4 thoughts on “Translation: It’s taking them a while to cut all the side deals that benefit their families, friends and political supporters”

  1. Newell “Taser ’em” Norman’s euphemistic speech confirms Doug’s headline:

    “More important than a timeline is making sure we touch all the milestones we need to fulfill our fiduciary obligations to the community at large,” Normand said.

    “Fiduciary obligations.”

    Friends & Family Plans, fully funded.

    1. Mr. Taylor, public-private lease healthcare expert said ,’ It’s not the lease payments they pay the parish it’s the subsidy the parish has to pay them’ .It’s just another Tom Benson secret deal in progress. If not brought to a council meeting for public scrutiny maybe a bigger whammy for the parish than river birch.

      1. Pithy comment, govforsale.

        The shenanigan reeks like a rotting fish in the midday sun. Note the comments attributed to Peter Butler, who ought to know better:
        A board attorney, Peter Butler, said Monday that 15 years of case law extends the exemption to the umbrella board’s authority to vote in private, even though the exemptions say nothing specific on the matter, and West Jefferson Medical Center’s bylaws require it to vote in public.
        Peter knows, or ought to know, that a law for your benefit can be waived, and indeed, appears that at least West Jeff Med Center did waive the benefit of the law.
        Butler’s disingenuous argument is the type advanced by kleptocrats who point to a permissive law as a mandatory law, and utilize same in preclusive fashion to counter the booboisie conditioned to seeing the written word as “law” without more.
        Indeed, as anyone with a smattering of knowledge or experience in a true market situation can tell you, secrecy is counter-productive. Of course for the jackbooted kleptocrats like Newell Norman or the “bought and paid for sack of potatoes” Roberts, secrecy is a good thing to steer funds to friends & family plans. However, in a true market without the Big Brother conferral of tax extorted benefits to a nomenklatura, you get more suitors and certainly more openness as to true costs. Perhaps it is fact that a subsidy is required, but we have no independent fact base on which to base this assumption. Indeed, one could argue, certainly with greater force, against the monetary shell game whereby lease payments are issued and cancelled by counterflowing subsidies. If the price of operating a facility is in reality X+1, that is a pricing signal consumers are entitled to know and will know from the marketplace. If one desires to utilize some “public good analysis,” even though such has a dubious intellectual pedigree, then one would have another argument against the monetary shell game. If the “public good” has real value, then the public entity could legitimately lease the facility for cause being the general public good resulting from operation of the facility. Again, this is proposition with dubious intellectual legitimacy and moreso a rationalization for diverting resources extracted from the public to benefit favored groups, but is certainly a legal basis to avoid the dreaded invocation of Article VII, Section 14 of the Louisiana Constitution to shut down an activity which the “public” (translation: our elected rulers) deem desirable. Indeed, if that “public good” has any value, once again the value can be determined only by an unfettered process whereby more, not less, bidders, come in. The fact that the limited bidder base seeks subsidies tells us that not only do the bidders seek to have socialized costs, there must be some hidden costs (capital and/or operating) at play which legitimately should be factored into the costing-analysis for these activities – but of course we have no objective market-pricing information base for that assumption at this time, and likely never will.

  2. Holy BS Pump Operators, Batman,

    We gots da’ BS Batsignal up, so come quick on yo’ Black Wing. Rogue BS Council pump operators refusing to pump fresh water news to the public trough to know what the classified lease offers bees cuz’ dey claims it may endanger da’ $ecurity of da’ Parish.

    Da’ Inspector General still ain’t done unpacked his tings from Merryland and Presidat Young is mum on everyting so da’ Parish is left unprotected while a Cat5 crony capitalistic storm is headed straight fo’ da’ Parish.

    Whats dat yo’ say ? Yo’ wants somebodies to call Emergency Director Maestri to vacuate dem BS Pump Operators bees fo’ we all suffokate in pig sh*t ?

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