Protest time at DMR as rumors swirl about taxpayer paid boat motors going into private boats

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ~ Shakespeare, Henry The Fifth Act 3

Vital background can be found here and here.

I will not repeat the very specific tip I received by email yesterday beyond saying the FBI and/or the Office of the State Auditor should immediately account for every engine purchased for DMR fishing boat fleet (since auctioned) and ascertain exactly which boats got which engines as I am hearing there was one extra engine and it was installed in a private boat.  I understand that engine is now located in Woolmarket at a diesel repair shop there.

I’m getting lots of indication the Snake Nation, SEA Party and Slabbed Nation want to have another protest gathering outside the Bolton Building while the next Commission on Marine Resources meeting is being held.  Straight up folks we need more than 11 people and while I know we can count on the folks that protested outside Joe Cloyd’s house they need help on the front line. The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 9:00 a.m at the Bolton Building.

We have one week to prepare.  If the core group give a thumbs up I will cover the protest gathering for Slabbed New Media.  The bottom line is there are still dark forces populating DMR and it appears our State Auditor Stacey Pickering may be running interference for them for the sake of political expediency given his predilection to let the same bunch $tuff copiou$ amount$ of campaign ca$h in hi$ pocket$.

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    1. No way! 😉

      It has been made very clear to me the Jackson chapter of the Mississippi Slabbed Nation is paying very close attention to the message. Frank Corder over at Yallpolitics well said it on Sunday. Slabbed New Media stands ready to join with anyone from across the political spectrum to foster transparent, open and honest government and that message is resonating across the political spectrum from the far left to the far right.

      The coast has always been a mystery to the people from inland Mississippi. I think I understand how people in places like Walthall and Lawrence Counties think. Slabbed is kinda like the google translator.

      Nice folks like the picket warriors that were on the beach are all we need. 20 people is not too much to ask and would make a nice impression on the folks up in Jackson.

        1. Well… That diesel shop would be Johnson Diesel… That would be Robert Johnson who happens to be step daddy to Leslie Gollott who worked for none other than Tina Shimate …. I was told by a little birdie that Johnson diesel did most all work on the leased boats and also competition marine. Competition marine is owned by the Daddy of Amy Taylor who is the Marine Patrol Dispatch Supervisor…. everyone should know by now anything to do with these boats was kept “in the family”

          1. One extra engine here one extra engine there. One extra this one extra that. So what. What difference does it make.

      1. I read YP often. I enjoyed his DMR article except for the part about innocent people being mentioned like Joe Cloyd for example. Corder has a strong relationship with Cloyd because they are both deep into the Jackson County Republican Club/Party. Repub Bros they are which is blinding.

        1. Joe Cloyd is up to his neck in this. Birds of a feather, flock together! He and Scotty Boy make a good pair.

    2. I guess this is Baby Walker posting this. No thanks Baby Walker….we don’t want to hire anyone from any of your fake businesses.
      Doug, I think the problem with the protest is that a good many of the Snake Nation work at “Brother Agencies” to the DMR, and if they show up, they may lose their jobs. I am not 100% sure about all of the snakes, but know some of them. And I understand them not risking their jobs. I will try to make it, and you should probably reach out to the fishermen on the Coast who are fed up with the dealings of the leadership there and have been for a while. I do not know how to contact the fishermen in mass though. Maybe some of the slabbed members would pass the word for you?? Good luck Brother!

      1. WalkerG,

        I am not sure what a brother agency is but I would appreciate it if you would not make comments or gestures pertaining to knowing the snakes and risk breeding rumors. Rumors that may end up flying around the DMR and get someone in trouble. More especially if they are not even a snake to begin with. For the record I do not work at the DMR and never have.

        I don’t know if anyone has officially been named a coordinator for the protest but I hope we can get an accurate count by Sunday. I plan on making 5-6 signs for people to display.

        1. We need another press statement from Biloxi Blues. I am contacting the beach protesters whose contact info I have to gauge interest. And we need 9 more and I think we can get 9 more people without having to endanger those that work at brother agencies including those agencies also located at Bolton Building (MDOR being one that I deal with on a regular basis by way of example).

          1. Can do. As soon as we know for sure it is a go I will have the press release prepared and distributed. I do think this gathering should be about the deal made with Bill Walker by Pickering and the lack of any transparency or public notice on employment at the DMR.

  1. I am willing to support the protest but as I said before, I can help out with supplies and propaganda. I can make up some pretty good signs that will be attention grabbers. I think WLOX and SH will love them.

