Sunday Coastal B’s: Bay Tech, Bentz and Bay St Louis broke?

Bay Tech controversy going to court ~ Geoff Belcher

Bentz’s replacement will be in a tough spot at Mississippi PSC ~ Da Noose

Bay city clerk decries rumors, says finances in good shape ~ Cassandra Favre

I was told City Clerk Kolf actually quit his job at the meeting, an action he later renounced. I’m reminded of the old phrase “Temperament for the trade” upon hearing such things from meeting attendees. And I’ll be frank in saying that if the City can’t remit it’s obligations to the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority then there is a major money problem at City Hall because the city is the collection agent for garbage fees.

Ms. Favre’s piece is chock full of BS and sophistry. I’m not blaming her because she snagged quotes from management and the City Council. Rather, I’m amused at Kolf trumpeting the 2012 audit when the preliminary copy obtained by Slabbed contains major internal control weaknesses identified including double payment of vendor invoices, which in turn means internal controls over non payroll disbursements are virtually nonexistent.

True enough, under previous Mayor Eddie Favre the City kept its books on Quickbooks (it may still and that thought is horrifying to me) and had to snag legislative dispensation for its annual audit after Katrina because the books and accounting records were in such bad shape as to be unauditable. That was horrifying too.

Bottom line is if the City’s tax collections are within the amount budgeted, then being cash tight to the point where payables are being used as a source of cash flow indicates a deeper problem.  And Kolf admitted, by saying he was not paying the City’s bills on time, a tacit violation of the “Timely Payment Law” found in § 31-7-305, Mississippi Code Annotated (1972). And it does not make economic sense to pay the prevailing interest rate of 150 basis points per month as that works out to effective annual interest rate of 18% (1800 basis points). Municipalities typically can borrow at a far cheaper price of funds.

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  1. Doug….we need some investigative work on this lawsuit with Bay Tech. An individual named O’Dwyer is the one that purchased one of the yachts (the largest one) from the DMR for pennies on the dollar. In my opinion, I do believe this is the same person tied up in this lawsuit deal. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Wonder if any of the Snake Nation would like to help out in researching this one. Where are you Robert? We need some help tracking this one down.
    If this is indeed the case, then the “brotherhood” are still taking from the poor and giving to the rich. All snakes on deck!!! SOS!!! Investigative work needed!!!!

    1. Same last name, different person. The O’Dwyer Realty folks claim they are victims in the Bay Tech swindle. As broker, O’Dwyer is on the hook but the transaction used straw men to conceal things from the broker and lawyer that closed the first transaction.

  2. I want to add something else also. Where are our Coastal legislators? Why are they not on top of this joke going on at the DMR? Didn’t we elect them to represent us? Are they afraid of the Governor, Pickering the Rat, and the Walker Clan too? Come out, come out wherever you are! Come on Legislators…time to grow some. We want representation. What about it CMR?? Is anyone out there paying any attention? What about it Coastal Taxpayers? We need to get mad and address this before its too late! They are sucking up our money for their own uses!

      1. Let’s see who gets the Bentz spot. I bet it’ll make Jamie Miller look like some political outsider. I think Phil has made his pick. They’re probably just waiting for the blood to get cleaned up from our new PSCs oath to MS Power.

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    For the good of the hard working employees at the DMR I would like to take this opportunity to offer encouragement to organize and consider installing a local union at the DMR. For those who have been keeping up with the paper and reading comments I am afraid that this may be just the beginning. More especially if the protection is lifted on your department. In the last 6 months or so, we have seen what appears to be innocent and hard working employees at the DMR let go for no apparent reason and friends and pals be hired under a very devious process that is currently in place.

    Think of it this way–any level of protection is better than none if you are not a member of “the in crowd” you could be a target. Also, as it stands now, don’t think you can go to your HR department for help because that will be useless. They are there for management and will pretty much do anything they tell them to.

    I have heard that the state has an employee union in Jackson but I heard it is not worth a hoot. Somebody may correct me if this is wrong. I strongly believe if employees are interested they would benefit from local and direct representation rather than messing with the one in Jackson.

    Here are some contacts for inquiries for those who are interested.

    I would recommend contacting these organizations and expressing your opinion to see what can be done about getting a local union. For your confidentiality, I would call anonymously and just inquire about the details. They should be able to direct you in a way that your cover is not blown.


  4. From what I understand, before the DMR boats were sold, all of the equipment was removed. As I see it, the taxpayers were lucky someone would want the boats. At least the state was able to find someone to help some of the money since Pickering let Walker get off with about $700,000 according to the Sun Herald. The boats were legally advertised and sold. That’s more than you can say for the way the DMR did business for years.

  5. Is the President of the Bay-Waveland School Board worried about something? Is she trying to secure votes
    on the Board? The reason for this question is now one of her fellow Board members is
    employed at the Sea Coast Echo which is published by her husband. He could be in a difficult position if
    an issue came along that required an independent position or vote from him that may differ from hers.
    Will he be able to stand on his own two feet, or will he just protect his bread and butter? Time will tell.

  6. From what I am hearing, a number of Bryant’s followers were asked to take Bentz’ PSC position. Who in their right mind would want to clean up after Bentz has stuck South Mississippi with Kemper’s debts and rising monthly electric bills? What is in it for Renfro?

    1. Most all politicians are self serving. The young ones want a “long career in public service”. So he hired an old energy lobbyist, more or less. Renfroe may not be receiving any political donations, but he’s sure made his share of contributions over the years.

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