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  1. My Fellow Americans,

    Just in case my other posts got lost in all the comments again……………………

    For the good of the hard working employees at the DMR I would like to take this opportunity to offer encouragement to organize and consider installing a local union at the DMR. For those who have been keeping up with the paper and reading comments I am afraid that this may be just the beginning. More especially if the protection is lifted on your department. In the last 6 months or so, we have seen what appears to be innocent and hard working employees at the DMR let go for no apparent reason and friends and pals be hired under a very devious process that is currently in place.

    Think of it this way–any level of protection is better than none and if you are not a member of “the in crowd” you could be a target. Also, as it stands now, don’t think you can go to your HR department for help because that will be useless. They are there for management and will pretty much do anything they tell them to.

    I have heard that the state has an employee union in Jackson but I also heard it is not worth a hoot. Somebody may correct me if this is wrong. I strongly believe if employees are interested they would benefit from local and direct representation rather than messing with the one in Jackson.

    Here are some contacts for inquiries for those who are interested. I would recommend contacting these organizations and expressing your opinion to see what can be done about getting a local union. For your confidentiality, I would call anonymously and just inquire about the details. They should be able to direct you in a way that your cover is not blown.






    1. I doubt it would help. Once word got out about the members, they would all be fired and even more cronies would be brought in to replace those that left

  2. All of that sounds fine and well Eye…but what you don’t understand is that these people are ruthless. Until someone gets control of that rogue bunch of Republican crooks, there is no help for anyone. The only way this will stop is for the head of the GOP to put a stop to it. They need to tend to and police their own. But you see what is happening….Pickering is partying with the crooks. What does that say to you? Has Phil Bryant done anything? Fat ass Barbour was the beginning of this. In my opinion, Bush was involved in getting the $$ down here for them to enjoy and I think that Lott leaving the Congress had something to do with it too.
    I will NEVER vote Republican again. Not after I have watched them all see what is happening and what has happened and they have done nothing to fix it but lie. I am so disappointed in my old friends that have been republicans all their lives and were true Statesmen. They do not realize how this groups’ actions are dragging their names down. When you have a party that allows its members to do as they please (like spoils of war), and they are willing to look the other way, then you have a problem. Even the article on Ya’ll Politics has sugar-coated the situation so that Stacey Pickering looks like he’s doing his job. Well, him letting Walker and his clan off of the monies that were spent on those two boats was the last straw for the people. Republicans had better look for another State to rob before the next election. Because, they will be thrown out on their asses by the good people of this State.

    1. Trust me. I understand perfectly as did our forefathers when they choose to start a revolution. How about you and I “agree to disagree” on the union subject. I just thank God I have one and a bunch of fine lawyers to back our members up.

      I see the Pickering thing keeps being brought up….I dont blame people for feeling short changed but there could be some hidden logic behind the madness. Could it be that the high powers know that Walker’s goose it cooked and they figured it would not be worth kicking a dead horse?

      Think about it this way (EXAMPLE ONLY)—Lets say a person committed numerous crimes and the probability of conviction was almost guaranteed and that person will likely serve 10+ years in prison. Would you expend the labor and time to charge and squeeze them of every single count? What if this person was in their late 60’s or around 70 years old when they were convicted? Would you still put the extra burden on the court system to nail a person for a few more years when they most likely will die in prison anyway? Would you keep pushing for them to pay back the money when the odds of obtaining it is slim to none because they may be almost broke anyway?

      We also have to think of the lawyer factor. Deals could have already been made just as they do with almost all other criminal cases. Confess to this, and we will drop that or lessen this charge.

      1. Still waiting to read the agreement between Pickering(?) and Walker(?) concerning the boats. Not to mention the supporting documentation. Should be public record at some point.

        1. Yes, I would certainly think the public would be filled in at some point.

          Hey WalkergateGroupie, I have a joke for you–No pun intended

          What is equivalent to “Right to Work?”

      2. You could be correct Eye-Spy about why the boat deal was made that allows Walker to receive no punishment for what he did. These types of deals are usually made at the time a party pleads to other charges, not up front before any charges are brought. He may be a cooperating witness and this is part of the agreement. Or due to where the money used came from Pickering may have punted to the FEDS. Lot to speculate about.

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