10 thoughts on “Cocaine: This explains things……kinda (Part 4)”

  1. Whoa! Desai has some serious cash laying about to upchuck a retainer for that entire band. If the Disabled Attorney had any sense to pack an ant’s ass, he’d go all-RICO on Desai and juice the Christmas Party when the opportunity for shakedown of RICO gains would result after the copping of a plea.

    1. One could just about source an eyewitness news investigative report with that legal team. I think they may have already in fact.

    2. Empire: re your comment “Whoa! Desai has some serious cash laying about …..”

      Or, some serious chits to call in.

      1. Or both.

        But even then, dragging in the ex chief justice for a case which has the cesspool stench of a major drug-and-money-laundering gig (come on guys, RICO is a bullshit way for lazy-ass prosecutors to aver conspiracy) and the others on the list is troubling – the “green stamps” are more akin to saying there’s incentives to make something go away by assisting. Certainly the two Angola Five attorneys aren’t ponying up free time, not when they are used to running the meter at a very good clip.
        Any attorney with half a brain would think twice about the case, given the likelihood of interstate transportation, the feds getting hold of the matter and forcing you to disgorge your fees because they are fruits of the RICO?
        Serious? More like VERY serious.

        1. If anybody has some VERY serious green stamps to use, it would be the right hand man of the right hand man. His boss did very little time and lost no assets for his part in the international money laundering scheme.

          1. Oh, and he can redeem those chits and green stamps for cash to pay real criminal defense attorneys like Jim Boren.

          2. This is becoming comical, Not At All. The boy having lined up the hit parade which didn’t work, now has to get actual working grunts (yes, if you’ve seen the pleadings in the Angola Five case, you have an idea as to how creative you can get with motion practice when your meter is running on taxpayer time). Seems rather weird to have one of your captive gowned clowns and a disabled attorney getting tough with someone well connected, leading one to question what’s being stirred in the cesspool?

          3. I know; I know. I’m just putting it out there for the unbaptized.

            Maybe he originally thought he could get by with Abel while Broussard was in the legal offices if he drew the right judge. Then that all went to crap with investigations and indictments.

            The former chief justice (or his son) is in a couple of Abel cases. Residual Wendell influence and, not so unrelated, the former justice also knows Nick and Hugh for years.

            Lewis, a GREAT criminal defense attorney with a long history of professional and personal time with Nick and Hugh, doesn’t represent Nick, but allows his son to do that.

            Then, when things get serious, Nick hires Lewis’s competition? I admit, this has me puzzled.

  2. Why so many heavy duty defense attorneys when just one home cooked meal of Super Scooper 8 Soup followed by an entree like ” Prime Prosecutorial Misconduct wit’ Scapegoat droppings topped wit’ a little smoked Exculpatory Evidence” would go down nicely perhaps wit’ a 2013 bottle of nirvana jurisprudence .

    Finishing dessert? How bout’ a big slice of chilled Jail Key Lime Pie

    1. Lock, given the characters and the setting, one senses a prolonged shakedown routine, that’s all. Would you express surprise if the matter quietly resolves without anyone else getting tagged?

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