It’s heating up in New Orleans

Sal’s ears are burning that I guarantee: | The Times-Picayune seeks documents in Danziger Bridge case ~

Slabbed was visited by Team Horn investigators in January 2013. I hope the Times Picayune gets those redactions lifted.  I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this.

Meantime Nowdy sends this must read from Radley Balko on the topic of Prosecutorial Misconduct which includes several of the misconduct cases from the Harry Connick days as Orleans Parish District Attorney. Left unsaid but well understood here in the Slabbed Nation is the role of David Vitter’s wife Wendy at Team Connick back in the day.

4 thoughts on “It’s heating up in New Orleans”

  1. Yes, things are “heating up” in New Orleans, courtesy of NEGRO MALES over the age of 12, who are committing VIOLENT CRIMES way disproportionate to their number in the general population. For instance, if Negros constitute 13% of the citizenry of the United States, why are over 50% of the murders committed in this country committed by NEGRO MALES? I am petitioning for a return of the “Open Thread” on SLABBED and resumption of the “Daily Crime Report” so that Members of the SLABBED Nation can know what those of us living in New Orleans already know. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Balko is a good read as always. Rather surprised to see the statist lickspittles at HuffPo run his story.

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