Small and Mighty: Ocean Springs Beach Protest raises awareness of problems at the State Auditor’s Office

Pictures are indeed worth 1,000 words. Here is Bill Walker enjoying the company of his grandson while keeping an eye on the Beach Protest held outside the Stacey Pickering Fundraiser:

Slabbed New Media File Photo / Oceans Springs Beach Protest 8/6/13
Slabbed New Media File Photo / Ocean Springs Beach Protest 8/6/13

Small Group of Protesters Picket Pickering in Ocean Springs ~ Warren Kulo

As RFP pointed out in comments Warren was kind enough to link Slabbed’s coverage of the fundraiser and I thought that was nice.

Next up is the mystery lady that emerged from Joe Cloyd’s house to photograph the Beach Protest and the media contingent that was covering the event.

Slabbed New Media File Photo / Team Cloyd takes some pictures of their own
Slabbed New Media File Photo / Team Cloyd takes some pictures of their own

Next up is a pic that is certain to warm the hearts of CPA/Auditors across this great land:

Slabbed New Media LLC / Protester at Stacy Pickering Fundraiser
Slabbed New Media LLC / Protester at Stacy Pickering Fundraiser

Michael “Da Noose” Newsom was also present and accounted for at yesterday’s beach party and he wrote a good account of the event for the Sun Herald. After nabbing the story he left thus the head count discrepancy between his and Warren’s piece as a few folks showed up after Da Noose left. Here is a panoramic view of the scene when Da Noose was loose. (Sorry Michael, I couldn’t resist):

Slabbed New Media LLC / Ocean Springs Beach Protest
Slabbed New Media LLC / Ocean Springs Beach Protest

And of course Mac was back in town:

Slabbed New Media LLC / Mac speaks with Dave Elliot of WLOX TeeVee
Slabbed New Media LLC / Mac speaks with Dave Elliot of WLOX TeeVee

Here is neighborhood resident Briley Richmond III lending his support to the cause:

Slabbed New Media LLC / Briley Richmond III lends his support to the Pickering Fundraiser Protest
Slabbed New Media LLC / Briley Richmond III lends his support to the Pickering Fundraiser Protest

Butler Snow’s John Harral (on the left) emerges from the party to speak with WLOX’s Dave Elliot.

Slabbed New Media LLC / John Harral takes time away from the Pickering Party to speak with the media
Slabbed New Media LLC / John Harral takes time away from the Pickering Party to speak with the media

And of course Harral and Slabbed’s own Bobby Truitt share a mutual scalp on their resumes.

It’s raining so hard…..(ooops wrong post sorry)

Finally here is the press statement that was sent out yesterday:

To the good people of Mississippi.

Please consider this statement the unofficial statement from the group of people known by some as the Slabbed Nation, The Sun Herald Snake Nation or the SEA (SCREWED ENOUGH ALREADY) PARTY. We are just concerned taxpayers who want change.

We are gathering on East Beach in Ocean Springs with permission from the city to protest this fundraiser being hosted by people who we think are in conflict with the Auditor Stacey Pickering who is in the middle of investigations involving the DMR, Dr. Bill Walker, Scott Walker (who lives right next door at 435 East Beach Blvd which was raided recently by the Auditors office and the FBI), Walkers private nonprofit Marine Resource Foundation and others that are known and unknown to the public.

Also the host and owner of this residence is Mr. Joe Cloyd part owner of Frontier Gulf Coast, a company who was recently given a no bid public relations contract for work at the DMR. The conflicts are many and Stacey Pickering should know better.

We also object to how Pickering has handled the “negotiated settlement” with Bill Walker and his foundation pertaining to the boat lease scandal that was revealed to the public last Friday as part of the 2013 Audit Exceptions Report. While others in this report from throughout the state were sent to prison, placed on probation, and/or made to pay full restitution for as little as $100.00, Walker was not punished at all or made to pay any monetary restitution after being served with a formal demand from the Ms.Auditor in the amount of $1,074,519.97. He instead turned over two 30 year old boats that he paid nothing for. To further insult the intelligence of the taxpayers Walker was allowed full credit equal to the original purchase price of some 4 year old equipment removed from the boats prior to the sale and kept by DMR. This equipment was originally paid for by the DMR in an amount of almost $170,000. The only recovered money in this matter was from the sale of the boats in the amount of $126,000 which is about 12 cents on the dollar.

