Protest time at DMR as rumors swirl about taxpayer paid boat motors going into private boats

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ~ Shakespeare, Henry The Fifth Act 3

Vital background can be found here and here.

I will not repeat the very specific tip I received by email yesterday beyond saying the FBI and/or the Office of the State Auditor should immediately account for every engine purchased for DMR fishing boat fleet (since auctioned) and ascertain exactly which boats got which engines as I am hearing there was one extra engine and it was installed in a private boat.  I understand that engine is now located in Woolmarket at a diesel repair shop there.

I’m getting lots of indication the Snake Nation, SEA Party and Slabbed Nation want to have another protest gathering outside the Bolton Building while the next Commission on Marine Resources meeting is being held.  Straight up folks we need more than 11 people and while I know we can count on the folks that protested outside Joe Cloyd’s house they need help on the front line. The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 9:00 a.m at the Bolton Building.

We have one week to prepare.  If the core group give a thumbs up I will cover the protest gathering for Slabbed New Media.  The bottom line is there are still dark forces populating DMR and it appears our State Auditor Stacey Pickering may be running interference for them for the sake of political expediency given his predilection to let the same bunch $tuff copiou$ amount$ of campaign ca$h in hi$ pocket$.

Slabbed welcomes 22nd JDC Judge Richard Swartz to the party

Like I said a few weeks back:

You sniffed the reeking buns of Angel (The story of a demented bread-boffer) and acted like it was cocaine ~ Frank Zappa

Irked Tammany judge recuses self from DWI trial ~ Faimon Roberts III

Brown attended Monday’s hearing, and afterward she celebrated outside with Abel.

Where Robert’s story gets weak in the knees IMHO involves his description of Abel as some sort of defense lawyer for his adopted son Shane Gates, aka Shane D’Antoni, who has also previously sued the NOPD for police brutality back in the day. What is clear is that Robert’s reporting on this is so compartmentalized and narrow as to be misleading in my opinion.

What is true from a big picture standpoint is what was a DWI arrest involving some low level violence has now morphed into 2 federal lawsuits, the latest filed by Abel on behalf of his “son” whereby Abel also claims to be a witness, an impossible legal scenario under which Abel could provide such representation. How Abel can show up representing Gates in the criminal matter at the heart of the the civil suits where Abel is a witness is anyone’s guess but maybe that is why Judge Swartz mentioned sanctions. Continue reading “Slabbed welcomes 22nd JDC Judge Richard Swartz to the party”