Like I said, enlarged libidos

It goes without saying the post I did unmasking a local early Sunday morning radio show host that no one had heard of as the party girl in the sordid tale of the convoluted cab ride has been a smash hit. I want to make certain everyone understands I am not a lawyer but in the course of doing Slabbed and knowing a few through time my non scientific observations has been:

the legal profession contains a high concentration of folks with enlarged libidos.

I want to make sure everyone understand there is nothing wrong with that and such is not a trait exclusive to the legal profession as Miss Kay over on Duck Dynasty will attest. Plus it insures we reproduce as a species. In any event Elie Mystal over at Above the Law had a different take on the Jenn in the Sunday Mornings saga but before we get to that we have more of that legendary lawyerly libido on display:

I myself have a bit of minor notoriety, and I also like alcohol. I’ve woken up with no shoes, no pants, and no memory of how I got home

Indeed most have worn the lampshade at one time or another but this case is not about date rape at all. In fact I hear the cabbie has his own version of events and a video to back up some of his claims. That appears to be lost in the zeal to try and convict the Cabbie in the media solely from the word of an “anonymous” accuser that by her own admission was sloppy drunk and evidently looking for some action with a stranger on the way home after a hard night of drinking.

Sorry folks, color me a skeptic but I do not buy into holding Cab Drivers to a higher standard than that of the legal profession. And thanks to a confluence of media outlets confusing a sloppy drunk looking for some action with a cab driver with a sex crime and extortion, site traffic here is likely to remain greatly elevated. :mrgreen:

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  1. Oh where oh where has the Louisiana Disciplinary Board gone when an attorney declares she has a drug dependency problem, the compromised attorney confesses in her own word said problem leads to other problems ( memory) and a classic example of such dependency leading to other problems hits the local papers and media?


  2. What a blatant double standard!
    He was obviously sexually ASSaulted by a drunken nymphomaniac.
    Why didn’t the cab driver’s original charge result in HER arrest?
    Doesn’t she have ANYONE on speed dial for a BOOTY CALL?
    I’ve never HEARD of a LONELY Nymphomaniac,
    but her singing may play a factor in her LACK of LOVERS. LOL!
    And, how in the HELL is he supposed to KNOW who HER ATTORNEY is in order to send a “threat”?
    There are a lot of missing pieces to this “hair-raising” puzzle.
    Somebody bail that cabbie out of jail & get the VIDEO!

    1. We need a copy of the video to further investigate and get below the crust and into the crack of this matter. I for one have a very open mind at this time but need the video to cum to a conclusion.

  3. What I don’t understand is how Any self-respecting lawyer can be without
    briefs???? Oh yeah…that Self-Respecting part. Nevermind!

  4. Kidd: Brainstorming on yo’ comment – fo’ a wineing cabaret attorney to be suckcessful in obtain’ local fan fare he/she must voluntarily submit dat impotent “brief” for vigorous, probeable adversarial action, wide-open courtly inspection and photographic recordation by da’ jerk of da’ court.

    Dis’ adventurisarial “brief” intercourse principle usually will reveal any cavernous pitfalls underlying, butt if da’ brief bees very loose-goosey and heavily padded dere bees possible interdicksion by da’ court wit’ sanitizing sanctions.

    So we must allowed dis’ embarristering cunflick to play out to its climax before da’ fat lady sings – hopefully nut again dough .

    And dats da’ name of dat Ole’ Cabby tune:

    1. Hidi Hi ,Hidi Hoe- dat Cab Calloway be de’ rapper of da’ 30’s

      “… he took her down to China Town and showed her how to kick da’ Gong around…”

      Hidi Hi, Hidi Hoe

  5. Anybody listen to her talk show this morning. Bet she had a bunch of cabbies call in to discuss their experiences and offer the services of the cab they command.

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