Slabbed welcomes 22nd JDC Judge Richard Swartz to the party

Like I said a few weeks back:

You sniffed the reeking buns of Angel (The story of a demented bread-boffer) and acted like it was cocaine ~ Frank Zappa

Irked Tammany judge recuses self from DWI trial ~ Faimon Roberts III

Brown attended Monday’s hearing, and afterward she celebrated outside with Abel.

Where Robert’s story gets weak in the knees IMHO involves his description of Abel as some sort of defense lawyer for his adopted son Shane Gates, aka Shane D’Antoni, who has also previously sued the NOPD for police brutality back in the day. What is clear is that Robert’s reporting on this is so compartmentalized and narrow as to be misleading in my opinion.

What is true from a big picture standpoint is what was a DWI arrest involving some low level violence has now morphed into 2 federal lawsuits, the latest filed by Abel on behalf of his “son” whereby Abel also claims to be a witness, an impossible legal scenario under which Abel could provide such representation. How Abel can show up representing Gates in the criminal matter at the heart of the the civil suits where Abel is a witness is anyone’s guess but maybe that is why Judge Swartz mentioned sanctions.

Even worse, the citizens group Louisiana United International exhibits an ends justifying the means mindset celebrating the abuse of the legal system by Abel, who filed this latest lawsuit mainly conflict Judge Swartz out of Gate’s criminal matter. Breaking that news last week in a development the Advocate and Faimon Roberts ignored was the reason I did not bother to attend yesterday’s proceedings because Judge Swartz only had one choice in the matter and that was recusal. Bottom line is that Belinda Parker Brown, the president of the group  Louisiana United International is no better than the politicians she decries celebrating tactics designed to derail the legal system.

What I really wondered, given that John George’s Advocate is cuddled up with WWL TeeVee is why the heck Faimon didn’t snag some expert analysis from legal ethicist Dane Ciolino, a fixture on the station from way far back. Maybe he had no comment for fear of being SLAPP sued by Abel and the boys but I thought his omission from this article was glaring myself, especially in light of WWL TeeVee’s previous promotions of Abel’s wacky lawsuits.

In any event that is my two cents worth.  As only someone that is currently litigating, pro se, a total of 4 lawsuits in 2 states and one foreign country against this bunch can attest, Judge Swartz I know how you feel buddy. Abel will sue your lawyer before this is done too to conflict them out. That said making lemonade can be fun, especially during the hot summer days for which Soggy Bottom is famous.

If you’re a Judge, the message Abel is sending is clear and such is a dagger directed at the heart of the justice system. And lawyers run amuck like him serve as proof positive the legal system is wholly unable to self regulate.

Sinn Féin

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  1. Welp, I’ll kick start the conversation by pointing out that former Orleans Parish Sheriff turned former Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti’s law firm has enrolled in the lawsuit that I filed against Aaron Broussard and his guys on behalf of defendant Nova Scotia Enterprises, LLC.

    Refer here for additional background.

    1. That’s reeeeeal nice, as Clint would say. Nice to see the goats returning some lucre to the local legal asstablishment.

