Tabulating the cost of the Vandenweghe settlement to the taxpayer: Phelps Dunbar’s pound of flesh

Methinks TheRiot v the Blogsphere is also included in the $145,394 taxpayer funded bill for legal services. A truly sad state of affairs folks.  (H/T Citizens for Good Government and the divine M&M sisters)


9 thoughts on “Tabulating the cost of the Vandenweghe settlement to the taxpayer: Phelps Dunbar’s pound of flesh”

  1. I marvel at the kleptocrat gang in Jefferson Parish, I’ve seen far more explicit billing statements and accounting in other parishes by far (and still not giving away unimportant and boring information which frankly no one would care about nor learn confidential matters).

  2. i’ll bet billing for the federal case during 2013 will add another $50,000 to this partial total bringing the total to over $200,000 paid to phelps dunbar.

  3. Every council-creature and the whole wilkinson tribe (wilkinsons, lopez, cassang….) should all be pried from their shells, dragged from their holes, broght into the daylight: and beat: then be beaten again, and continue beating till they stopstealing, lying, and using good clean air to further their disgusting existances,
    Then move on to phelps-dunbar & scumbags-r-us!
    JeffParish doesn’t need an Inspector general – we need a public executioner!

  4. and as for John Young –
    As a man from Nazareth in the ancient Kingdom of Judea is reported to have said: “..he who is not with me is against me..” So it is with John. He has failed the use of position and opportunity given him to defeat (or even dent) corruption in Jefferson Parrish.
    I used to think John was halfway good for our future: I was half-wrong!
    John – don’t run for anything again!!!

  5. Wait a cotton pickin minute. I thought Deborah Foshee said the fees were only $50,000. What’s the truth here?

  6. Correction…..I found that quote:

    The litigation cost Jefferson an additional $41,304 for outside defense attorneys, parish attorney Deborah Foshee said Friday. Times Picayune.

    I think she told a whopper here!

    1. That was for Theriot. The T-P reporter evidently never asked for the total.

      One thing I found about dealing with local government is the answer you get depends upon how the question is asked.

      So we have $150K to Team AMV, $145K to Phelps Dunbar and $41K to Team Theriot. That is almost $340K and that is not the total.

      Goatherdian type thuggery is not cheap but since the tab is on the taxpayer…..

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