12 thoughts on “Yup (Part 16)”

  1. One would suggest that an amendment to count 19 is in order to allege Gates and his counsel are suffering from brain injuries.

  2. On first glance, I posted in the wrong place, but now on reflection the comment is universal to Goatherders everywhere.

  3. Doug, you da Man!
    You & Da Judge go them assholes in a “trick-bag”! They gotta swear your reputation & honor is worth so much more than you claimed. What these buttwipes gonna do…. get character witnesses for ya? Dig up shills to swear to business you lost? What Marroons!

  4. There are some places where anyone with internet access can post a “press release”. Wondering if this was placed somewhere like that first and then HE was tipped by ??? and then HE regurgitated it as seen now at the link.

  5. Doug:

    I’ve always heard that journalists, such as yourself, don’t get paid very much, if anything. But, I do believe your reputation as a credible journalist is worth something. I’m not a lawyer, so, I don’t know, but can you simply stipulate that you are seeking less than $75,000 and, if awarded more than $74,999, you will reject anything in excess of $74,999 (other than court costs and expenses)?

    It will be interesting to see if the defendants make any sworn statements under oath, or if they continue their pattern and practice of making a bunch of general statements, opinions and hissy fits that don’t prove up anything.

    1. I have a case from the 5th Circuit that cites that exact template in fact. Like I told Sel earlier, this was a far more nuanced and complex than simply declaring an amount.

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