77 thoughts on “Live at the Commission of Marine Resources meeting”

  1. $2,000 fine of capt. with 2 out of season snapper, no wake zones announced , oil pollution water samples questioned, problems with Hooked Mussels being eaten by Blue Crabs ?

    How about das’ boats, the Miller Lite treatment of Walkergate and Like A Good Neighbor Auditor, Stacey Pickering Was There ?

        1. The meeting was business as usual. I thought the financial portion of the meeting was weak but that is because a complete picture of DMR’s finances did not appear to be presented. I met Michaela Hill’s widower and his daughter after the meeting and they both expressed gratitude for the coverage of Mrs. Hill’s tragic suicide on Slabbed, a tremendous compliment given the nature of the subject matter.

          There were 4 ladies that showed up with signs for a protest but as I said yesterday they expected some help and with none arriving they attended the meeting. One of them mentioned something about WLOX being a bunch of fools but hey, what else is new.

          1. Trying to think of what could have kept the local Snake Nation away? Was the Bolton meeting building lighted by flame burning lanterns? Was it the wild pigs at the trough inside who flashed their tusks ? Did the police have snake tongs and white sacks in their hands ?

            With a showing that weak there’s sure to be more Miller Lite Times ahead.


            ” Everything you could want in a BS Commissioner and Less Filling”

          2. A prayer laid at the feet of the Hill Family:

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            Jane Siberry

  2. These folks don’t mess around. I don’t mean to discourage anyone who can be an activist. We know how they work. They’re very vindictive. e.g. Your company’s attorney may just be a certain Congressman’s “Uncle.”

    1. Who are “these people” you speak of ? Your company’s attorney may just be a certain Congressmans “Uncle”. Please explain.

      1. With a name like Land Scam, I thought you’d know. Remember Cedar Point? Palazzo’s “Uncle Ben” is MS Power atty. Those people…

        1. OK,I did not know that was his uncle. Makes sense. I agree they are angry but can impact most of us very little. We can do so much more by exposing them

          1. Anyone who does not appreciate the stakes here needs to buy a clue.

            Right or wrong, those folks with deep pockets and/or access to those licensed to practice law can be as vindictive as they choose. Do they or their friends have an axe to grind or a score to settle? They don’t even need to be SLAPP happy to get to most anyone they choose.

          2. I agree the stakes are high but the truth is hard to argue. I say if you are using the truth in your comments you are safe. Yes they can pursue but for what reason.

        2. It might be about time to out a bunch more of the connected people and their connections. What say you fellow commenters? I can’t be the only one that knows a lot of this type stuff.

    2. There are dark forces at work who are capable of sending a madman speeding down I-10 in the wrong lane into oncoming traffic to injure innocent people merely to make a point. Do not underestimate the soullessness of your adversaries, or that the soldiers at their disposal are legion.

  3. Doug,
    Speaking of WLOX, last week on the day that the Sun Herald story broke about them suing the State
    Auditor Pickering, WLOX lead story on the 5:00pm news was heavy rain may be moving in on the
    coast. Now, when the weather trumps the sleazy behavior of our elected state officials, your priorities
    are not bad, they are non-existant. These dip-doos in Jackson have nothing to fear–no auditor’s office,
    (I spelled it with small case on purpose), no ethics commission, no real media coverage–it Katy bar
    the door for them. Sickening.

  4. Where was the Snake Nation? You may bad mouth WLOX but at least they were present for the meeting. We need some organization!!!!!!

    I understand some can not attend because their jobs and positions but come on! More than 5 ppl. could have been there today!

    1. Part of the problem is the meeting was at 0900 on a weekday. Many people were probably at work and may not have been able to get the time off.

  5. I could tell the turn out would be low due to the online response to the question “is it on’. Hard to get people at that time of day during the week. This does not need to be tried again unless 20 plus people commit to attending with signs, bullhorns, flyers, Hooter girls and other attention getters. I went,did not see anyone, so I attended the CMR meeting.

    1. Biloxi Blues: In due respect for the Snakenation no shows I’m beginning to think that of the citizenry most outraged by the DMR scandal and commenting on Slabbed that a majority of them are/were either employed or have/had a relative employed or connected in some form or fashion to the Miss. Marine Resource Dept..