  2. Doug, I know what you’re talkin’ about because, I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, once had the same thing happen to me. I thought I was gonna die. What are you going to do?…become a ghost writer at the Lens with a Felicity Redevelopment, Inc./Urban Conservancy imprimatur? As my uncle, Judge Noble Daggett Swartz Roseannadanna, always said to me when I was writing my own little law school syllabus & legal strategy, “‘Everything you always wanted to know about litigation, But were afraid to ask’, you learned at the First United Methodist Child Care Center.” Hey! Sexy Pollyanna Deb Foshee with your big American breasts…so whistle me a confidentiality clause in the blogosphere but Don’t Mess With Texas! What are ya tryin’ to do, make me sick? It just goes to show ya…it’s always something! If it’s not one thing, it’s another! If it’s not a SLAPP suit from Nova Scotia then it’s ‘Three Lives for Mississippi’…then in Louisiana it’s a treasonable fart-upon-the-court suit. What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here? Tell me, schatze, who’s next?…Gothic first impression at the ‘fighting’ Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal with Maximus Me Morialius elected judges? How womantic. How ’bout some more beans Mr. Abel. He ain’t exactly a “who”; he’s more of a “what”. Why, you devious son of a bitch. Yes, you did Spike Lee. Say ‘Flip the Script’ again. I had an Aaron Broussard letter, which read that I was essential to Katrina recovery, that got me past the National Guard to a dark, empty city. But who do you have to blow at FEMA to come home? – If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise. Say ‘Flip the Script’ again, I dare you, I double dare you Mignon Faget, say what one more goddamn time! Yes, you did. You fixed the Knicks’ game. You gave Reggie Miller the ‘eye of the tiger’. Yes, you did Spike! Don’t mess with Texas; don’t fuck with New York outside agitators! May feminine justice have mercy upon your embodied person.

    1. William Dwyer: I knows “what” yo talkin’ bout me hates when some dumb ass says “what” when yo’ ask dem’ a simple dumb question over and over agin specially bout messin’ wit’ Rosanadana’s big american breasts, SLAPPIN’ Nova Scotia’s butt, , beanin’ Abel wit’ a Kane, fixin’ dem Nicks in Texas, meetin’ BrouStar in a dark city and fartin’ in da’ face of Reggie Miller.

      Yo’ sounds like my kinda’ purson “what” yo’ tink bout us meetin’ up at Pat Gillen’s Bar so we’ s can boths bee tinkin’ on clear 180 Proof and done solve all da ‘world’s problems confidentially wit’ Debra Forshee.

      1. I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, was depressed as a dog waiting for promised oral arguments. Thanks a lot, Doug, thanks a lot. Meanwhile, a Miss Emily Litella, from the New Orleans City Council Roundtable staff retreat, writes in and says: Dear Roseanne Roseannadanna – I did listen to oral hygiene. What’s all this fuss I hear about introspection and anal retentive real estate people? Why Councilmember Stacy Head’s mom washed out her mouth with Tabasco for talking dirty. Now I hear it’s snowden’ on Pussy Riot at the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This is BP!! “Somebody needs a time-out.” That nice law professor at Loyola, Bill Quigley, says an amicus brief is a hug. Hugs can lead to dirty dancing and won’t end poverty as we know it. I say: Go Fish Trout! Hotel Oso Perezoso, in Columbia, is Trout Point Lodge South. I always keep things nice & clean but never nasty & obscene. Now we can’t bring our egocentric egos into our chamber pots. This can cause rectalitius. When the anal nerve pushy on the optic nerve, we lose rectitude but gain greed. Councilmember Cynthia Hedge-Morrell bothered to say if we can’t “CALL SECURITY” in ity hall then unemployment rolls. Working cops do not commit crimes ’cause “everybody loves Courtney” (Brown-Bagneris). This was not a bribe. I am outraged. I will call a press conference with Jones Walker & sue the Times Picayune. We the People can’t even get a good federal grand jury subpoena leak in city hall anymore. I heard all about Mr. Gussman kicking Eric Holder’s backside. Ken Polite has the downtime to monitor the media. You take that poor woman, Sr. Jane Remson, O.Carm., over at Bread for the Would New Orleans. She knows that she is working in the end-times. The good-kind-of woman religious do not take vows against anger; they take vows of adaptability. In fact, Fred Heebe would pay a lot of money for information on the Parousia……..Sharonda Williams (N.O. City Attorney): “Emily. EMILY!!!! That’s USA v. Sammy Salazar not USA v. City of New Orleans. It’s ‘intervention’ as in the TP grew a set.”…………….Oh! well, that’s very different…………never mind………….bitch.

  3. My quick reading on Foti’s law firm intentions turned up a Six of Cups and Three of Cups meaning a celebration among past friends with strong emotional connections.

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