4 thoughts on “Do you hear what I hear? Know what I know? See what I see?”

  1. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

    “I received your offer of June 13, 2005 and accept your offer to transfer to you the entirety of my 42% Membership Interest in Nova Scotia Enterprises L.L.C., for the amount of 197,242.50, payable in the form of a non-interest bearing Promissory Note, due and payable on December 31, 2011.” Page 58 here.

    Now if one speculates that Broussard had no intentions to run for a third term as Dragon of Jefferson Parish at the time of this transaction, could the promissory note dodge the need to make an embarrassing disclosure on financial declarations? There must be some reason a sharp guy like Aaron Broussard would agree to carry a non interest bearing note for nearly 200 large for six years. In June of 2005 even a six month T Bill was returning nearly 3%. Was it retirement planning? Or was it something else?

  2. Doug, I recall that term limits were instituted in 2002 and would have applied to Baldie. On the other hand, was he eyeing some higher post or given the operational doctrine of characters such as Broussard, trying at that early part of the game to begin some process of mathematic obfuscation?

  3. Among other questions…who had the option to match the offer to Broussard; communicating the waiver of same in the document here. Could it have been Investor $713.28? (Broussard himself being in for all of $782.60.) “AND FURTHER”, this person waiving their option, for some reason, making a strong recommendation to the others that they should do the same.

    Was this “cash out” of Broussard’s interests the only thing going on with this transaction? Or was Broussard’s interest “steered” in some fashion to a preferred investor?

  4. rfp: Yo’ so hot thinkin’ extra bacon bits and spuddin’ hot buttery thoughts now just like Mr Investigator Potatohead Out Da’ Box

    Keep your peeping ears and spud eyes wide open so dem’ gremlins don’t drop a ball on yo’ haad turning you into a Mr.Applehead.


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