      Commenter “Barnacle” expresses the opinion these politico cronies are dangerous and they may indeed pose a direct threat politically to someone’s job and/or family welfare.

      I agree with you BiloxiBlues a weak protest is worse than no protest. Therefore I suggest those of the Snakenation who are work conflicted recruit a retired neighbor, friend or relative with no employment connections and encourage them to show up with the signs and bull horns for daytime protests. Also by employing a revolutionary person such as Patricia ( offer her a free ride, a great seafood meal with Batman and some engaging social laughs) then you have a fearless, protest leader with a real hatred of governmental authorities especially of the po-po.As far as Hooter girls/ attention goes just tell Patricia to wear her fishnet stockings and there will be attentive eyes on the protest.

      Additionally ,we have an avid fighter, legal counselor and excellent orator here at the Slabbednation,Ashton O’Dwyer, itching to get in the fight. Importing Patricia and Ashton across border lines would not be unfair and unusual as the majority of U.S. protests are by outsiders any way.Lastly, if there is a problem with some members of the Snakenation not connected to the DMR but can’t get off work, maybe a “snakes nite out” picket protest on a evening,especially Saturday could result in a bigger family type protest.Nothing like teachin’ yo’ youngins civic responsibilities like standing up for honest government, voting, protesting corrupt cronies, etc..

      Hell, if requested to transport Ashton and Patricia on a cool,Mississippi Saturday nite I’d would proudly do so in my pink Caddy convertible with Rebel flags flyin’ and done brought yo’ll some real revolutionary personas, signs and protestin’ props .

      1. Comment of the day right here folks. Patricia WAS at the CMR meeting – at least her work was proudly in the possession of one of the ladies and on display to those so interested. 🙂

        And yes, we need to get Patricia to the next shindig. She has PETA type protest experience.

      2. You would be partly right, I am sure, Lockemup. There may have been Snakes present at the meeting, or on the grounds, I am sure…but they would be incognito; and I feel positive, that everyone should understand.
        As mentioned before, we are not dealing with people with moral fortitude here….rather, we are dealing with impotent, characterless, loveless, hateful, resentful, evil dogs with no conscience. So, give a Snake a break!
        I think that the undercover info and investigative work that the nation does is invaluable; so we are always working for the cause, although it may not be as open as one would think. As for the questions about the boats….
        I t has been listed here before….there are five boats….and the best is yet to come.

  6. I’m an admitted “interloper” because I live in the CESSPOOL called New Orleans. But I really wonder: Just what kind of WOOSIES are being reared in Mississloppy these days? A Protest Meeting is called and advertised, and gets some publicity, but no one other than a few womenfolk carrying placards show up. You’ve all heard the expression: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. In Mississloppy, that expression appears to mean: “Yeah! We’ll get going – Right out the door (or we menfolk just won’t show up)”. Way to go, WOOSIES! Let’s recapitulate a few things: (1) No one KNEW Walker and DMR had any boats paid for with State funds until an audit by the State Auditor. (2) But the State Auditor decided to arrange for the sale of the boats in an effort to make the taxpayers, who really don’t need any boats, whole. (3) However, he first had DMR “transfer” ownership of the boats to the State, a transfer in which Walker was not required to participate, because Walker’s lawyer told him not to. (4) That was O.K. with the State and the State Auditor, for reasons that have not been made public. (5) Then the State, through the State Auditor, allowed walker’s Agency, DMR, to “oversee” the sale of the boats, ostensibly via a Public Auction, so it could be represented to the taxpayers that an honest effort had been made to MAXIMIZE the return on the sale of the boats to the taxpayers (Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse!) (6) But unfortunately the Public Auction generated only (Nobody really knows “what the hell”, because the “audited” results have not been made public) (a) “less than half” of the taxpayers’ “investment”, or (b) “less than 1/3”, or (c) “1/8”, according to accounts appearing in the Lame Stream Media, which gladly accepted the revenue generated by publishing the Advertisements for the auction of the boats (which, unfortunately, were not “persuasive” enough, and didn’t “work”). (7) Knowing just where the taxpayers stand now (ie. How badly did the taxpayers get SCREWED?) is made problematic, because it appears that NO PRE-AUCTION CONDITION AND VALUATION SURVEYS WERE PERFORMED on
    the hulls, the engines and the appurtenances, including particularly the electronic equipment aboard the boats which the “overseer” removed prior to the Public Auction. Insured values were significantly higher than what was received at auction. (8) Yet, the State Auditor has been quoted in The SunHerald for 8/2/13 as having said: “By no means am I second guessing the individuals who oversaw the auction.” Oh! No, Sir. It was YOU who allowed DMR to oversee the auction. To criticize your hand-picked overseer, DMR, would be to lay criticism at your own doorstep, and we all know you are not stupid or crooked, don’t we? (9) It hasn’t been reported, but it appears that Doug Handshoe, an “auditor” and CPA himself, was the only Member of The SLABBED Nation at the DMR meeting earlier today. For all of the rhetoric, the only Members of The SNAKE Nation were the placard-carrying women (What kind of snakes ARE you guys, anyway, garter snakes?). (10) And I’ll add this gratuitously: Mississloppy just HAS to get rid of that offensive State flag. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey all say so! Ashton O’Dwyer, disbarred, disgraced, humiliated and embarrassed lawyer by education, but still in the fight, any fight.

