The heat is on Auditor Pickering: Investigation or Coverup??

I’ve made no secret of the fact I though the Office of the State Auditor was on DMR to run interference on the FBI and OIG.  That said I’ve had people in the know tell me that notion was wrong and in fact Auditor Pickering would use the state prosecution of certain former DMR employees as a political pole vault to a much higher office.

Against that backdrop the fundraiser at Joe Cloyd’s place was therefore an important signal as to which view holds true. Campaign ca$h i$ king or in the words of an observer to the Scruggs prosecution observed early on, “follow the money”.  Great advice.

Sun Herald files motion adding auditor to DMR records lawsuit ~ Anita Lee

The implications of this legal battle apply to all of us in the local media congroovancy.  The transparency sought is good, just and in the public interest IMHO but the track record of the hired gun leads me to harbor great fear some very bad case law may be made here.  Fingers crossed.  🙂

Editorial: Stacey Pickering’s handling of DMR scandal undermines public confidence ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

If there is to be a protest on Tuesday at the Bolton Building the reasons are well summed up in today’s Op Ed. It is also a message that we also push here at Slabbed.

Da Noose may be leaving but the song remains the same….

An odd response from SMPDD ~ Da Noose

IMHO all the various and sundry PDDs in this state merit a close examination.

14 thoughts on “The heat is on Auditor Pickering: Investigation or Coverup??”

  1. Some of the documentation that The Sun Herald (and others) should be demanding are the “Condition and Valuation Survey Reports” for the CALIFORNIAN and TOPAZ before they were offered for auction by an agency or agencies of the State of Mississloppy. Such surveys (and reports) are routinely performed and issued prior to any “fire sale” of financially distressed vessels, both to inform the Debtors and Creditors about how much they should expect to realize from the sale of the vessels (even the Debtors can set minimum bids and “upset” prices for their property, which will be let out for bid again and not sold unless the “upset” price is realized). There is NO REASON to accept “any” high bid submitted unless the entire process is fraught with collusion and fraud. People also should be asking SLABBED to POST the “Advertisements” for these vessels, which put The Sun Herald in a “conflicts of interests” position. Ashton O’Dwyer, son of a former Mississloppy property taxpayer, taken care of in Hurricanne CAMILLE.

  2. I think its too late to cover it up. They may try to sweep it under a rug, but too much dirty laundry has been aired out to simply cover it up. They are currently using damage control tactics to make this seem like less of a deal than it really is

  3. This is coverup pure and simple. And to make a bad situation worse, all the BS about the SMPDD has came out at the same time. Now I have had friend(s) that have worked for SMPDD in the past (way back in the era of Four-Dice and Mus-Gore) that had what I would have at the time considered decent jobs, I’ll be happy to elaborate if anyone asks me too. In the order of keeping too many callousses from forming on my fingertips, I have determined that there has been as much BS going on at the offices of SMPDD as there has at the DMR. However, I’m going to keep focused on the crap that has been/still going on at the DMR. And, as a segue, my beloved and I were getting caught up on some past episodes of “True Blood” on HBO. I’m sorry for whom I may offend but “Steve Newlin” could very well be the vampite counterpart of Stacey Pickering.

  4. I still have my bet resting on the fact that Pickering may have let off on capturing all the monies and going after Walker for every penny because there is something else in the works. As much the Walkers have been in the news it would be political suicide if he let them get away with to much, if anything really.

    1. Eye, I would love to think that as well. Pick’s committed political suicide, no doubt there, I’ve said as much in the past. With as much money that has been floating around, he may have already been set up with a fortune in offshore accounts, speculation on my behalf, but why in the hell would he have been the participate in things that he’s particapated in?

      1. Yes, that is a very good question. As with all politicians and people in general, we all make foolish mistakes and I think the gathering at Cloyd’s was one of them. Who knows, maybe it was a secret covert operation and certain people were wire tapped. Maybe they went there to get information or confessions out of some people. LOL It could have been called Operation Eye-Spy. 🙂

        Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  5. Pickering is opening the door for Atty.General Jim Hood to ride in as the White Knight and resolve this by prosecuting the Walker Gang This could propel him to the Ms. Governors office. Hood has been quiet but I spoke with a long time democrat consultant over the weekend who told me this is being considered. Pickering’s office will not respond to emails about the DMR. I have emailed on multiple occasions without a response.

    1. Lets hope it’s still on. The focus needs to stay with the way the CURRENT director is running things. By the way…..last call for signs.

      1. Not certain what will happen tomorrow. I plan on being there regardless. I do know that under the circumstances that was laid out to the Biloxi PD a sierra club member was told a permit for picketing is not required though, like in Ocean Springs, there will be a police presence just in case there is a protest. What we need are people to turn out.

  6. Folks and Snake Nation….don’t forget to check out the Jackson Jambalaya site and help spread the word there also. It is carrying some of our message to the northern part of the State and helping pass info along! See you guys tomorrow!

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