Commission on Marine Resources Protest Open Thread

We need an online spot to coordinate and exchange information on the August 20, 2013 picket at the Bolton Building for the 9:00AM CMR meeting so this post is it. A couple of thoughts:

  • We have sign capability for those that need one.  What we need to get a handle on is who needs a sign?  I believe we have two volunteers for signs we just need a number.
  • Mac is willing to carpool in to save parking spaces.  She sent out a group email blast along those lines.  Such is a very good idea IMHO.
  • Building and grounds needs to be contacted to see what they allow on state property in terms of picket lines etc.

Any other thoughts encouraged in comments. Thanks.

57 thoughts on “Commission on Marine Resources Protest Open Thread”

  1. The protest location is important. The only access entrance to the parking loti on the north side of the building. I assume that is where the gathering would take place. This is in the city of Biloxi,is a permit required. What is the reason/theme/purpose of the protest? Signage and statement should revolve around that. Flyers to pass out?

    1. We need someone on permitting.

      I have two thoughts on theme. First is “Audit All Yall”, an idea the Sun Herald and Slabbed have pushed editorially. Second, both the S/H and Slabbed have called for a housecleaning at CMR. Dr Asper did what was right but the other 4 have not followed his good example.

      Flyers are a good idea.

      1. And of all people Jimmy ” Boat Borrowing ” Taylor is the new chairman. What nerve he has. I will find out about the need for a permit at the city of Biloxi.

      2. Ideas For Signs- there is “Walker Da’ Plank”, “Walker Wins Quick Pic”, ” Da’ Long Green Mile Walk fo’ Walker”,” Make Walker Run Without His Baby Bottles”, ” Run Walker to Miss State Prison”, and #1 ” Like a Good Neighbor, Auditor Pickering Was Here”

  2. How about “Protect Us From Cheap Foreign Shrimp and the CMR” or something to get local fishermen involved somehow. They are hurt more than most by the DMR being looted and mismanaged.

  3. The sidewalk up and down bayview is public and there is the public park next door as well. You have to pass by both to get to the building. If they don’t allow you guys to protest on the grounds, there is plenty of space directly next door that is out in the open. If nothing else, its a nice gathering point with a covered pavilion

  4. The boat launch parking lot is a good place too.

    Here are my ideas for signs:

    1) Hey Bryant, you need to get rid of Miller or we will get rid of you in the next election

    2) The DMR Buddy List–Kelly Lucas; Melissa Scallan; Sonja Slater; Who’s Next……

    1. A person gets excited seeing his ass hang in effigy:

      Somebody get a pole with a thin rope and unto fashion a large hook ( coat hanger wire ) and to the hook a black fish silhouette of a big fish ( 5-6 feet) and paint on fish in white “140 lb record Crooker” on one side and “Walkergate” on the other side. Put a frown on the tuna’s face and X’s over his eyes in white paint. Swing dat in front of his house and you will assuredly cause him to drop his baby bottle, throw the baby and bathwater out da’ back door and wanta’ fight everybody with one hand ( the other hand is locked into his DMR money box)

      My mind is swirling out of control with possibilities , Patricia please take over – GOOD LUCK TO ALL DA’ PROTESTERS – HAVE FUN – REMEMBER! – ONLY PEACEFUL PARODIES, NO VIOLENCE

    2. The park is just uphill and the launch lot has trailer parking only signs now. I wouldn’t want to give miller the chance to have biloxi PD ticket everyone or have them towed

  5. I have been posting on Sun Herald and this is my first post on Slabbed. I know everyone is angry about the Walkers and what they did, and I know there’s a lot of skepticism about how much Bill Walker will have to pay for what he did to the state. It is important for Pickering, Bryant and the rest of the gang to know that we will not stand for any deals to be made with Walker for what he did (That damage has already been done.), but it’s more important that we look at what is going on NOW at the DMR. Remember that Jamie Miller was put in charge because of a bigger plan/agenda, one that comes from the governor, not because he was the most qualified. Someone needs to stop Miller before he totally destroys the agency that regulates our resources and before he destroys any more lives. He is so blatantly arrogant about his use of power to fire more-than-competent employees and replacing them with his toadies. I think the theme of the protest should focus on getting Miller and his cronies and the CMR out of the Bolton Building. There has been some discussion on Sun Herald blogs about bringing back Danny Guice. What was so wrong about the way he was doing business? He fired a few alleged wrongdoers and was working with his staff to set things right. In my opinion, Sun Herald has done a great job at reporting on the wrongdoings at DMR, but I think they did Mr. Guice a disservice and may have even been working under the influence of the Governor to sabotage Mr. Guice to get who the governor wanted in his place. Remember how the Sun Herald lay down like dead dogs the moment Miller’s appointment was announced? I do not believe that journalism has ever relied on coincidence or happenstance. We have to wait for the next election to vote out Pickering and Bryant, but we can do something NOW about Miller and the CMR.