  7. The Profit
    I have read many of the comments posted on several sites including those of the Snake Nation and Slabbed Nations. While I agree a protest would have done well to underscore the problematic issues that are at hand, but to turn on one another because of short handedness is being shortsighted. I believe several reasons that seem appropriate have been indicated on this blog, but I believe there may be many more significant reasons that will not see the light of day. I also have read comments that indicate several of the people being accused, family members of the accused and friends of the accused are present. I would encourage these individuals to continue to post. But, while I am endeared to those that stand by friends and family members in times of chaos; I would caution all to keep to the facts. Name calling, implied threats or demeaning one another does not enhance the truth we seek, rather it detracts from it. We are not required to be kind or ungenerous in our remarks, but it would be helpful if we respected each other

  8. First off
    My heart goes all those who lives were for every changed like myself by cruel awful action of others who had power do good make lives better for everyone instead choose do awful stuff that forever changed our lives ..
    TRUST ME WE HONOR you and people like you for not FORGETTING all the LIVES THAT WE EITHER LOST or DESTROY.
    There were some VERY are Trantical PSYCHO PATH twist evil people .
    Slabbed ,because you are get results ..look you know they read your blog they must .
    must find you some what creditable from simple fact that last two times you call for protest they have had cop around ,look I was told that DMR had state police in and around Bolton building , I was not there …I know someone who was .
    they been trying to bury this for sometimes .y’all must getting very close …to close they are very uncomfortable trust me the pressure on because they must have whole a lot more that has not s been un buried. y’all are get so close now the heat and pressure to figure out to stop this snow ball because trust me there something very large very big they are very afraid you will dig it up or you are somebody like you
    It could be end of dmr ,cmr ..they will break them up ,,my take other stuff down with them
    they all thought they were PLAYERS ,ALL WERE JUST PLAYING EACH OTHER
    you know old saying one bad apples spoils the bunch
    you know power is dangerous thing ,,
    power fleeing some people do anything to get it ,
    some people even do worse stuff you can imagine to keep it once they have tasted it.
    if they those kind of people .
    power something you are granted from people around who feel that they can trust you do the right thing make the right decision on best half everyone ..not just yourself.
    important how you use it.


    1. Iam nobody: Your commentary is very insightful, powerful and appreciated. However, you are somebody! You are an honest citizen who has evidently been adversely affected to the point of undeserved humility and fear.

      ‘Blessed are the meek and weak in Spirit for they will inherit the Earth — not the proud and tyrannical evil egos for ‘ pride comes before a fall’.

      The fact that there was a blond, curly haired female evidently instructed to take photographs of the East Beach Blvd peaceful protesters support your allegations that these power hungry politicos aim to retaliate against every peaceful, protesting person they can recognize. Such arrogance and crafty revenge from the evil doers to protect their positions is more despicable then their original sinful greed. While they can seek revenge and hate the people bearing the Truth let us earnestly try as Christians to take the higher road, protect our souls and hate the sin not the sinner.

