Shane Gates sues Judge Richard Swartz and others for Treason as the Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway sinks to new lows

Brown said a new federal lawsuit would be filed, containing “new accusations.” She refused to say what they were.

“Families are destroyed because of this kind of injustice,” she said during the news conference, held at the offices of Terry King, who with his wife has waged a campaign to expose questionable spending practices at the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office.

No Ms. Brown, our justice system is destroyed when people file frivolous lawsuits to recuse out a Judge on the eve of trial. How these yahoos get in the paper is anyone’s guess but the Advocate was suckered mightily just days ago. And new treason lawsuit Belinda Parker Brown was pumping last weekend claims Judge Swartz and a bevy of St Tammany Parish law enforcement along with Attorney General Buddy Caldwell have evidently joined in some massive conspiracy against Shane Gates. Is suing the Judge set to provide over his criminal trial in less than a week the actions of an innocent man? Maybe on Channel 4 and in John George’s world but few other places.

This one has rule 11 sanctions written all over it but don’t take my word for it. Click the pic to score the latest bit of Goatherdian spleen venting, 40 pages of legal jackassery in total. And Buddy, I feel your pain man. 😉

Gates v Schwartz Doc 1

29 thoughts on “Shane Gates sues Judge Richard Swartz and others for Treason as the Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway sinks to new lows”

  1. To any lawyers reading the pleading above:

    Does the “verification” provided by Danny Abel disqualify him as Gates’ attorney? Can he be a witness AND an attorney in the same case?

    1. I’m not a lawyer but I can take that one. The answer is NO. The suit strongly appears to have been filed to disrupt Gate’s DWI trial, which was slated to begin on August 12. Running away like scared schoolgirls on the eve of legal battle appears to be a standard Goatherder tactic.

      1. To further amplify exactly how badly this lawsuit fails basic legal ethics:

        (a) A lawyer shall not act as advocate at a trial in which the lawyer is likely to be a necessary witness unless:

        (1) the testimony relates to an uncontested issue;

        (2) the testimony relates to the nature and value of legal services rendered in the case; or

        (3) disqualification of the lawyer would work substantial hardship on the client.

        (b) A lawyer may act as advocate in a trial in which another lawyer in the lawyer

      2. I hate to break it to you, but I’ve seen lawyers and judges be witness in trials in which they are involved in the 22nd JDC. I understand the issues with the Super 8 Motel legal team, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. The cowboy mafia runs deep in that neck of the woods and if you get in it’s way or call it out… May god have mercy on your soul.

        1. Ironically the two worst judges in the 24th JDC seem to be the only place Gate’s lawyer/witness Danny Abel has any luck anymore litigating cases. Ansardi and LaDart were both very close to Broussard. To complain when the fix isn’t in smacks of hypocrisy .

          Just as those 2 judges do not constitute a blanket condemnation of the entire 24th JDC, nor does a few rotten apples spoil the 22nd and yes, I am aware there are rotten apples there. Judge Schwartz is not one of them.

          Yes, a broken clock is right twice a day but explain to me how Gate’s could have had his face fried on the 210 degree hood of his car and not exhibit any burns in the pictures of his face?

          I am dubious of criminal cases where the defendant seeks to try the case in the media while his daddy/lawyer/witness files the same lawsuit again and again in different jurisdictions designed to derail our long established court processes.

          You don’t like the Judges in the 22nd JDC? Stand to post and get the ones you don’t like out at the ballot box and yes the system works, the problem I see are people too lazy or self absorbed to put in the required effort to make it work.

          And you ain’t God despite what you think.

      3. This is his sisters son. I know what happened that day but , indeed they pulled over the wrong vehicle. When he was pulled out of his red car. They beat him almost to death the hospital said that he would have been dead should he have gotten hit two more times by night sticks. I don’t know where he is at the current moment but last I heard about a month ago he was in New York. We have no contact with him anymore since he has been on the run.


          1. The “ unholy alliance “ of Reed, Strain and Prieto is no longer as it was accurately described by good government and whistle blower ,Terry King ,as the citizens of St. Tammany finally figured it out…..

            But car ABEL…….. “ where are you” ???

            Hopefully his engine has seized up ,his tires flatten and he like other unethical units has been buried in the unlicensed , junkyard cemetery.

    1. Holy ” Un-Holy Trinity” Batman,

      I believe you have missed a few Bat Signals in the legal drama here.

      There maybe lots of drama but after reading the 40 page Complaint what is first troublesome is Sheriff Strain’s actions in the trial court room to influence the jury which in 30 minutes of deliberation stated Gates was not guilty. Evidently Judge Schwartz allowed Sheriff Strain’s antics to influence the jury but the jurists saw right through all of Strain ‘s bullshit. If any average person would have pulled Strain’s antics in court the bailiff would have escorted him out!

      It was proven at trial that the ever so important sheriff dispatch tape was hacked into and reformulated and that alone again is very troublesome and I’m sure it greatly bothered the jury.

      The unethical intertwined connections of D.A. Reed , Sheriff Stain and Stain’s attorney, Chuck Hughes, to various insurance liability companies protecting St.Tammany government and to the 22ndJDC judges is again very troublesome.

