Jefferson Parish Council Jackassery Miscellany: Mini-me and Zahn lead the way with Noodles on top

One thing I’ve learned is you don’t mess with the M&M sisters or the CFGG and the reason for that is simple: The CFGG’s message is pure, without hint of hidden agenda.  Councilman Ben Zahn will learn that in time but first:

Jefferson Parish Councilman Ben Zahn disagrees with citizen group ~ Adriane Quinlin

The headline was charitable because the story makes it clear that Zahn was more of a garden variety ass than anything IMHO.

Next up the gang is taking illegal straw polls as Slabbed will continue to assume there is double dealing galore in the shadows of these specious public hospital “negotiations”.

Jefferson hospital lease suitors to present in public; secretive conduct called into question ~ Ben Myers

Of course, when I write posts about the Jefferson Parish Council and Chris Roberts in particular, I generally get the warm fuzzies thinking about the pictures.  🙂