Veneris Muck Omnibus

DMR needs to recoup those misspent millions ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Next up is Harry Morel and a story first seen on Slabbed way far back. Ms Keim died awfully young.

In 911 call, St. Charles woman alleged then-DA Harry Morel sexually abused her, police confirm ~ Juliet Linderman

St. Charles Parish may well be the muckiest of all the excellent muck raking locales in the greater Soggy Bottom metropolitan area.

And then the Wino came to life after yesterday’s Girod Jackson post.  Anyone that followed the links to Slabbed’s prior coverage understands that for Jackson to be indicted alone via Bill of Information makes no sense unless he is giving up other people.  Jackson’s associates include:

Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee. Background here, generally here and here

Lee’s sister in law Pamela Watson of Jefferson Parish Housing Authority infamy as well as West Jeff Medical Center conprofit schemes all tied to Lee himself.

Former Housing Authority Director Barry Bordelon

Politically connected to Lee is current Jefferson Parish Councilman Mark Spears. Spears took Lee’s seat due to term limits.  Worth noting is Spears is a reliable Chris Roberts vote on the Parish Council but he split from Roberts on one issue and that was the Housing Authority, where Lee and Jackson along with Watson have what some would term unfortunate involvement.

My own opinion is this is long overdue. We shall see if anyone of Jackson’s compadres end up in dutch to Uncle Sam.

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  1. I copied the following from the Sun Herald because it tells it all. Thought the slabbed nation might want to review it because it tells it like it is (except for the first line because we know that Slabbed is carrying the story too). Was posted by a brother snake:

    It appears that the Sun Herald is the only entity willing to look out for the citizens of south Mississippi, while Stacy Pickering is only interested in looking out for his political career. The facts as stated on record: Sun Herald requests public records, Stacy Pickering in an blatant attempt to protect his political base removes these records from the DMR. DMR smugly goes to court and says, “Ain’t got no records.” Now a judge will decide if the public is entitled to see public records that were accumulated with their taxpaying dollars. This system is beyond repair. Bill Walker “leases” two (three, four and now I am reading about a fifth boat on Slabbed) with public taxpayers money from his “dear friend” David Harris. Bill Walker buys his sons property (Scott Walker) with public money, Bill Walker contributes to politicians with his private Foundation that Trudy Fisher and DEQ gave public dollars to and Walker took public reef money for. Bill Walker hires his entire neighborhood at inflated salaries, it was reported that Paul Byrd made close to $100,000. These include: Bryan Butler, David Butler, Taylor Byrd, Colin Byrd, David Byrd, Paul Byrd, Greg Denyer, Elizabeth Denyer, Trinity Walker, Constance Ziegler and Mayor Rusty Quave. Tina Shumate bought her parents property with public, money. Hired her sister Samantha Hebert; hired her son David Hebert, hired her brother-in-law William Shumate. She funded many political insiders property purchases to the point the average working person had no chance to have their property gamefully purchased. The boats leased by the DMR from Walker’s Marine Foundation were leased at exorbitant prices, insured by one of Walker’s friends at exorbitant prices, and “maintained” at fictitious prices. Everybody under the sun that was politically connected went out on these boats including John McKay, his family members for a tax paid birthday trip, Brice Wiggins and Jimmy Talyor — who actually took one of the boats and used it in a private fishing tournament at taxpayers expense. Now what part of that is not FACTUAL. Anyone can read this in previous SH articles and with a little homework on the transparency, state personnel web site, land records sites, and others public records can figure out the public was cheated out of hard earned tax dollars. There Mr. Pickering, your home work is done. Now do what the tax payers elected you to do and seek justice from your “dear friends” seek justice for the “tax payers” and if your are smart, seek justice for yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

    1. Stacey Pickering, I know you and your COS Pope read Slabbed. KingSnake1699 has done a good summary that you are already aware of but choose to ignore. You have been given plenty of time to attempt collecting the “MISUSED MONEY” .The only thing you did in the negotiated settlement is give Bill Walker a wink and a nod. Please step down or step aside and let some real man or woman who has the interest of the people and not your party members take your position in this matter. You have failed the people who elected you and have decided to allow people doing fundraisers to further corrupt the process thru the receipt of no-bid contract rewards. You are doomed to ridicule and doubt by the people of the state and can no longer be effective. Please move on to whatever position your consultants at Frontier decide. We will all work on behalf of any opponent you may have.