      Finally, the words of a Terry King on the website “Human Events, which you cited above in your comment, at the very end of the article on the Gate’s matter and federal complaint is most damming and troublesome. Terry King, who is a member of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany (CCST), is the same person and organization which helped expose the illegal corrupt activity of St. Tammany Coroner, Dr. Galan.

      Terry King is quoted as saying : “There is a pattern of behavior at the 22nd JDC that shows fabrication of evidence and mishandling of files by the St. Tammany officials”. And he goes on further to state: “The most basic problem facing St.Tammany today is the un-holy trinity between Strain, Reed and Prieto who are collectively destroying the fundamental justice system for this part of the state.” Such statements are not only reflective solely of Gates’ Complaint but evidently based upon many other cases involving other citizens before other 22nd JDC judges , officers of the court, and the un-holy trinity of St. Tammany Parish.

      IMHO, its way past time for the revelation of the un-holy trinity and its banishment into a fiery hell.

        1. No, he’s just probably been bitten. You cannot get a fair trial in the 22nd. You can buy your outcome though.

      1. Speaking of Gal van, it’s interesting they brought Gates there for treatment. It is purported that Galvan is part owner of that facility.

    2. Check out the only comment which is by a frequent commenter. “What is the rest of the story?” lol

      1. No joke RFP, that story looks like a 5th grader wrote it. Anyone who believes anything Abel puts in a legal pleading, based on his past whoppers including accusing AMV of perjury etc etc has rocks in their jug heads.

        And Lockie, if Abel had his way there would not be a Slabbed for you to comment upon.

        1. I attempted to look at that story as the totally uninformed reader might. That commenter had 1,500+ comments there IIRC. No idea if they had any of the back story but… Occam says that likely was the BS detector that issued an alert.

  2. Doug and rfp: I don’t drink Martinis nor do I think Terry King of Concerned Citizens for St.Tammany whose good government opinions I quote on the “un-holy trinity” drinks them either.

    As far as the ” rest of the story” maybe you should get those other stories from Terry King that form the bases of his quoted statements I’ve cited.

    Is there drama and another side of the Gates story maybe so but I also think there is a conspiracy cover-up of a sheriff deputies’ brutality and liability case.

    1. Locke, this may very well be a fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your point of view) melee between two Goatherding clans. They all deserve to be taken to the woodshed. I view all the proceedings with great dubeity. 😉

      1. von zippa: I agree 100%.

        In fact, if this was a World Federation Wrestling match it would be labeled The Drama Artist grapples The Un-Holy Trinity in a unsanctioned, all judicial rules barred bout for the Ozone Belt of BS

        1. My Prediction: The Middle District referee is going to throw out the match of misfits for the coveted Ozone Belt of BS due to improper venue as the bout should be held before the Eastern District referee. However, that referee has recently seen certain parties to the match too frequently with ” BS” on the backs of their wrestling robes.

          Bring your rotten eggs and tomatoes to throw at both grapplers as this bout is going to stink worse than the JP dump.

          1. Buddy Caldwell needs to file a motion and brief real quick so he and his office in Baton Rouge can be struck as defendants leaving only St.Tammany parties. In so doing the bout can be moved from the Middle District in Baton Rouge to New Orleans before referees of the Eastern District of Louisiana where it should have been filed originally.

            New Orleans hasn’t seen a championship bout of this magnitude since Spinks – Ali in 78′. Ali reclaimed the title for the third time by rope- a- doping Spinks who had earlier beat Ali in Las Vegas.

            Reserve your seats and place yo’ bets now to see who will be the “Champ on Camp”.

            1. Enjoy this suit while you can because it will not live long as it is largely a carbon copy of Gates v Strain. Abel will likely collect more sanctions for filing it and Gates will eventually be called to justice for the charges he faces. Could be that Gates v Strain is dismissed as well due to the sanctionable conduct inherent to this latest suit, which covers the same material albeit adding additional defendants.

              And like I told Bong Boy, Abel bitching about the fix being in against his “son” smacks of hypocrisy considering the sewer from where he hails.

    2. Lockemuptight dat is between the two of you, and I’m running to hide!!! Not me getting between the two of you in no way shape or form. My response was intended to be directly to Doug’s 8:48 AM comment.

      1. rfp: Don’t run and hide brother, this is the SlabbedNation. No harm no foul as we got our wires crossed as you were commenting on the first commenter under the “Human Events” article namely WXcynic who commented “What’s the rest of the story”. And I mistook your comment to be directed at me, as the first commenter under Doug’s post, and thought you were asking me what was the rest of the story.

        And as the first commenter under the Human Event article, namely Wxcynic an ex- weatherman from Montana, correctly sensed there is more to this legal storm then revealed on Human Events’ radar beyond the record inches of BS already recorded.

  3. I successfully hid at happy hour for a while, no hard feelings now.

    There are some places where anyone with internet access can post a

  4. That “article” was clearly written in Goatherdian syntax and verbiage. What a sham! When is the Office of Disciplinary Counsel going to shut this wingnut down from filing frivolous and fantastical lawsuits?

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