      Truth, be it thru anonymous information ,peaceful protests, political parodies and mass voting are our weapons so lets wheel them to create the responsible government we deserve. Egyptians are now dying by the thousands to get free, open and representative government. But by the Grace of God and the sacred price paid by heroic Veterans its already our constitutional right as Americans not to have to put up with bad government.

      Let the brotherhood of the Sladdednation, the Snakenation and other good government groups walk hand in hand and all things are possible. For they fear they the Light and honest publicity of the Truth via media and mass public pressure.

      1. I have seen pure evil and looked it in the eye. However, I did not know what I was looking at when I saw it. I have seen this same evil with fear in his eyes. Do not be afraid. Keep your voices loud and speak only the truth.

    2. You are somebody….and thank you for posting and supporting us. Thank you for posting your wisdom and sharing your opinions with us.

  9. I’m not sure where I should be posting this question, maybe someone can guide me to the correct area.

    I read with great interest and intrigue the invoices that were posted with the boat post. These are my questions:

    David Harris partnered with Walker in the foundation and Harris was head of the YMCA for years. Who donated the boats originally and were they donated to benefit foundation or YMCA? It is very confusing. Also, why haven’t we heard from the YMCA board and did he retire as their Director or whatever his position was because of this investigation? Can someone also answer how the Harris property at the boat ramp in Ocean Springs plays into the DMR scandal and is the city the owner of the property now or is it still DMR? If these questions have been answered before, I apologize but since this the DMR scandal is so vast, the information is difficult to find.

    1. Uncle Sam, I do not think Harris was a partner with Bill Walker in the Marine Resource Foundation. Harris has his own nonprofit foundation named YADA. It is my understanding that both boats originally were donated to the YMCA and went to YADA first. When Harris retired from the Y he was allowed to take the boats with him because the Y BOD decided not to continue with boat donations. I believe Harris retired prior to all of this being public information The Harris property at the OS harbor named Harbor Landing was purchased by the DMR using CIAP funds for a total of about 3.6+ million dollars which most think was about 3 times its market value. The DMR still holds title to the property. I have been told that David Harris showed Bill Walker how to set up the nonprofit foundation, transfer the boats into it and then lease them to the DMR for a vastly inflated amount of $16,000.per month for almost 4 years. Remember these boats were 25+ years old an in a state of disrepair. The DMR spent over 1 million dollars replacing engines, ect, ect. The big question remaining is what did Bill Walker give David Harris for the boats and the knowledge on how to create the income stream from the boat lease scam? I think it was the agreement to purchase Harbor Landing for much more than the market value using money that belonged to the people.

  10. I believe one of the donated boats belonged to big Tom Reynolds and other one Danny McClain’s.

    Also, I was told last week that the Harris’ bought the old Toche’s Boat Yard (Tony Parnell construction) off OS-Vancleave Rd for +/- a million.

    1. Tom Reynolds sold his Viking Sport Fisherman to Danny McLain who could notsell it after trying for months. David Harris talked him into donating it to YADA for the tax deduction which was based on a very high bogus survey/appraisal of the boat. The question to be answered is where did the Viking end up? Neither of the two boats leased to the DMR were ever owned by Reynolds or McClain. If I remember correctly the owners of the Topaz and the Californian were both from Louisiana. Their names have been printed on Slabbed or in the Sunherald. previously. Again where is the McClain boat? I think you will be very surprised.

    2. That would explain why there was Legislation a couple of years ago that the DMR was buying a Shipyard in Ocean Springs. It didn’t make sense then, but now it does….money laudering???? Someone needs to start searching Legislation for the past few years …..if I am remembering correctly, the name of the place was “Ocean Springs Shipyard” (could have been Shipbuilding). There was actually legislation on it!! If Harris bought it, then the DMR bought it from him???? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first choose to deceive!!!!

      1. Same location that Harris just bought. Known by several different names. Toche, Parnell, Ocean Springs Shipyard. There were a lot of oil spill cleanup boats there at one time after the oil spill.