  6. Bless everyone who is planning to participate! This is going to be great! Doug don’t forget to put someone on the media….as much as we can get….and input to any national coverage would be wonderful. This movement is getting larger and larger! Forward brothers and sisters….give it your best!
    I am with Kingsnake….we need to get an acceptable leader at the helm of this Agency….it doesn’t need a puppet for Jackson. We want our own people in charge down here. And the Jamie’s Angels chicks have to go!

  7. I wouldn’t exactly call them all “angels.” Especially “Ravishing Rhonda Price.”

    I believe trash talker, used car saleswoman, close political friend, or incompetent reject fits the bill.

  8. Rhonda Price, Tina Shumate, Samantha Hebert. Why are you so quiet now? Once upon a time you were so badass you walked the halls of the DMR intimidating and threatening. Where are you know? What happened to your loudmouths? Maybe the faces of the people you destroyed keep running through your mind and have paralyzed your thoughts. One can only hope. You were mean girls but karma is a b…..

    1. Oh to be sure…Miss Price is still strutting the 6th floor with her homies…Jan and Jamie (sounds like a musical duo?). I am sure that Tina and her sister are shopping and running up their credit cards since they no longer have a State account to plunder, IMO. Haven’t noticed her hair or nails lately….wonder if they are up to muster?

      1. From what my inside Intel has told me, Jan isn’t and never was friendly with Tina or Rhonda. How he is with Jamie isn’t known but my guy says he isn’t on the 6th floor much

        1. That is correct. Jaimie worked for Mr boyd many years ago when he started out I believe as a permitter. It is also my understanding that Tina Shimate also worked for Jan but he questioned things she was doing and so then she no longer worked under the coastal ecology department and was then placed under supervision of Executive Departmemt In short walker became the one she then answered to. Price also,

          1. Oh….the photo that ws in the newspaper had his son in it on the Bithday trip with John McKay’s son paid by the Conprofit group. Further discussions concerning this indicated that Mr Boyd had been one of John McKay’s stong supporters and that he and Walker were thick as theives. There has always been a question as to how he got the position he is in granting permits. So, in my opinion, he must be in pretty tight with the group to have his son invited on the “Birthday Trip”. Like I have said before, there are several of the Walkergate saga still employed at the DMR in my opinion. The jobs being protected are on the 5th and 6th floors, I am told.

  9. To be honest I can see why the Heberts have been quiet. I would do the same.

    I found your comment about destroying people to be spot on and quite likely with that other one.

    1. I know of at least 4 whose lives were destroyed because of this bunch of thieves. Leslie Gollott, Russell Doucet, Crystal Morgan and Janet Doucet. Honest dedicated employees that “knew too much” and needed to be “shut up”

        1. Facts are derived from at least 3 of theses knew what was going on and tried to report it but didn’t realize the ones they were trying to report to was a walker puppet so when the walker regime knew they were on to them they were punished and driven out of the DMR but I know at least one of them spoke to the FBI a couple of years ago and told of the corruption going on all the way back to Pat Daughdrill the former business office Director all the fraud is not new with just walker but time will bring it all to light I’m sure the Feds are on it more than anybody realizes

  10. They are quiet in my opinion because their legal team told them not to comment. I would not be surprised and have heard that Shumate has cut a deal, will plead out to a lessor charge and testify against others that I do not have to name. This reliable info sounds pretty believable based on the circumstances

  11. Grand Premiere !!! Grand Premiere !!!!!1 Grand Premiere !!!!!!!

    Tuesday August 20th !!!!! — just smell the fishy odor in da’air straight to da’ new Grand Biloxi Theater

