Inside the investigation: Who tattooed Scott Walker’s mortgage on the lot that DMR purchased via the Land Trust

Vital background via Anita Lee can be found here.

The land deal closed 12 days before Scott Walker’s final, lump-sum payment was due on a loan at Merchants & Marine Bank, Jackson County land records show.

Walker had used the property in July 2008 as collateral on a $310,590 loan, which called for monthly payments of $2,775. The balance and all interest payments were due July 25, 2011, although the terms did allow for loan extension or modification.

Tattoo? I heard that word most from investment bankers doing M&A work a decade or so ago. Tatoos are not easily removed, especially those given a bank by a family member to induce the extension of credit to someone that is not otherwise creditworthy enough on their own to nab a $310,590 loan.

Stay tuned.

Khagendra Sharma v. Eric Holder, Jr: A case study in modern day US Immigration Policy

This was the case before mine last Tuesday at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals:

Khagendra Sharma v. Eric Holder, Jr. Docket

I wanted to read the appellate briefs but couldn’t due to the fact the case documents appear to be sealed.  Because of the way oral arguments work at the Federal Appellate level it is not always easy to discern the factual issues associated with the case but after hearing the totality of the arguments I knew it was the type of case that would attract my interest. Continue reading “Khagendra Sharma v. Eric Holder, Jr: A case study in modern day US Immigration Policy”

Hanlon’s razor in action and yes it is that bad

Alternate Title: Confessions of a former auditor. Lesson 1 Hanlon’s Razor

Who Killed Nugget II? Solving The Death Of Southern Miss’s Mascot ~ Sean Newell, Deadspin

I became a Deadspin addict after they flashed ‘incontrovertible evidence‘ that Hancock County’s own Brett Favre is a knucklehead.  We still love him though.

So bottom line is Nugget II was starved to death and the reason covered up by Aubrey Lucas, another well known knucklehead from way far back.  We still love you though Aubrey.

Handshoe ’86