.

  6. The John Curry count is bizarre. Somebody called in a favor on this one .Curry is somewhat of a neighborhood activist . His opposition to the hotel was well founded due to it’s location. The height of the building alone would have destroyed the privacy of the longtime surrounding homeowners. Wrong place. That did not matter to those who pushed it. The project never made sense and I think the developer was the last to accept this.

    1. I agree with what you are saying, just making the point that in my opinion it was preplanned prior to his court date. I know for a fact they really worked to get the baby boy out of the DUI. In the process local people started really looking at this family in a different way and not a good way. The Walker reputation took a dive from that point forward.

  7. Byrd may be crooked but he’s not stupid or crazy! Staying in office will pay for his high-dollar defence.

    Oh well, he’s not guilty of any of those charges anyway. He’s a Christian! It appears that’s what he and so many politicians, preachers and high rollers claim when they are charged with any offence.

  8. So maybe this explains why Scotty Boy hung around Pascagoula so much??? He had “dear friends” in high places??? Now how does Mr. Miller tie into Pascagoula??? There has been some info printed prior that puts him as a “dear friend” of someone’s wife??? cousin??? How does this tie in to Byrd?
    This is just like putting a puzzle together. Or like the Johnny Cash song…”One piece at a Time”. Slowly but surely as we all add pieces, it is coming together.

  9. I’m not sure how the bloodlines run, but the surname “Byrd” has been very popular amongst folks on the DMR’s past payrolls.

  10. I’m going to try to stick to the subject at hand, “Mike Byrd”. I’ve only met him once, a bit over a year ago at a cookout. It was as hot as a four-balled tomcat outside that day, and he showed up in his friggen uniform, and acted if the whole cookout was held in his honor. Hollywood couldn’t typecast a better figure for an arrogant southern sheriff. After he left, a gentleman that was there, who grew up with him said, and this is almost verbatim: “Mike used to be a good guy, but after his son got killed, he’s been bat shit crazy, he needs to step down and stop acting like he’s the King of Jackson County.

  11. Rumor is that some Coast Mayors and other elected officials may get dragged into the DMR debacle. And it’s based on a utility contractor taking politicians on nice trips and billing the expenses to federally funded waste water projects. I was wondering what was taking so long for the investigations to wrap up but by the end of September we should see some indictments. This will be a sad set of proceedings for all of South MS.

    1. Can you say S.H.Anthony ? Just wondering. That FBI’s investigation continues and involves D’Iberville and the HCBOS I am told. Some of these activities cross the line and merge into the DMR scandal. Millions in spending of CDBG monies could have to be paid back by both government entities and private business. Lots of indictment activity this fall. Get ready for some “special elections”

  12. “Bring out the condemned”- we the jury of their marine peers now recommend the following punishment for the DMR scandal scalleywags who need to punished in an appropriate, unique “Marine” way-

    A pool of sharks – too fast; a pool of alligators- still too fast; swallowed and slowly digested by Giant Anacondas- well getting closer to a longer torture; exposure to one bad ass Parana fish for several days- closer- but no, instead,

    “Our recommendation is the South America urinary parasite fish that swims up a person’s urine stream trying to chew their way out as mentioned on the TV show “River Monsters ” “:

  13. According to the Sun Herald, I read where another DMR employee bites the dust to conveniently retire. If he is involved in any unethical happenings at DMR, retiring will not absolve his innocence. It may on the State level but the feds will not be so forgiving.

  14. Mike Byrd has been using illegal tactics to promote the growth of the sheriffs department. This is what happens when people attain positions of power.

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