8 thoughts on “Pictures: 3000 words worth……”

  1. Think there might be so roasted goat as an appetizer on da’ menu? Gotta’ be some kind of exotic meat for $125 person.

    1. Lilac Street address is Carl Finley and Scott McQuaig’s law firm. I believe BrousStar used that address once as well in a court filing. It was Finley that delivered the first threats against Slabbed from Team Goatherder in April 2011.

      Beyond that there is an affidavit floating loose in a certain case whereby team Goatherders claims they are in Canada exclusively from way before 2010 but that is another topic altogether.

  2. i wonder why swartz feels the need to raise money. it is an unwritten rule in the 22nd district that incumbents run unopposed. when a judge retires or moves to the court of appeals there are plenty of folks ready to run. otherwise nothing.

  3. The more troubling aspect of the Rick Schwartz fundraiser is that it is being run by three former ADA’s, now private practice attorneys, who are running other campaigns in St. Tammany. Goux, Lobello and Wynne. I smell a northshore version of Magnum.

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