      2. Kingsnake1699

        I don’t mean to sound like an asshole but I have reason to believe you are the same person as the one with all the newer snake names. Especially the ones with a number or 1699 attached to the end. If you are, can you please stop. The kingsnake was already taken by another person and you attached a 1699 to the end of it. Pretty cheap and that does have a political effect on snake nation as a whole.

  11. I wonder which firm…

    “Miller, 40, of Gulfport, was U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo’s chief of staff until he left in December after a little more than a year to return to the Coast. He said he had planned to spend January with his family and take time to unwind. He had a job offer with a government consulting firm, but decided about the first week of February to pursue the DMR director job.”

  12. How many boats were donated to DMR and to Walker’s non-profit foundation?

    How many motors were purchased under the auspices of DMR and the Foundation and where are they now?

    From former Governor Barbour to the lower ranking DMR employee, how many are involved in illegal hires, fraudulent purchases, outright thefts, and the list goes on?

    Honest John

    1. No way to know the number of boats but I do know it is more than 2 to Walker’s MRF. YADA had dozens because of the reputation of the highest appraisals/surveys which is a future matter for the IRS-CID.

  13. http://www.sunherald.com/2013/08/20/4889008/miller-asks-mississippi-legislature.html

    does anybody find these little out context .
    why are they asking for 4 percent increase ,,
    before they go after DR.Walker ,David Harris ,Scott Walker ,gulf hill property ,
    make them repay the money,
    before they ask for any kind of money
    do you think you refund this agency after all has happen over this course of time
    I would think our elected official would think about this also
    I wonder after all do elected offical have any idea who elected them who they work for .
    I feel If we did this , the nobodies of the world we under the jail.
    we fine on top of it ,,trust me we get jail time ..

  14. I would like to say thanks to all those those kind words,,
    I know I am somebody but only to those I choose to be somebody too
    I have no problem do stuff and then turn over to some else for them to take credit in hope of help some else further down the road even if I never meet them, we get our tiny bit enjoy different way do we not .

    I was walking the news on w lox dmr clip last night Said someone you said the room was full of people
    so show them clip they told me that the picture of Joe Jewell was not from yesterday cause room was a lot fuller than that ..but clip of him speaking was ,,
    makes wonder how much news W lox is true how much is spin ..I only watch them now when some else want to ..
    I think news and paper should unbiased I found out try to put spin on it spoon feed us ..
    I just want the news with no political or spin which so very hard to find .

    1. Who is Tiny?

      Miller worked in Palazzo’s office in D.C. Wasn’t Palazzo’s parents or father involved in the DMR purchase of land? Can someone enlighten me on this subject?

      I have heard the FBI has interviewed the Hill family but what about the other families? Are we talking about 3 other families that their loved ones came to unexpected and untimely deaths?

      A neighbor put me onto this site and after reading as much as I can absorb, I still have questions, as do each and every person on the site and in the state of Mississippi.

      1. Palazzo Sr.was a part owner of 323 Front Beach Blvd. in Ocean Springs.The other ownwes were Tom Reynolds Sr. and David Harris. This property is less than an acre in size and is located wihtin a V flood zone at a 7′ elevation. This was dumped on to the tax payers for almost a $1,000,000. for a property that has no public use.

      2. Try the tag under DMR related posts that says Friends and Family Program. Those posts and their comments should provide a good background.

        1. Also search using the name or address along with “Slabbed”.

          Eg: ” Palazzo””Slabbed” or “Frank Palazzo””Slabbed” or “Joe Cloyd””Slabbed” or “435 East Beach “”Slabbed”.


  15. That was a weak excuse of why more people did not attend to protest DMR’s illegal spending as to the time element. Two weeks ago, 12 people protested on the Ocean Springs Beach in front of Joe Clowd’s home against Auditor Stacey Pickering’s benefit at 6 PM. Where were the 30 people from Vancleave some person on Slabbed claimed were coming? The same thing happened at Biloxi DMR Bolton Building. It was announced on Slabbed yet only 5 people showed up. People should put their money where their mouth is and not hide behind a ridiculous name. Oh, I know some people are connected in some way with DMR and cannot march but you can get a friend to come aboard. After all, it is all of our county, state and federal dollars that have been stolen and continues to be mismanaged.

