14 thoughts on “Big Jim goes postal”

  1. And he huffed and he puffed and he …. oh, right, he’s not the United States Attorney any longer. What think skin!

  2. LISTEN to me….Listen to me…
    I’m not gonna listen.
    LISTEN to me.
    Stutter political rhetoric.
    LISTEN to me..
    SHUT UP,
    Disgusting & EMBARRASSING!

  3. I don’t know what a spud is, but these guys are worse than that. I don’t blame Letten one bit for the way he acted to these pussies. Going to his house crossed a line, and I would have told them to fuck off. And I am no big Letten fan. The blogging of Perricone and Mann was terrible and he should have handled it better, but these dudes are lightweights.

  4. You are hitting on all 12 cylinders, Patricia. Letten shows his true colours as a reichstaaatsanwalt. No longer in power, he is simply pathetic.

  5. A few things: (1) To me, it appears quite clear that Letten THREATENED O’Keefe and his minions. Will Letten be arrested? (2) Who are the uniformed “bodyguards” in attendance? Tulane Campus Police? Why are they providing a buffer to Letten instead of arresting the neighborhood Negros who are RAPING and ROBBING Tulane students as we speak. Who dispatched them to cover Letten’s ass? (3) Nothing happened to Letten’s wife, his children or his house. He made himself a “public figure”. To hide behind their skirts is reprehensible (But entirely predictable – Can ANYONE name ONE CASE that this cocksucker ever tried to a favorable jury verdict? – He was ALWAYS on the steps of the Courthouse taking credit for cases tried and won by others. Just what did YOU ever win, Jim, you cocksucker?) (4) To me this entire episode proves that O’Keefe either is CRAZY, or he is a foil for some agency of the Federal Government to embarrass Letten with firm knowledge that NOTHING serious will ever happen to O’Keefe. I mean, after all, he and his minions DID enter the Federal courthouse (Way to go U. S. Marshalls!) under false pretenses, and did enter Mary Landrieu’s Courthouse as burglars. And with what “consequences”?). (5) I was wrongly persecuted by Letten (that cocksucker) for almost two (2) years for allegedly making “threats” much more bland than than the threats against O’Keefe, et al, which are documented on this video tape. The so-called “objects” of my alleged threats were unnamed and unidentifiable Federal officials (I told the FBI and the Courts that if I had intended bodily harm to anyone, THEN THEY WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD!). What will happen to Letten as a result of his threats, memorialized on videotape? (6) I identified a number of CRIMINALS to Letten and his DAGO-WOP Assistants, including people named Kimball, Plattsmier, Foti, Duvall, Lemelle and others, on the witness stand in my case, under oath, but that cocksucker DID NOTHING. (7) But ultimately, I STUCK IT UP LETTEN’S ASS AND PULLED IT OUT SIDEWAYS, when the spurious criminal charges against me were dismissed, with prejudice. (8) I hope Letten gets what is coming to him, in this life or in the next. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. Jim LETTEN is a MAN Like the rest of us!
    He SHOULD be confronted!
    Why is HIS house OFF-LIMITS?
    I think it is APPROPRIATE & NECESSARY to confront these deviants who use people as pawns to FURTHER their CAREER (what SOME PEOPLE Call a JOB!)
    He’s a disgrace.
    Jim Letten owes the USA taxpayers an APOLOGY for his DISSERVICE.
    INSTEAD, he RETIRES…in disgrace & goes over to TULANE like NOTHING HAPPENED!
    They should be PROSECUTED and/or PUBLICLY FLOGGED.
    If he had any SUBSTANCE, he commit HARI-KARI!
    I APPLAUD O’Keefe for making this happen.
    Now we all see what a petty an pathetic pussy Letten is;
    throwing the book down like a THIRD GRADER!


    I’d like to see MORE OF THESE Politicians MADE to ANSWER for their CRIMES AGAINST THE TAXPAYERS whose hard earned MONEY is legally extorted in order to PAY THEIR SALARIES & RETIREMENT BENEFITS!


  7. WOWZA!
    Jim needs some PSYCHOTHERAPY for sure.

    The way he holds that camera up like it’s a SHIELD, DEMANDING that people LISTEN & PAY ATTENTION. What is this?
    Third Grade?
    He sounds like an Elementary School Principle with Short Man’s Syndrome.
    I wonder if he KNOWS how fucking RIDICULOUS he is?

    Well, this is a FRIGHTENING REALITY of the MINDSET of AUTHORITY gone AWRY.
    He SPEWS SO MUCH HATE, ANGER, and PRE-DETERMINED CONDEMNATION that he can barely control himself.
    He should take a few classes on the ART of CONVERSATION while he’s suckin on the Tulane TIT.


    His family needs to have an INTERVENTION and get some proper TREATMENT for him,
    before he blows that ill-advised mustache off his head & puts somebody’s EYE OUT.

  8. Looks like O’Keefe has helped unraveled Letten as a true puppet and his “office” being used as a mere prosecutorial club to re-arrange the political landscape as much, if not moreso, than to root out corruption.
    Convicting low hanging fruit while letting go co-cons has a terrible stench about it – and more and more appears Letten was merely a sockpuppet whilst D.C. was calling ALL the shots and proceeding through their dependable local agents who not only used the weight of the Guv but also tainted the public perception through lickspittles?

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