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  1. This is Anti Corruption Command to Corruption Disruption 1 over……this is CDI over……. Proceed to target at 433-435 CDI over…… I have 433-435 target in line of site please advise over….. lock and load CD1 over…. Fully armed Command ready to go passing back over target… wait I see somebody on the front porch in a rocking chair holding something like a doll or maybe a baby please advise over….CD1 are you sure of the visual? Reconfirm CDI over…… That is affirmative Command got another visual, over….Abort CD! abort and return to base. the republican jihadist are using babies as shields, we try again at 1700 hours over an out.

  2. CD1, the republicans learned dat ole’ baby shield ploy in Iraq and from Taliban

    CD1, East Beach Air Command now advising counter measures at 1700 hours to first discharge hundred dollar bill chaff to flush DMR target off bottle duty. If negative then arm and fire your genital guided stingray barb to cross hairs on dat pea-sized, left hangin’ nut dat rebel spotter Patricia spied earlier.

    CAUTION: After firing set your climb angle to 86*SSW, accelerate to 8 G’s and watch for toxic updrafts of petrified debris. Over and out.

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