    1. My first question would be is “Honest John” your real ridiculous name ? And just for the Slabbed record the protest was first announced or mentioned on the Sunherald website by Cottonmouth I believe or one of the other Snake Nation commenters. My first concern was the time of day during the week. I went to the protest site and when I could not find anyone outside I went inside to the CMR meeting . I agree protests have to be better thought out and planned if enough people will not commit it needs to be scratched. Recruiting is a good idea with the same set of problems. We are very effective as a group online. Many, many people read the comments on Slabbed.org and other forums. Having a no show protest is not good for anyone accept those we oppose.

  16. YANO?! The “more” I think about it, THERE ARE “C & V” Surveys of the M/V Topaz and the M/V CALIFORNIAN. And they are “Pubic” Records in the State of Mississiloppy. They are located in DMR’s own files and records, and in the files and records of DMR’s Marine Insurance Agent or Broker unnamed), and in the files and records of the Marine Insurer who issued the Marine Hull Insurance Policies (unnamed) on the two vessels, and who agreed to insure the hulls (including fiberglass hulls, engines and appurtenances, including electronics) for considerably MORE than either vessel brought at the “auction” which the State Auditor allowed to be “overseen” by DMR. The SunHerald and the taxpayers of Mississloppy should be clamoring for production of the insurance files, including particularly the C & V insurance surveys, the applications for insurance, the correspondence between DMR and the agent or broker, and the correspondence between the agent of broker and ALL prospective hull insurers, including particularly ALL representations concerning wht the vessels were alleged to be worth (market value) prior to the placement of insurance. Also, will “someone” tell us who “Tiny” is, and how he (or she) fits into this puzzle. Thanks. Ashton O’Dwyer, straight from the CESSPOOL to the “septic tank” (overflowing and untreated) called Mississloppy.

    1. “Tiny ” whose real name is Walter Chatignier was the former marine patrol chief if you want to call him that . I heard the FBI questioned him so he ” chose” to put in his retirement papers immediately. I also heard he had a private boat of his own at the Lyman fish hatchery that he has been “fixin up”. My source also tells me he was politically put in his position as chief after the former chief passed away . Tiny im told is a very crude disgusting man always making sexual comments at the women there but my source tells me she saw him on numerous occasions in the business office flirting and getting back rubs from a couple of the girls. Source also tells me most everyone at the DMR celebrated when he “left”. Not sure who the new chief is but heard Rusty Pittman was filling in. They would be smart to leave him as chief at least he is an honest man.

      1. They consider “Tiny” a big fish in this investigation. He arranged a whole lot of stuff for Bill Walker. He handled the boats I am told and was considered the official party planner for all the fishing trips and cookouts for Walker’s friends ,family and political partners. Now he is scared to death and will not talk to anyone about his situation, probably on the advice of his attorney.

        1. Ahhh yes the cook outs.. I heard Tiny and his cooking team were nicknamed the mullet brigade…. Had cooking equipment even a fancy trailer they used for these “fish fry” cookouts… All paid for by the taxpayers of Mississippi …this just keeps going on and on…..so much corruption at the taxpayers expense….how much longer must we wait for justice?

          1. Tiny just might be a cooperating witness at this point. He has had his come to Jesus moment with the FEDS and I hear it ended in tears, a lot of apologizing and finger pointing in many directions. He retired as a result of an agreement to do so. He will be cooking up some Walker soon.

  17. Maybe, Joe Cloyd should host a fundraiser for the MDMR. And, maybe, all those entities that received no bid contracts; inflated purchase prices for land, services, equipment, etc.; and/or those that received grants or donations of support should “kickback” a little to help the MDMR make it through the next fiscal year.