    Protesters with signs get free admission, popcorn and a $.25 rebate on their state taxes

    Based on a True Story ——- More suspense and suspicions than “Run Silent Run Deep”—–“Mind Blowing” says the Sun——Critic Doug Handshoe says, ” Best movie since ” Da’ Story of Dizzy Dean”

    From the producers of the ” BP Scam” and ” The Katrina Recovery Caper”

    PROUDLY PRESENTED in 3D, CORRUPT SURROUND SOUNDS and WATER MISTS of rotten fish—— on all 15 screens ******

    ************ ” DAS’ BOATS TO HELL AND BACK ” ***********

    Shot on location and onboard das’ Topaz and California; Miss. taxpayer fully funded and subsidized

    Starring Billy Walker as “Das’ Capt. – Nominated for” The Big Suck Award” for sinking das’ boats and for nursing a baby without sunscreen in port-

    “Quick Pic” Pickering, as Das’ friendly onboard, auto- auditor – Nominated for ” Das’ Auditor Most Likely Not To Find Its Starboard Ass” Award

    Jamie Miller as Das’ 2nd Capt., who gracefully pardons Capt. Walker and sells Das’ boats as is, where is – Nominated for “The Gerald Ford ” and “The Miller Lite” Awards

    PARENTAL ALERT : Rated XXXXXXXXXX for graphic thievery, larceny, fraud, deception, corruption, toxic BS all on the high seas; baby cruelty and general political mayhem.

    Movie nominated for THREE prestigious Awards :

    “Best Choreography of Hidden Corruption Award”
    “Best Lack of Prosecution Award” and
    “Best Crony Capitalism Award”

    MovieRunTime :5 hours 59 seconds recounting a few of the true accounts on and off board of das’ boats, Topaz and California

      1. Time For Change:
        As a protester wit’ a sign before the Premiere you will enjoy several intriguing questions in our pre-film Flix Quiz:

        Name the actor in the 2013 thriller ” Das’ Boats to Hell and Back” who played the state prosecutor with an ethical ” body” and “nose” to sniff corruption and prosecute the likes of Capt. Walker, Auto-Pilot Auditor Pickering and 2nd Capt. Miller Lite ?

        Answer: Nobody TheF. Knows

        Now sit back and enjoy the public depth charging and media torture of Capt. Walker, AutoPilot Auditor Pickering and 2nd Capt. Miller Lite in the” Das Boat to Hell and Back” trailer:

        1. Love it. Capt. Walker on the sub DMR running it all the way to the bottom of the SEA at all costs. DAMN THE FEDERAL INDICTMENTS,FULL SPEED AHEAD !!!! He appears to have no real enemy except himself and the SLABBED NATION.

      1. Ricardo and rfp: Yo’ forgettin’ the GITR—— (Grand Isle Tampon Rodeo) ——— where da cher’ hookers done got nightly PAP and pubic crab checks,all free and in public in dem’ fighting chairs of das’ boats..

        Sorry, you tube video has been censored by the Grand Isle Gynecological Sensitivity Commission.

  12. “Where’s The Money, Lebowski???” I mean, really. You came in here guns a blazing and can’t find your butt with both hands? There’s millions of dollars going in a phoney Foundation, millions of dollars for a land scam, the same names are benefiting from both…Harris, Palazzo, Byrd…there are land deed records and checkbooks with money flowing to bogus charities and huge investments in land by the recipients of this bounty and you can’t get the money back? You want us to believe that you let those officers and directors persuade you, that, like John McKay and his birthday boy charter, they just didn’t know a thing? WHERE’S THE MONEY, MILLER? WHERE’S THE MONEY, PICKERING? At least Guice admitted it was missing! if you won’t admit it’s gone, and you sign off your only opportunity to put pressure on those corporate thugs and make them squeal, what good are you to us? You obey your masters’ instructions to keep a lid on it, but we know there’s millions out there that the insider group is keeping and we know who the bagmen are, the guys who laundered the money into land investments and hold all the spoils for the group. You do too. What, you think if you let them keep the money this will all go away? It won’t so DO YOUR JOBS. Costa Rica and Mexico have both been friends to friends of Billy in the past.

