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  1. The more and more legal actions, civil and criminal, are litigated, the more and more we see the Jefferson kleptocracy resemble the interlocking directorates which typified the spy cells in the District of Criminals for decades. Now, Ann Marie discerns the utilization of a character such as Abel (with all his particular alliances) used as a “cut-out” to carry out political “wet affairs” in retaliation against her for having offended the local regime – a state of affairs common to many local parishes as old-timers well know.

    An interesting outcome would come about with a reconventional claim and the ability to delve deeply into the affairs of the cut-out. A look at the cut-out’s financial transactions and disguised paybacks through selection as counsel for do-nothing cases, all would be quite interesting if one could pursue same.

  2. Extra-legal citizen action is often all that remains to a public when all the elements of its legal system has become politicized and corrupt: Judges in bed with lawers and prosecutors, dissention persecuted , and everyone subject to a tug on the reins by the same “puppet masters” who seek their complete control. We see news of such desperate action occurring in Egpt, Syria, & elsewhere; and we know it is because their governance is so disfunctional that justice cannot be seen – let alone rendered.
    in Jefferson Parish and other domestic jurisdictions, we may be nearer than thought to that time contemplated in the preamble to The Declaration of Independance, a time;
    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  3. mr. abel, regarding the purported science stylometry in which you are not an expert, here’s a valid commenter’s question:

    “what happens to trolls who copy and paste ? analyze that genius !”

    1. Actually all of Abel’s yammering about Stylometry is smoke and mirrors. This is the deal and Oyster needs to pay particular attention since he commented on the Real Malice post which alleged sockpupperty involving AMV.

      When Leary and Perret submitted those perjured affidavits to Justice Muise in the Fox 8 SLAPP suit in Canada the results of their actions clearly indicated that Whitmergate and AMV commented from two different IP addresses, which generally indicates 2 people are commenting thus no sockpuppetry. In court filings in Canada, where Leary and Perret were trying to get Cox and AT&T Wireless to release information they described Abel as their US based attorney that could domesticate those court orders. Abel may have tried doing just that since this bunch isn’t big on concepts like due process – that I will ascertain in time but the record in Canada clearly shows Abel knew AMV and Whitmergate posted from their own unique IP addresses yet in court here in the US he pleads otherwise.

      Karen Parker needs an invite to this dance.

      1. Doug, FDR once stated “it there is an accident in politics, you can bet it was planned that way.” He was one who well knew.

        Frankly, the “disclosure” of the settlement, which was extraordinary, now viewed in the light of all other “happenings” is indication of a good old orchestrieren, wording in keeping with the local thug wannabe cloak-and-dagger conspirators.

    2. The validity of using computer analysis for that reason was always suspect, passablanca, given the various ways one could “game” or even indulge in disinformation. But the response of the academics was that the system could detect that also! Stylometry appears to be nothing more than a euphemistically renamed version of that nonsense from the 1970s.

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