Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux

As Davichy55 would say on finance back in the the olden days


Now for a round of double jeopardy:

Question: Who else stepped financially for the former Goatherder in Chief back in February, 2011?

Answer: Same guy that was given the no bid legal services contract by the Jefferson Parish Council.

Jefferson Parish Council awards contract to lowest-ranked firm that gave most money ~ Adriane Quinlan

Must read folks as Chris Roberts waxes nonsensical justifying this sweetheart deal.

Next question: Is there a story behind the story on the selection of Bruce Burglass’ law firm by Roberts and company?

Answer: Oh yeah.

H/T: The Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux”

  1. Given the bang-up job Burglass& Tankersley is doing to add tax-funded insult to those injured by Broussard, makes sense.

    But this is decidedly a puzzler: The contention the other contending firms are “conflicted” because they are handling cases FOR Jefferson Parish Government, one against BP and the other on permitting.

    Come again? WHAT “conflict”? Apparently the Jefferson Kleptocracy is suffering from use of a presidential teleprompter or has a comedian writing gaglines to see who is actually listening. If a firm representing YOU is conflicted by virtue of representing YOU in a particular case, must be one hell of a situation where the representation requires taking a stance adverse to your interests.

    Either that or the Tipsy writers are graduates of those education factories masquerading under the title of Ivy League universities.

  2. Yes SOP you have done well with the challenge. Now the question. Will the reader take the time to study and understand?

    Comments will tell! I assume questions are welcome đŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you and I think the readers are quick studies on topics like these. Plus I shook the magic tree not once or twice but thrice.

      Once more unto the breach dear friends.

    2. Ignatius, it would appear the Burglass/Tankersley “Afflict The Taxpayer” LawFirm spread some time ago to other local political gang settings.

      What is extremely cute is Regierungsbeamte Johannes (John) Young protests mightily he will make certain pump operators stay in Jefferson durign a storm, that their evacuation was wrong as a matter of policy and contrary to express law – but so far has not quit utilizing the B&T consigliere to fight the people using the tax monies extorted from them.

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