  13. All,

    If I may recommend a plan of action it would be to direct the focus on the current management practices at the DMR. Specially the current management practices pertaining to hiring “friends”, contracts with Frontier, the relationships with Joe Cloyd, and the firings of innocent employees.

    Lets all face it, very little has been done and accomplished since Miller took over and this is what is most important. Not to mention his has continued to drag down the image of the DMR.

    I am waiting to make signs for the protest. Who would like one? How many do I need to make?

  14. How about “Who’s Auditing the Auditor?”

    Mr. TheCottonMouth, are you any relation to the guy who runs the Cottonmouth blog?

  15. I doubt that was nothing more than letting his kid go fishing with Jon McKay’s kid. Boyd isn’t the one that issues the permits. I went through the process of getting a permit a few years ago and while he is over the department, he doesn’t have much to do with the permitting. I called him a few times to get updates and he knew nothing of it. He may oversee it and have input, but it seemed to me like the part he played was a go between for the higher ups to relay info to the staff. From what I gather, his link to McKay is their sons are friends, that’s all.

  16. Mr. Cloud, Mr. Boyds’s position puts him in a situation to where he is not allowed to accept any “favors” from the Public that may suggest impropriety. He knew better than to put his son in that position. None of the other members of the Staff are able to do things like this. What makes him think that he can? And as far as his only connection being through the son, it is a lot more than that in my opinion. Since he has involved himself in this, he needs to face the consequences just like Mr. McKay has. He openly put his child in a vessel that was paid for illegally by Taxpayer monies. Conflict of Interest, plain and simple. He, of all people, knows that this is a big no-no. I am watching to see if he is appropriately seen to. Maybe Jamie Miller will do the right thing….but since Mr. Boyd and Ms Price are “buds”, I doubt it.

    1. I’m not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but if my kid asks to go fishing with a friend, I can guarantee you I’m probably not going to get down to who owns the boat, etc. The thing I’m asking is make sure he wears a life jacket, be careful, and have fun. Not all management at the DMR are in the scandal is all I’m saying. The picture doesn’t do him any favors, but its not really something I would hang someone from. The foundation boats were unheard of from most of the employees at the DMR aside from a few higher ups (this coming from a few friends at the DMR). Sad to say this came to light for them as well when the SH broke loose with the stories regarding them. I’ll ask around a bit more to get some more answers regarding relationships there, but the the reason Boyd was no longer Shumates boss is because he refused to sign off on her spending. From that info, I can’t really seem to believe he would get mixed in the res other than he did what he had yo to keep a job

  17. BTW, Snake Nation, the people on the latest post by Doug are asking if the Protest is still on. Someone needs to reply. Have you guys checked the weather????

  18. Other sign ideas : ” Pickering’s in a Pickle”, “Pickering Picked a Pack of BS Walker Audits”, “Pickle Pickering”

    Heard the Gulfport-Biloxi area was hit hard with heavy rains but snakes come out in numbers in floods so the Snake Nation should be ready by Tuesday to protest , picket, coil and venomously STRIKE crap
    out of the theivin’ crony capitalists.

  19. Loved the video! Geaux Snake Nation!!! You guys are the best!!! Fight for what is right!!!!

    What about this sign: “Pickering picked a peck of pickled croakers”? (over Taxpayers)

    1. BlackMamba: Adding to your line a sign-“Pickering Picked a Peck of Public Porkies”( as in pigs eating at the public trough)- I still like the sign” Like a Good Neighbor Auditor, Stacey was There”

      Tonite is SNAKES NIGHT OUT at the Bolton Bdlg:

      Is dat Stacey being stared down and Billy saying ” Just stay still- don’t move- it will all go away”

  20. My Fellow Americans,

    Please remember that Pickering MAY only be a small part of the overall problem. We also have:

    *Jamie Miller
    **Jamie Millers connections with Frontier
    ***Jamie Miller recently hired “friends” with no job advertisement and questionable qualifications
    ****Jamie Miller firing honest and high quality employees for “no apparent reason”
    *****Jamie Millers bullshit 60 day report that ran us a total of about 150K and didn’t really accomplish much other than enlightening him with “common sense” he should already have as a director–IMHO

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