3 thoughts on “Will sing for free cab ride”

    Voices akin to raking fingernails down a blackboard & STILL they REFUSE to SHUT da FUCK up!
    I feel sorry for that little boy she had just to ensure herself a captive audience.

    Ear ABUSE ~
    Audio ASSAULT ~
    A Singing SADIST ~
    Musical MASTURBATION ~
    Get a ROOM ALREADY (A Padded One).

    Etta JAMES is rollin’ over in her GRAVE.

  2. You ppl are the cream of the fucking crop, so I’m gonna do some investigating of my own and let’s see if any or one of you have a mistake in your life… a I bet yall do and I bet you don’t want it out there…But as you can see the social media is called SOCIAL for a reason! This should be fun SO LET GET SOCIAL ok see what we find out because yall are all legal parts of the judicial and heaven above judgmental so is no fun when we can’t see what the ppl judged are hiding cus there so mistake free correct …lol !!!!

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