Slabbed solves the mystery of the lusty lawyer and perverted cabbie (Updated)

Mark writes:

Talk about trying to hide your identity. Have the sleuths on slabbed figure out who this 32 year old “single mother, lawyer and the host of a local radio show” is?

Taxi driver shoots lewd video of customer in cab, then tries extortion, cops say ~ Helen Freund

And of course in the local legal community it has to have a sex, drugs ‘n” rock and roll component:

According to the woman’s account, she had been out with friends celebrating at Galatoires earlier that evening and was intoxicated by the time she got into a cab on Bourbon Street. The cab driver began driving her home, during which time she admittedly flirted with him and kissed him, but said she never gave him permission to do what he did next.

At some point during the ride, Farrell pulled over, she said, took out his cellphone and began taping her. She said she was in no state to be aware of how exposed she was; in fact, she said, she was unaware that he was filming anything at all.

“I was confused, and I touched his arm and asked him what happened, why he had stopped kissing me,” she said. At that point, the woman said, Ferrell got visibly upset and exclaimed that he had not kissed her, and that he was a “loving and devoted boyfriend.”

Of course since drunken nudity is involved one of the parties to the party gets a pass and like the continuing mystery of the Tranny and politically connected NOLA JD Mystery John it falls to Slabbed to solve this mystery since the the lady involved is a “single mother, lawyer and the host of a local radio show”. Hmmmm, lets look at a lovely video while Slabbed thinks about those clues:

I think the Slabbed Nation can solve this whole deal.

gaubert cropped
Reader submitted photo / Jen Gaubert, Radio Show Host

In other news Slabbed New Media must come clean and admit that we have a legal resource that is in fact one of our secrets to becoming the premiere lay written legal affairs blog in the Southeastern US bar none and that would be LOL With Jen show which airs every Sunday morning on the The Joint 104.7 FM. Jen tells it best:

LEGAL (and PRACTICAL, yes the two words can go together) talk show that answers the questions that you actaully (sic) care about or effect your life. Jen gets real answers for the community, featuring the top legal analysts and professionals (you know, the people that actually deal with how the law effects (sic) us) in the area.

A firm believer in the concept of all work no play makes for a dull day, Jen also brings you ways to GET OUT in society & suggests ways to HELP OUT in your community, to enjoy the world you live in and help shape the world around you.

So when we got questions, Jen always has the answers.  😉

Now back to the topic of this post, there are a few ways of looking at what some people would say is a PR disaster that is a half naked lusty drunk and perverted cabbie or related and worse, straight out video voyeurism like Erin Andrews.

The comments to the story and accompanying comment deletions tell the story of a gender divide that I first detailed using imperical data way back in January, 2010.  I submit as one ages that gap is bridged by wisdom accumulated from life experience so aside from all the silly things a male would wonder while reading Helen’s story above I wondered about the quality of this lawyerly radio show host’s friends.

You see folks, my nonempirical experience is the legal profession contains a high concentration of folks with enlarged libidos.  Drinking enhances it as inhibitions are lowered thus the convoluted cab ride.  Here in Mississippi the womens typically look out for each other in such situations, especially their close friends. Such is missing from the equation in this case.

Sex tapes have propelled some to fame in recent years and because of certain differences hardwired into the male of our species that insures reproduction, I’d be willing to bet the single mom lawyer radio talk show host picked up a slew of new fans because of that cab ride.  In fact Babs guarantees it.

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  1. WOW!!!! She could heat up the blood of a whole Nation of Snakes. Wonder if she would be interested in coming to the next protest ? She and Patricia could come by cab and I will pay the fare. This might be what we need to get the SNAKE NATION more active. I would bet the demand for her services in New Orleans has really gone up.

  2. LAWDY Lawd ~ This girlie has given me somethin’ to ASSpire to ~
    I mean…I’m IMPRESSED.

    BUTT, I thought attorneys only liked to fuk their CLIENTS?

    Do ya’ll know what lawyers use for birth control?

    Pardon Moi ASHTON ~

    Hmmm, I wonder what the hate word for a lawyer is?

  3. Since I was a young girl, I always had aspirations of helping others. My mom, knowing me better than I knew myself, actually made the suggestion that I take Latin for my foreign language in case I wanted to go to law school. I told her the idea of me being a lawyer was crazy; I considered many things to help others, but an ATTORNEY was certainly NOT one of them because, at the time, my perception of attorneys through TV and the media was that they were in it only for the money or because they just liked to argue. Although money can be a great reward for a job well done and is needed to run a business, it was never what solely motivated me. I

  4. To da’ cabbie Farrell: Dat video isn’t worth even $5 and though we won’t get to see da’ video, once you’ve seen Patricia’s pornographic picture of Barbara’s Bush’s classic bush, you’ve seem dem’ ‘all.

