Former State Representative Girod Jackson come on down!

Jackson has been an occasional but thoroughly researched topic in the past here on Slabbed. Vital background here and generally here. Meantime NOLA Media Group breaks out one of their best to tell the story.

State Rep. Girod Jackson III charged with fraud and failing to file taxes ~ Manuel Torres

Hammerman deserves props as well on this general topic.

Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux

As Davichy55 would say on finance back in the the olden days


Now for a round of double jeopardy:

Question: Who else stepped financially for the former Goatherder in Chief back in February, 2011?

Answer: Same guy that was given the no bid legal services contract by the Jefferson Parish Council.

Jefferson Parish Council awards contract to lowest-ranked firm that gave most money ~ Adriane Quinlan

Must read folks as Chris Roberts waxes nonsensical justifying this sweetheart deal.

Next question: Is there a story behind the story on the selection of Bruce Burglass’ law firm by Roberts and company?

Answer: Oh yeah.

H/T: The Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Stay tuned.

Slabbed takes the “Ignatius challenge” and writes one wayyyyy to the inside.

Comment from V, an US citizen whose privacy was invaded by Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge in their SLAPP suit against Fox 8.  This comment certainly earned the ire of Team Goatherder and it is apparent from V’s tone he was well aware of the threats that were being passed about regarding Slabbed on the mean streets of Jefferson Parish:

Please note all of the below is PUBLIC information.

There are no statements asserted as “fact” here; this is information recited from public sources and under no circumstances is this to be construed as anything but opinion and maybe occasionally satire. Thank you.

Ok, some thoughts:

2/22/11 report from the Pic (Rioux):

“The following individuals and firms made $1,000 contributions to Broussard after his resignation:

Amy M. Arthur of Madisonville, Bruce D. Burglass Jr. of Metairie, David R. Sherman of Metairie, Greg Cantrell Inc. of St. Rose, J. Caldarera & Co. of LaPlace, Bryan Krantz of Kenner, Jennifer Lanasa of New Orleans, John E. Lapworth of Metairie, Francis E. Lauricella of Harahan, Paul D. Monsour of Kenner, Leonard B. Newton of Pass Christian, Miss., Quest Realty of Metairie, Wayne E. Thomas of Metairie and John H. Wales of Mandeville.”

You will see there: Bryan Krantz, apparently the son of Marie Krantz.

Sherman – you know who that is, Chehardy & Co.

Caldarera – that as everyone knows by now means WARD

Wales – his name’s been mentioned before?

Monsour – well, it just so happens…

… there is a company called Mississippi 214, L.L.C. in Greenville. Its purpose? Who knows but Peter Butler Jr. is apparently the owner of it, because while MS does not show officers in their listings (why not again?) it does show agents (a Philip Mansour, with an *a*, typo? Close, but no, maybe not.) and an address, 7216 Stoneleigh Drive, Harahan LA 70123.

Also at that address…






All basically showing the same info:

“Officer: PETER J. BUTLER, JR.
Title: Manager
Address 1: 7216 STONELEIGH DRIVE
City, State, Zip: HARAHAN, LA 70123″

As for the word “Praka”, who knows what that means. Continue reading “Slabbed takes the “Ignatius challenge” and writes one wayyyyy to the inside.”

It’s official: Team Goatherder announces SCOTUS appeal of Manton v Strain

I reckon they plan on skipping over the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  IMHO (nonlegal), an appellate bond would be in order here to prevent a further wasting of scarce tax money.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office awarded attorney’s fees in federal lawsuit ~ Heather Nolan