Auditor Pickering bragged the other day in his speech at the Neshoba County Fair “WE HAVE 50 PUBLIC OFFICIALS INDICTED OR AWAITING TRIAL.”  What we want to know is WHY NOT BILL WALKER ? This is but one of many issues we have with career politicians being more concerned for the party they belong to instead of the people they represent. Stacey Pickering is here tonight with the money changers and he should be ashamed.

We are a grass roots movement of many professions from the area that wants something done about the embezzlement and misuse of our hard earned tax dollars at the DMR and all other state agencies now. WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has ~ Margaret Mead

51 thoughts on “Small and Mighty: Ocean Springs Beach Protest raises awareness of problems at the State Auditor’s Office”

  1. Excellent work Doug.The pictures are priceless. Bill Walker should be arrested for child abuse. Having a baby out during an extreme heat alert in the full sunlight is just plain criminal. His statement in doing so was “Yes I am a self centered basTURD that wants to let everybody know I am a FREEBIRD.”Not for long Bill,not for long.

  2. Such a great display of planned inhumane treatment. No sunscreen either I would bet. Loved to have been there when Stacey Pickering came over and kissed the baby and Grandpa. I bet that was an emotional “I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH STACEY FOR WORKING WITH ME ON THE BOAT LEASES. HERE IS MY CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION” moment with tears running down Grandpa’s cheeks.

  3. Dat baby was the only innocent humid being on da’ porch suckling on a non-taxpayer tit while da’ holder of the bottle sucked so hard and long he’s got Grand Canyon deep dimples in his cheeks.

    Time now for for da’ rendering slaughter of boss hog, fried bacon and BLT’s for all the coast taxpayers through an audit not done by his conveniently biased neighbor.

    Glad to see some of his neighbors joining in the taxpayer fight and to be photographed- that’s got to send messages to other neighbors who are not riding the Walkergate train.

    1. Agree 100% Lockie on Briley taking a stand. I’d submit that every taxpaying citizen of this state should take the same stand out of self respect for their own money. Don’t pay your taxes and go to jail. Those that pay up and remain indifferent are modern day slaves and they don’t even realize it.

      Someone needs to clue Gov. Phil in to the fact that crony capitalism kills jobs instead of creating them. No businessman with an ounce of sense would bring investment into such a corrupt and inbred regulatory system. The problem isn’t trial lawyers as the koolaid drinkers would have you believe no sir. The problem is out in the open before our very eyes.

      1. Maybe we could talk Briley Richmond II, a neighborhood resident pictured above and participating in the East Beach protest, to be the firearm packing night watch patrolman to keep the wild hogs from taking over da’ hood.

        If not a firearm maybe a telephoto camera to record the coming and goings of da’ hogs. Yo’ know like faces and license plates similar to the FBI’s surveillance of da’ big mafia meetings up north.

      2. Picture it. Early to mid-eighties. South Mississippi courts. Red Pyle for the property owners, and Boyce Holleman for the State. What a show. What a scam. No interest in property lines until there’s interest in mineral interests. Justice O’Connor would later term the State’s actions as “opportunistic,” implying its actions had not much to do with protecting the Public Trust. The Marine Resources Council was used as a tool of the SOVEREIGN STATE OF MISSISSIPPI to rob people blind, and it looks like things haven’t changed much. The robbery was reduced from close to 1000 acres initially claimed by the State using maps from the 1800’s, then 600 using aerial photography with maps drawn by the Marine Resources Council, down to 42. Headline, Lawyers win big.
        Speaking of gas, a neighbor drilled a test well up on the north Jourdan River that tested well, but then was somehow ruined with two much acid or something.
        Anyway, funny how things come full circle.
        Pray for me, I drive 603.

      1. Well look here. We finally have some opposition that appears to be supporting the regime. I have read your last few comments and they appear to be as childish and weak as Frontiers PR and communication abilities.

        I especially enjoyed your closing comment regarding a blessed day. That sounds like something the radical regime would say to us after they pound the publics ass raw.

        So tell us, who are you banging and gaing brownie points with? Anyone special?

        1. Eye Spy and Don’t Make me Sing : Besides the commenter “Prince Charming” , who I call “Prince Criticizin” as he don’t tink me grammar is funny, I can’t tink who dis’ commenter “Slope” could bees.

