Comment bump: Boat engines purchased by DMR

RFP in comments to Protest Time at DMR as rumors swirl about taxpayer paid boat motors going into private boats:

Not knowing the specifics what is alleged…

These engines have serial numbers. That may be seen on pages 8 and 13 here.
Proper preventative maintenance typically happens based on records of hours of use, gallons of fuel consumed, and calendar time since previous work. As loss of power offshore in the Gulf can be fatal, one would expect regular scheduled maintenance, which would leave records of the same somewhere.

Another question deserving an answer is what happened to the engines which were replaced in each instance. There should be a considerable “core” value, who received it? These are two per boat, so even if there was a catastrophic failure in one, there should have been one in running condition when removed. These invoices show no core credit or allowance. Someone got it somewhere somehow.

Slabbed previously profiled the person that was identified as the DMR employee responsible for the fishing fleet and indeed his name appears on the Johnson Diesel invoice RFP linked above.

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  1. The whereabouts of property would be the responsibility of the property officer Leo Christie. I heard he does a good job but if equipment was coded in the business office as a so called ” repair” there is no record this “repair” was actually a replacement so it never crossed his desk. They still continued to operate the business office in a fraudulent manner. I heard Tom Doster was let go, but not sure about Kara VESA she knew it as well she signed all the forms to make payment on every expense with her approval.

  2. I don’t have time to say more until later about the boat deals just now up at the Sun Herald right now but fasten those seatbelts- gonna be a bumpy ride!

    Look at thebills of sale and riddle me this: How can both boats have the same engines??? Check the serial numbers!!!

    Also “Cummings (sic) Model: DR6009RX 6BTA 315; 1984 ” does that even exist in the Cummins catalog?

    Looking good Stacy and crew.

      1. I have been past curious on this very topic for a long time. And now Stacy and crew threw one right down the middle. That was what I was waiting for. Have to run now, but I’ll be back with more on this topic. If the powers that be want to feign cluelessness, then I’ll be happy to help them and anyone else spectating with a free clue or two. 😉

  3. LOL This is just one reason to hire a qualified marine surveyor methinks. Sun Herald needs to look at the bills of sale to the new owners. Wonder if those didn’t have the same type error.

  4. Time is too limited to say much more, but this may simply be a clerical type error where non detail oriented people apparently mixed and matched the descriptions of the model and serial number information. Perhaps someone will run the serial numbers at Cummins.

    The DR6009RX 6BTA (Topaz Bill of Sale) appears to be a correct Cummins remanufactured part number, but currently showing as 330 hp instead of 315 (possibly having changed spec).

    Likewise the QSC8.3-600 (Californian Bill of Sale) is a current part number, 600HP.

    It could be that no one was paying attention, and no one bothered to double check the Bill of Sale with the engine data plates. I still wonder whether the DMR caught the mistake when they offered the boats for sale. Numbers not matching the paperwork might make some potential purchasers wary, and possibly negatively impact the bids received. This is the kind of mistake that should not have been made here imho. The State Auditor and his staff, in the midst of the DMR fiasco fumble something this simple? All you have to do is be able to read to catch this mistake. One wonders if this little faux pas illustrates what little inquiry had been done into these boats and their state supported upkeep at the time of this settlement.

  5. “Ron the closest you and the taxpayers will get to justice was when the lady hugged you, when the protesters took up the cause of injustice and picketed Stacy Pickering and the only justice the public will get in the ongoing scandal some have described as “Walkergate” is for the public to continue to rise up in righteous indignation at the unethical behavior of public officials that think they are above the rules, above the law and above the approach of the very people that put them in office. It is with the deepest regret that individuals like yourself do not get elected to public office, because, yes, we do not have the backbone to stand up to the system — the “party” and elect the best candidate. As a consequence, we have the scandal as it now exists. Those people with integrity, ethics and honor that can stand up to and make decisions independent of the “party” machine are seldom elected. Like mindless masses we step into the polls, vote the party line and inherit people like Stacy Pickering. A person that would throw a great lady, Ms. Hill to the wind, would allow a sweet heart deal for the Walkers because of their party “affiliation”, would turn a blind eye to the individuals trying to make it right on the beach and attend a fundraiser by Joe Cloyd, a person that was hired by the agency Mr. Pickering has spent a lot of “public” capitol and time pointing out the impending indictments and potential civil and criminal actions. No, Mr. Pickering the public deserves much more than you have done or can offer. You have spent far too much of your and our time advancing your political career at the expense of a sad case that has inflected far too much harm to innocent people. You, sir, are no shinning knight on a white horse. At best, you are a political monster devising mechanisms to advance yourself at the expense of the public and innocent people. In the end who knows if it will work for you? I, for one, will do what I can to stop your political advance. But fair warning, if you don’t provide maximum justice for the taxpaying public to the maximum participants, like many political careers that wind up in the dust bin of the past you too will have to answer to an intelligent and informed coast voting population.” SH 8/13

  6. A friend of mine emailed me a copy of the DMR Invitation for Bids on the Subject Vessels,excerpts pasted below, indicate no serial numbers indicated for the Californian engines

    “TYPE: Two (2) naturally aspirated diesel engines. MANUFACTURER:Cummings”
    “SERIAL NUMBERS:Port engine is a model6BTA serial number 60246601. Starboard engine model is a 6BTA serial number 60246608.”

    “TYPE: Diesel, Two (2) Cummins QSC 8.3L Marine Engines (Specifications available
    from Cummins).”

  7. I think it is time for the Snake Nation to rise up and support the rehire of the Interim Director at the DMR. Mr. Guice was headed down the right track when he was unceremoniously fired by Mr. Miller. Oh! Did I say that outloud? Yes, he did not retire because he wanted to. It was because he was doing the right thing and The newest Director was sent to stop him from cleaning out the rats. We need to try to get him back in place so that he can finish cleaning house and putting this Agency back in order.
    Although he does not have 100% public approval, he is one of the Coasts’ people and knows our fishermen and Seafood Industry. He knows who the rats are and will clean house if the Gov and Billy Hewes will let him, IMO.
    We first must get someone in place at the helm of that Agency who can lead and is not a puppet. We do not need any more “associates” of the past regime hired and put in important positions so that financial control is remains in the hands of Walkerites and thugs. We need someone who understands the process and knows how to repair the cracks and restore confidence in the Agency and its’ loyal and faithful employees. I say, rehire Mr. Guice, or replace Miller with an inhouse employee that has credentials, experience, and knows the flavor of the employees at the agency. What about it Snake Nation?

  8. P. S. If the Republican Party truly wants to restore the Agency to its’ past excellence, then they need to support the replacement of Miller with someone with experience and knowledge of our area. We will now sit back and watch if the party will do the right thing or continue to drain $$ from the Coastal residents and taxpayers.

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