      1. What’s the difference between a ‘wink and a nod’ and a ‘blow and go’? The amount of money it takes? I kind of lean towards suspecting a ‘blow and go’ until future events prove me wrong.

        1. I was trying to be nice in a mean way while I watched Saturday morning cartoons which are very similar to the simple minded comedy at 433,435 East Beach Ocean Springs. This is where the brain trust for the Ms. Auditors Office must reside here on CONSULTANT ROW. I am sure they are planning the next “blow and go” as the world turns.

    2. “Inflated insurance policy” came from Lemon-Mohler Insurance. This in particular needs to be examined due to the agent/owner of record who wrote the coverage. There is a blazed trail and long history of these people and David Harris, Bill Walker, Sharon Walker an other members of the Gulf Coast New Mafia. They have been hiding in broad daylight every since they pulled of Cedar Point without indictments.

  2. Here ..Here …

    you know there only one problem is to get the MISSISSIPPI STATE ELECTED offical to do the JOB the people ELECTED them to do ..
    But prob here is this are friends and family the in click..
    See if go look at he goes after everybody else That is not in small sheik click.

    SOME VERY VERY STORY strings have been Pulled


    follow the money you find the REAL POWER..
    this not about the money they could careless it just our tax dollar they just ask for more wonderful state gov will just do give them the money only Rraise our taxes or pull from another program, education,roads ,health care ..we are just low nobodies ..

    1. So, Mr. Anon….if you know of any names that need investigating, please post them. Who are you referring to “further up the chain”? Cochran? Lott? Bush? Who?

  3. Maybe, Joe Cloyd should host a fundraiser for the MDMR. And, maybe, all those entities that received no bid contracts; inflated purchase prices for land, services, equipment, etc.; and/or those that received grants or donations of support should

    1. Excellent job Sir!!!! I am in complete agreement with you. The only problem with this is that there are really dedicated hard-working individuals that are being caught up in this DMR scandal. People that do their jobs well and as you said before, carried the original workload, that has been “puffed-up” to employ “upper crust royalty”. Billy Hewes is responsible for transferring the Lyman Fish Hatchery from the Dept. of Wildlife to the DMR. There are little to no marine fish being produced there in my opinion. It was done to satisfy his ego and obliging one of his lying cronies who doesn’t even vote! Walker and he tore down a Historical Federal building on that facility without the permission of the FEDS. They have moved in another of their cronies under the guise of “wildlife rehabilitation” on that facility also. Again, this is because Billy Hewes and his brother-in-law Joe Zeigler, are such small men, in my opinion. Now Gulfport has to deal with him. Good luck with that!
      The GBNEER was built “green” at three times the cost of a normal building. I’m sure there were lots of $$ being paid to some pocket for this place. It is a complete waste of money by politicians.
      The original Marine Resources had a mission, and had 100 or less individuals to operate it. The work was done well, the technical and enforcement staff were closer, and the department was closer to the fishermen. I say, cut the fluff, dump the new “good-old boys and gals”, and go back to the way we were. Just my opinion.


    I have seen thur even dmr web site GBNERR does do different stuff that benefit the general public at large..

    I can honestly say I have to agree with this comment

    Lyman Fish Hatchery to cut back on utility, equipment, supplies and staffing costs

    contracted out to the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, at a fraction of the current cost, provided any of that work is actual essential and/or scientifically sound

    1. Right on Brother, Right on!!!! It is my opinion that, Lyman is Billy Hewes’ baby as he is trying to get his contractor buddies (who keep him elected) out of a jam with the Dept. of Wildlife. And another RICH, ugly, grumpy, bully of a buddy here on the coast that was illegally draining his property onto the hatchery. He got lots of work with the Gulfport Port. And there is also doctors who wanted to develop land in Lyman on the Little Biloxi River that the Environmental groups wouldn’t allow, but I am sure that Trudy has taken care of all of that now, in my opinion.
      They all should be tarred and feathered and run off of the Coast! And yet, Gulfport still keeps the baby elf employed. Go figure that one out!

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