          In da; Jefferson Parish Scandal we had paid commenter OnASteed who rode off into da’ sun’set shortly after Heebe got off and BrouStar went to jail.

          Maybe “Slope” is dat’ fat, curly hair blonde photographer who was taking pictures of da’ protesters and has a big “slope” of a stomach?

          Its a comic oxymoron though , we have a “Slope” ,who objects to our grammar ,but misspells its name which correctly spelled is “Slop” , as in ” Pig Slop”

  4. Their front porch has mist blowers and air conditioned floors. The child’s mother and what appeared to be a friend of hers were out there too, doubtful the baby was doing anything other than enjoying the view from his parents front porch.

    1. I don’t know about all of that honey, but I believe the heat may have gotten to you! You must be one of the oinkers from the party.

      1. If that is the case they are especially welcome here. I love inside information and having insiders about is the best way to get it. Trust me when I say I know this to be true from vast amounts of prior muckraking experience. :mrgreen:

    1. Tell Walker’s grandson to get over dere’ on his tricycle and suck on dem over engorged tits before they explode curds of milk all over the Walker-Pickering hood.

    1. I have heard it all now. The rich and famous now have an open porch with air conditioned floors? If true this is dumb but I do not believe it. A mister-blower, possible, but not visible and you can see no breeze is blowing either manmade or from nature. Point is on the hottest day of the year with the area under an extreme heat alert you sit out in the sun at its peak time with a baby of that age for the baby to enjoy the view? Now that’s funny. We all know some other reason brought Bill out on the front .I say he was missing the limelight. No more pictures with his friends like at the Jolly or the Fitch Fundraiser. He is past tense in these people’s minds. They have moved on and Bill you need to do the same.

        1. What’s for me? If you are referring your comment to me, no name; Please don’t think that I care if you believe what is on these people’s porch. I’m not going to argue with someone who is ignorant on the topic.

          And lets be honest… You dislike the Walkers so you’re talking poorly about a toddler and his care. Lowly, immature and nothing to do with the topic of this post, which is the protest by the way.

          This one is for you sweetie, since you can’t list your name.

          1. Really you can’t argue with someone who doesn’t even list their name. Quite comical, isn’t it!

            “This ones for you”
            Very scary!

          2. The last time I left my name on a post, I was requesting police protection from the police. I was, thereafter, tracked, hacked, persecuted mightily, and the police hired a private investigator, also the police, to do a full investigation on me. There are excellent reasons why people try to stay anonymous which people who have friends with air-conditioned porch floors paid for with allegedly ill-gotten booty wouldn’t know anything about.

          3. Hannah, Just letting you know that I was replying to your comment. I am not ignorant on the topic, I actually have been there for the SUMMER SEAFOOD EXTRAVAGANZA for Lynn Fitch. I do not know the Walkers very well so that does not allow me to dislike them but I despise what they represent which is greed and manipulation. I only referenced the child because he was being mistreated in my opinion by being held outside in 100 degree temps for Bill’s photo op. You are also incorrect that I did not list my name .I am Time For Change on Slabbed.

    2. thats not joe cloyds wife, btw….should probably get your facts straight before you start putting your foot in your mouth…..have a blessed day

  5. The next scheduled public stickering for Pickering might be when the Sun Herald gets a look at the settlement agreement between Pickering and Bill Walker.

    So how does nearly $300,000 repay more than $1 million?
    Pickering told the Sun Herald on Friday that “by no means was the state made whole” by the boat proceeds and “this does not wrap up everything.”
    But when his office was asked for a copy of the “negotiated settlement,” we were told that would require a formal, written request.

    He did get that agreement in writing. Didn’t he? How to keep such a negotiated settlement for misdirection of the taxpayers’ dollars from the media and taxpayers while still running for office… is probably covered in the Boy Scout Manual.

    1. Okay Anita Lee listen up the Sunherald needs to formally request every piece of documentation spent on these boats repairs, equipment , etc. including property list and then compare the dollar amounts …..there’s a whole lot of lies going on..and I do believe Pickering is in the good ol boy cover up club

      1. Queen Cobra: You done struck your truth fangs possibly deep into a possible repair scam concerning those two golden bateaus. An auction without a marine survey that returned so little on such large investments by the DMR creates the suspicion that a survey could have contradicted the reported repair history and possibly exposed a repair scam.