    And, before they ask for a budget increase, they should look at in-house cost-cutting and prudent management decisions, such as:

    (1) some percentage of salary reduction, especially for recently-created or filled positions where the person hired was hired-in at a salary above the previous person in that position, with less qualifications;

    (2) sale of all non-essential or duplicate equipment, such as – the drone that can’t be flown without the addition of two licensed pilots and proper permits; boats that sit idle for most of the time or who’s purpose could be served by doubling-up or sharing among department divisions (every division does not need their own “special” boat), e.g., marine patrol boats could be used to facilitate sample collection, thereby accomplishing two tasks – patrol and sampling – with one boat; low mpg SUVs and/or excessive vehicles; reduction in the number and sophistication of cell phones and/or level of service plans; etc.;

    (3) a freeze on all non-essential hiring and travel;

    (4) a freeze on the purchase of any non-essential new equipment, office furnishings, clothing, etc., and stricter attention/adherence to purchasing the basic, lowest cost items that are needed/will suffice – nobody needs a $1,500 chair, a $2,500 desk, and a $2,500 computer to sit on their ass all day and surf the internet, play video games or view porn;

    (5) temporary closure of all non-essential offices/buildings, such as the GBNERR and the Lyman Fish Hatchery to cut back on utility, equipment, supplies and staffing costs until the MDMR current budget can afford to operate these units.

    The GBNERR staff can carry out its mission from the Biloxi office. The Fish Hatchery work can be contracted out to the Gulf Coast Reseach Laboratory, at a fraction of the current cost, provided any of that work is actual essential and/or scientifically sound – which it is not. Basically, the out-of-sight, out-of-the-public’s-mind Fish Hatchery is carrying out the will of idiot legislators and hob-nobbin recreational/sport fishermen (insurance agents, doctors, lawyers, corporate bigwigs, etc., – you know, like the ones that sponsored the recent Pickering fundraiser) who think the answer to our declining fish populations is to simply raise ’em and stock ’em; choosing to ignore the facts of over-fishing and habitat degradation/loss.

    Speaking from experience, as some of you are also aware, as you worked at either the Bureau of Marine Resources or the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, I don’t beleive that MDMR’s current workload and responsiblities are any more now than what they were or have been for the past 20 years, when we either worked there or with them. Yet, today, the MDMR’s staff is at least double, if not triple, what it was 20 years ago, not to mention the budget; yet, we don’t see any more production or progress than what it accomplished 20 years ago. In fact, given the state of wasted and mis-spent monies, I’d say we are at a greater level of loss, today.

    Mr. Miller should try tightening his belt first, before he ask for the taxpayer’s to give him any more

    1. I would liked to add all the so called directors get to have a very nice truck to take back and forth to work everyday and also a fuel man card. DFA tried to put rules in place but of course the DMR just ignored it come on auditors just pull the records my source gave me one example of the coastal ecology director who lives in Hurley has been driving a new truck for years back and forth on the taxpayers money. Claimed he may be called out on a permitting violation during his off hours . Really????? I would love to know what kind of violation could not wait? Somebody building a bridge overnight or something? Really Mr Boyd stop acting innocent .

      1. It’s my understanding that he takes it home when he has to be in Jackson the next day but that’s just heresy. I do see a fisheries truck on the way to Wiggins quite frequently who I’ve been told is used by a Jeff Grant in fisheries as his personal vehicle. I think both these guys should have to pay money to the state for gas and upkeep if this is going on. Miller shouldn’t be any different. He has an expedition that he uses as a personal vehicle too. For an agency that needs money, they sure aren’t pinching pennies like they should be

        1. Yes he may be taking it home on Mondays but go back through the records they did this for years going home running personal errands going to lunch all on taxpayers money all the auditors need to do is pull the records

          1. You are right on with that the directors feel they were entitled to a nice vehicle and fuel man card while gas was 5 dollars a gallon for the real people…..disgusting… I hope the auditors (Feds of course because we know the state auditors don’t give a damn) go back and look at the vehicle assignments and fuel expenses for these folks going back and forth to work. They should have to pay restitution for what they stole from the taxpayers while the real workers had to suffer with the high gas prices to make it to work and back

    2. A,

      I think you are right on target with your comments:

      1) Salary reductions should have applied to newly hired positions. Miller rolled in making well over 100K with little or no experience and some weak credentials for a directors position. They should have started him out at the minimum pay in that pay band.