  2. Commisioner Taylor had a blown engine which prompted him to borrow a boat for a billfishing trip. Hmmm.

  3. Can someone verify that the current FWS liaison with DMR husband works out of the Grand Bay NEER? If so this could explain a lot with the comments in the OIG report concerning how this person was hired. Does anyone know anything about this? Can someone confirm this?

    1. What is the name I can probably answer that . Stadler? Buchanan ? That is 2 husband wife teams I know of .

  4. Not knowing the specifics what is alleged…

    These engines have serial numbers. That may be seen on pages 8 and 13 here.

    Proper preventative maintenance typically happens based on records of hours of use, gallons of fuel consumed, and calendar time since previous work. As loss of power offshore in the Gulf can be fatal, one would expect regular scheduled maintenance, which would leave records of the same somewhere.

    Another question deserving an answer is what happened to the engines which were replaced in each instance. There should be a considerable “core” value, who received it? These are two per boat, so even if there was a catastrophic failure in one, there should have been one in running condition when removed. These invoices show no core credit or allowance. Someone got it somewhere somehow.

    1. When we speak of equipment, motors etc. and what happened to it I think we need to look at the leased boats but not only that I’ve heard talk of actually 4 boats BUT a little birdie told me there is a 5th boat it is located at a storage building in diberville. Possibly on auto mall parkway but I will have to check that out. I know Paul Broussard owns a lot of storage buildings there and tents out the space. Just something I think needs to be checked out .

      1. Its my understanding that there is one that Shumate bought from one of the bigwigs after they used the boat for the Vessels of Opportunity. The boat was boat new, used for oil spill cleanup, and sold to Shumate afterwards. I’ve heard it’s kept at the Lyman hatchery in a storage building indoors and was used as a personal boat by the dmr bigwigs. It’s not an offshore boat but a bay boat… and a nice one at that

        1. Yep there is a boat st the hatchery that is one of the first 4 I heard it belong to the ex marine patrol chief who is now gone

  5. Until we are willing to say to the Republican Party ” We will no longer vote for your crooks, or choose the lesser of two evils, at the ballot box. The new rule is this, give us good candidates or you’ll be stuck with the other Guy, too. ” , nothing will change.

  6. Is there not a requirement in MS. that all purchases over a certain dollar amout be advertised and bids accepted? Would this apply to repairs of these lease boats like engine replacements which were high dollar? I think one day when all is known the repairs to these boats and the money spent was a kickback scheme allowed for thru the overpricing of the same. There is no way you could spend this kind of money on these 30 year old hulls in my opinion.

    1. Yes there are purchasing laws and requirements in place. Over a certain dollar amount requires 2 Quotes. And then the next higher tier requires stricter guidelines these request once obtained are requested for approval from DFA. If approved a purchase order prints and then the purchase can be made. HOWEVER repairs do not require submission for approval through DFA in Jackson, it is up to the agency business office director or supervisor to “watch” this. That is what started my punishment when I worked there I questioned why a refrigerator that was installed on the leased boat was coded as a repair and not equipment. If you go back to the sun herald article and look for this particular purchase there is also a handwritten note from the director Tom Doster to The purchasing chief instructing her to code it to equipment so it would be “DMR property. This was after I questioned what they were doing and I refused to have anything further to do with their ” boats”. Not long after that I was put downstairs in an office by myself with a sign on the door “no visitors” kinda like being punished LOL. I’m glad to see it is finally catching up to them. Like I said go back to the SunherAld article and pull up the documentation that was on the disc DMR handed over while it is only a small amount it is a fountain of information

    1. Just read that quickly online, in print tomorrow? Did I really read that the State Auditor’s Office is letting these officers and directors of this Foundation get off completely for just the boats? If Walker is not a director, he is certainly an officer and the address of that place was 1141 Bayview Ave Ste 101, got it? So much documented money ran through that Foundation, including those DEQ fines…the worst rip of all!…and those directors have civil liability to at least the DEQ for the fines it stupidly gave them. You mean we are going to let DEQ get all that BP money and if it gets hornswoggled by Republicans and ripped off it will just say , “whatever”, and too bad for us?? Get off your butts and get out money back! Those men are lying if they say they had no part in it. One is a lawyer and one is a millionaire oilman and so forth. Go after them for the lost money, as well as Walker. if Pickering approved letting them off, Pickering needs to be investigated by the FBI. This is just wrong. Let’s see the checkbook and who got the money. Those people can pay it back…like Harris…by selling their ill gotten gains, and then the State and the DEQ can get OUR money back. It’s a fact that those bogus charities and the YMCA got thousands of dollars a month from those leases and I bet the Y didn’t get all the money pouring in it. Follow the money paid to the YMCA in Ocean Springs and YADA. He signed off of thousands of dollars to those two so-called charities, both headed by HArris when the money was flowing.

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