        No offense QueenCobra but I would love to see a color avatar picture of yo’ asp and fangs next to yo’ moniker. It would add more ominous “bite” to yo’ comments.

  6. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who braved the heat and stood up for what is right. I know that most of the employees from the DMR appreciate what you have done and wish they could be there with you, but they are being held hostage and are afraid of losing their jobs. I know there are plenty of people who wanted to be there, but found out about it too late. Thank you Sierra Club, thank you Noose, thank you Doug, and thank all of you protesters for your time and discomfort in that heat. We are behind what you are standing for and You are appreciated! We can’t thank you enough!
    The girl with the camera must be trying to be a model? If that is the case, she needs to do something with that gross hairdo and read up on where to find classy clothes styles. That black thing is horrid! And the sandals are pretty bad taste too. Hey, I thought the “rich chics” knew how to dress?? They have the money, but I guess you just can’t buy class. You have to be born with that. And it’s obvious in that photo that God left her out when he was passing out class (and hair too).
    I am so proud of what you protestors accomplished. The protest was done with class and you made us all proud. Even though it was a small gathering, numbers will grow as people stop being afraid and step up to fight for their rights. This thievery has to stop! The only reason Boss Hogg and the rest of his clan gripe so much about medicare? medicaid? in this State is because it lessens the pot of money they have to “borrow” from. They are no better than the people they complain about. They are lower than those people, because most of those people are not there by choice. This clan is there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with their hands out.
    Keep the pressure on! You are doing a great job!

  7. Grandpa Walker was there for the photo-op. From what I can see from the pic, the baby needs some sunshine, currenty unavailable to them (Walker clan) from fishing trips on the boat. (Yes, boats that large can accomodate toddlers). And as far as the cooland/heat re-circulation for the porch of the Walker mansion is concerned, I could give a phyling phuck about it, could care less if they have a pipeline of cool air pumped in from Winnepeg. The main reason the old bastard was out on the porch was to give us phuckers something to bitch about, and take our minds off all the “justified” crap he’s pulled.

    1. Maybe he has cut a deal and had the Kodak moments to show everyone he is now bullet proof. Or maybe he knows his time is near and is trying to spend it with his grandchild. Who knows. But I do know an air conditioned floor on an open porch is terribly inefficient and does not help the baby in those conditions. What do you think Hannah ? Is that really the garden of Eden over there at 435 ?

  8. He probably does think that he’s bulletproof. And as a reminder for a few of us old enough to remember, air-conditioner units haven’t really been around that long, sorry if I’ve hurt feelings, but I don’t have a problem with taking a kid out into the sunshine for a bit, no matter how hot it is. We can bitch all day about about his “dealings”, but damn, for us to bitch about him having a toddler out on hot day is ludicrous, any one of us that grew up in South Mississippi has been out on a hot day as a toddler> yes we obviously survived it. This mentioning of him on the porch with his grandchild proving he is an unfit grandparent is so far from the point of Walker’s mis-givings is asinine as anything I’ve ever seen. But then again, what do I know, maybe he was getting the young lad used to the flames of Hell.

  9. Trip, you are correct in your thinking that the innocence of a child should not be the subject of discussion here on Slabbed. I do not think that is anyone’s intention except maybe Patricia who is always over the top. On the other hand the Walkers have been involved in so many questionable acts their character will continue to be questioned. When you have an extreme heat alert being broadcast warning people to stay indoors if possible you just have to wonder about Bill Walkers real intentions knowing this fundraiser was being held next door and he would be in full view of both the protesters and those attending. His misgivings are many but his love for his grandson is very strong, no different than you and I with ours.

    1. Thanks. That certainly is/was my intent. I don’t expect (in ALL sincerity) that Bill Walker has the the innate emotional capability to LOVE. I contend that many of the human responses which come naturally to most people have been deformed along with his sense of character & DECENCY.

      In case ya’ll missed it, there were even CELEBRITIES at the CLOYD PIGSTY…
      Heh, Heh, Heh. (Refresh yoyur Browser for latest additions)

  10. What, you actually expect a Deputy Sheriff to be able to create jobs; it’s not in their resume’. Let’s get real, if the Feds were not involved this all would have been swept under the rug long ago. As our lovely Mayor said to me when this first came out, “Don’t hold your breath on someone actually having to pay for any of this.” I used to consider myself a Republican, but that is before I discovered “all dogs have fleas.”

