12 thoughts on “Cocaine: 5 plus years is not enough (Part 3)”

  1. Boren and Conner – recall those two from the Angola Five trial. Mr. Desai’s choice of counsel is intriguing.

  2. Jim Boren is a real lawyer. A deal is probably in the works. I wonder if the Super 8 franchise is aware of this situation?

  3. Doug Freese is the A league prosecutor for Connick’s office and is not assigned to Ansardi’s division. But, I am surprised that this matter has been continued so many times. Most judges in 24th do not allow that in criminal cases.

    1. The problem here is not Connick’s office. By my reckoning Wrinkled Robe stopped 2 Judges short.

        1. Based on my understanding of how the raid went down they are likely employees of the Super 8. I have heard there is also surveillance footage..

          The docket indicates lots of time was wasted on multiple motions to unmask the JPSO’s confidential informant. The timeline indicates the Super 8 was raided within months of Hugh Sibley’s arrest for his role money laundering for a Mexican Drug Cartel. Desai and Sibley had an extensive business relationship.

        2. Just got word Curcain is a JPSO detective and that is likely the case with Mathews. Likely witnesses for both the State and Defense.

          1. Thanks, Doug. But then it is misleading to have the court reporter state they are defense witnesses only. Usually the easy and commonsensical way to do things is recite the W & EX listings w/o editing.

  4. Now one wonders why the Disabled Attorney did not bring a charge under 18:1351 et seq to up the ante? Back some time ago there was a love affair with such in drug cases, as the p/w intent to distribute even with enhancements for multiples wasn’t exciting enough – and there’s always the added flavor of dividing up the loot among the enforcers, 18:1356, I tend to recall.

    1. Empire:

      Those cites must not have been available on Google at the time.

      Classic example of “you get what you pay for.”

      1. Those are the Louisiana RICO statutes, which (not surprisingly) are restricted to criminal actions, no doubt as some inhabitants of Huey’s Monument in Red Stick figured out enterprising attorneys might sue various kleptocrat gangs around and about the state…

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