    Be it a FirstLady, librarian bush and a lawyer’s bush – its all da’ same ting. Dere’s thousands of dem’ bushes on da’ internet Farrell so grow up and grow some.

  5. Unlike a previous commenter whose writing dialect is neither cute nor clever, I’d really like to see the video. Soon you’ll all find out what this chick uses for birth control. Alas . . .

    1. There once was a cabbie named Prince Charming
      Who kept the pretentious chicks swarming
      When the lawyer chick grabbed his tongue
      He tightened his bung
      And made a film that was somewhat alarming.

      1. “I was confused, and I touched his arm and asked him what happened,
        why he had stopped kissing me,” she said.
        At that point, the woman said, Ferrell got visibly upset and exclaimed that he had not kissed her, and that he was a “loving and devoted boyfriend.”
        “He kept on saying, ‘No, don’t touch me,’ and then he just dropped me off,”the woman told police.
        Hey PRINCE, It’s a LITTLE LATE to be playing Hard to GET!
        What REALLY made her mad was that he didn’t slap her around a little before he got her home.

  6. drop dead drunk at 12:30 on a monday afternoon? damn. i remember going to work with my father downtown once a year. used to go eat lunch at a place called tranchina’s. the bartender would set up rows of cocktails on the bar waiting for the drunk professional men to come in and down a few. pretty sure they all made it back to work.

      1. How did you miss this one?

        “Although my grandfather was one of the wealthiest men in New Orleans, he grew up in the great depression with the belief that you should earn your keep. Although difficult at the time, it turned out to be the greatest gift he gave me besides my name: my work ethic.”

  7. Judging solely from the picture above, she seems right at home having Cox around her head.

    1. Beats my line by a mile. Here goes anyway.
      On Sunday Morning Jenn lights up The Joint.

      Bada boom.

  8. What an arrogant, egotistical, imbecilic cunt.
    Besides the fact that I nearly swallowed my own vomit just looking at the bloated cabbie, her family must be proud to have her filthy laundry publically aired. She couldnt have embarrassed herself more if she intentionally tried.
    Now lets all call in to her radio show and give her the attention she so desperately craves…106.7fm The Joint at 8:00am Sundays.

    1. Don’t you think you’re being a little hard on the beaver? As someone on nola pointed out, that cabbie does look like Serpas.

      1. I expect in her dropping HER OWN NAME…
        She got so excited, she dropped her panties too.
        I heard tell that at the moment of climax she screams JEN!

  9. Didnt she ‘axe’ for it.
    I know someone who knows someone who knows some one else who has it on sound advice that the video is tantalizingly disturbing, not really.

  10. I can hear Forrest Gump screaming “Jenn-a get us a cab, we are goin’ to your favorite restaurant in New Orleans ,the G spot !!!!”

  11. Ah New Orleans!
    What strange people come and go there! lusty lady lawyer likes cabbies, senator David likes diapers; Governor Jindal and parish president Billy are into inanimate objects: they both like sand-berms.
    Somethig wierd must be going on in those law schools!

  12. Harry “Chic” Flick: Yes yo’ Honor, me bees defending Mr. Farrell against voyeurism charges.

    Judge Cox: Then present your case Mr.Flick

    Flick: It bees quite simple yo’ honor. The TP states: “A lawyer and host of a local radio show, the woman calls herself a ” public figure” and said she believes it is because of this, in part, that she was taken advantage of”.

    I done calls Mr. Farrell to da’ stand Yo’ Honor.

    Flick: Mr.Farrell does yo’ have a hearing loss from a road IED explodin’ under yo’ armed vehicle in Iraq in 2004.

    Farrell: Correct

    Flick: State fo’ dis’ Court what yo’ taught yo’ heard dat anonymous lawyer done told yo’ self.

    Farrell: She said she had too much to drink and was a pubic figure and then shot me a big beaver smile so I took her pubic picture.

    Flick: Da’ de-fence rests Yo’ Honor

    1. Trial Addendum:

      Harry”Chic” Flick: Cus’ my Harry “Chic” Flickin’ bad memory yo’ Honor, I done forgot to introduce into da’ case record da’ victim’s facebook video, Exhibit # 1-“I sing 4 free cab ride”, showing herself in back seat of a cab. Dis’ evidence bees goin’ to establish da’ basis dat da’ victim done got a history of doin’ funny tings in da’ back seat of a cab to gets a free cab ride:

      H/T Patricia

  13. TwilightZone Trailer: ” Her oversized, innocent lollipop brazen with” Two Sweet” at midnite changes bewitchingly to read ” Lyin’Eyes” as she rides to her new, after midnite radio spot on WACK named “Lawless Out Loud” “.

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