    1. I am receiving word the publicity on Slabbed and associated protest has really stirred things up in certain political circles. I know this, I wouldn’t vote for Stacey Pickering for dog catcher.

      I hope it is lost on no one that before he was State Auditor, Pickering was over Governmental Relations at Howard Industries and back in 2007 when folks like Greg Harper were running campaign ads showing Hispanics in handcuffs Pickering’s employer at Howard Industries….

      The technical term is hypocrite.

      1. Hopefully the momentum will continue all the way through the states major elections to the point that we see a new governor next term. Based on rumors I have heard the heat may be starting to be felt in the DMR offices. According to inside sources, propaganda has even started to surface which are related to decisions they have made.

        I made a post on this a few days ago.

        Part 2

        1. In all the happenings I missed that comment. Ms Scallan has no connections to Slabbed New Media and I do not think she has the stroke to dictate the coverage. While Slabbed is generally known to be very supportive of all journalism in the public interest including at the Sun Herald I think everyone understands if I think someone is peddling a mulligan I will not stand by and idly watch.

          The feeling between Scallan and her new job may just be a mutual one.

          1. I thought he same thing regarding enough stroke to control stories myself. If that was actually mentioned during the meeting I would think that it was nothing more than to give her image a boost. Kind of like damage control that arrived a bit too late.

            I see the SH has a new story posted regarding the applicants for an upcoming position.

      2. I think you are correct the Pickering camp is wondering what happened. The organized event at 433 East Beach Blvd was sliced, diced, and totally discombobulated by a disorganized group of local taxpaying citizens and dozens of cyber warriors. All of the local press came to the proposed battle field to see the army that never was appear and who won a complete surrender from the money changers without ever firing an obscenity thru a bullhorn. You see, thru the internet we created the fear of large and word spread that the protest would be just that Then we sat backed and watched them scramble around, blocking off all adjoining property to limit parking, sending out memos thru lawdog stating the beach was private property and trespassers would be arrested, bringing in OS policeman to intimidate, and assuring the guests that all was going to be OK. They all entered the property from the rear and never came out into the front yard except to photograph the taxpayers. They did send out the prominent lawyer from Gulfport to survey the battlefield but all he observed was a few taxpayers. They placed their favorite symbol of greed on the front porch next door for all to see and all did see with the power of the lens. And now all have seen the uprising by a few against many on TV, in the newspaper or blogs. In the end word is from people involved, the big fundraiser was a flop but the little protest a big success. Just goes to show you it is possible to get your point across to these connected manipulators with a little effort . For months to come they will be trying to assess the damage they caused by having this event in the location they did. And we will enjoy the continued conversation about the army that never was.

        1. The POWER of the Internet + the POWER of the PEOPLE = Global REVOLUTION

          My passion to speak out against INJUSTICE began over twenty years ago, when my three babies were taken from me by a corrupt court system in Calcasieu Parish & a well-connected & abusive ex-husband.

          My parents attempted to raise me to respect authority, but even as a child I suspected that the concept was not natural.
          I don’t apologize for my “over the top” renditions of politics as my viewpoint stems from a personal & painful perspective.
          However, I feel compelled to explain it.

          Although I have learned to accept injustice without understanding it, it soothes my soul to be able to convey my experiences via an artistic & IMO Comedic venue.

          I APPLAUD the efforts of ALL citizens who have the courage to fight against political corruption.
          The system is working exactly the way out forefathers intended.
          Money/Hierarchy RULES.

          The one facet that allows for REAL CHANGE, is the WORLD WIDE WEB.

          KEEP the FAITH ~

          1. Amen Sister Pat. I feel your pain and laugh myself crazy at your artistic and comedic venues It takes all kinds to make a place like fun an at the same time effect change.

  11. I’m beginning to rethink my stance on voting.

    Since an Anarchist Party is a contradiction in terms, and the PARTY Party has yet to be established, what about Libertarian?
    Perhaps changing party affiliations & voting OUT the Republicans & Democrats is an answer?

    Of course there would have to be viable candidates to vote for?
    Just a thought.

    Ya’ll have a GRANDE’ Saturday ~

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