      2) Non-essential equipment should also be purged. Especially the larger vehicles that people use to just drive around town. I have heard Miller sports a large Ford Exhibition while Danny Guice drove a Fusion Hybrid. These large vehicles should not be purchased in state government unless there is an absolute need.

      3) Freeze on personnel hiring–I agree with this to. It seems like Miller has fired a bunch employees with excellent credentials and long service records and replaced them with a bunch of cronies. I think its clear that his intentions were not to eliminate positions that he may have felt were unnecessary but rather purge employees with little or no state protection and fill them with people that did not even have to compete for the positions. I think this was all planned from the get-go.

      4) total agree with expensive purchases–chairs, desks, high end coffee makers or what ever else that may have been purchased.

      5) I liked your comment about the declining fish populations. I agree that they need to tighten regulations and they should be hiring more officers to patrol and bust the renegades who conduct illegal business.

      1. 6) No employment of outside CONsultants to do work that people who are on the payroll should be capable of doing. And if they do not have someone to do a task then just do not do it. Example of wasted money is the contract with Horne that was done to get Frontier Gulf Coast a toehold on the 6th floor at the Bolton Building. To hire a politically connected firm to do what was produced by Horne was a total waste. For a third of that contract to go to Frontier Gulf Coast to relay and explain what they ,Horne, found to the employees is absurd and reason enough to tell Jamie Miller to get by with what you have. To think the public is dumb enough to be in agreement with these types of waste of resources is a reflection of management at the DMR.


    I have seen thur even dmr web site GBNERR does do different stuff that benefit the general public at large..

    I can honestly say I have to agree with this comment

    Lyman Fish Hatchery to cut back on utility, equipment, supplies and staffing costs

    contracted out to the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, at a fraction of the current cost, provided any of that work is actual essential and/or scientifically sound – which it is not. Basically, the out-of-sight, out-of-the-public’s-mind Fish Hatchery is carrying out the will of idiot legislators and hob-nubbin recreational/sport fishermen (insurance agents, doctors, lawyers, corporate bigwigs, etc., – you know, like the ones that sponsored the recent Pickering fundraiser) who think the answer to our declining fish populations is to simply raise ’em and stock ’em; choosing to ignore the facts of over-fishing and habitat degradation/loss.

    1. Where are these “large number” of fish that are being raised and stocked? I have only seen pittances stocked anywhere in marine waters and nothing but a few striped bass from Lyman. Lyman recently stocked 48,000 bass fingerlings in freshwater (as printed in the DMR newsletter), but that is just a drop in the bucket literally. That facility is set up to produce many more fish than that. And since it is almost 20 miles? inland, just how are you going to get saltwater there? And then, how are you going to dispose of the saltwater? Sounds like a blind to me. Money laundering comes to mind and also a hiding spot to do things that you don’t want the public to see???? Hmmm

  19. Scott Walker’s fundraiser for Lynn Fitch or Joe Cloyd’s Fundraiser for Stacey Pickering were both held for the same purpose. These guys are bundling money for these politicians so they can be on the inside of future political aspirations. Its never about friendship or admiration, always has to do with who can raise money to feed the campaign machine. If they pick a winner the are rewarded with access they can then sell on the open market under the disguise of being a consultant. You would never get them to open up their homes to raise money for a community cause only a political one. Scott Walker will not be holding anymore political money raisers. He has destroyed himself and Joe Cloyd, after the Pickering fundraising disaster, will be known statewide as someone that has his finger on the self destruct button. Funny how Walker and Cloyd are so much alike even living next door to each other. You would have to think these living arrangements had to be planned maybe for the purpose of having dueling fundraisers or just sharing those consultant secrets. These guys you will not even be able to attract the Jolly crowd anymore Their political lovefest days are over.

    1. Can someone tell me if the following individuals were hired at the DMR? One is David Shoemate who is supposedly the son of Tina Shoemate of CIAP. The other is Chris Ruple who is supposed to be the son of David Ruple who is over the GBNEER. If this is the case, then these Directors have fixed themselves up their own little Kingdoms. Or should I say, “mini-doms” inside of Walkers’ Kingdom.
      Is there somewhere to verify this info? It was supposedly between 2009 and 2012. Thanks for any help!

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