8 thoughts on “Showtime in Houston Texas!”

    1. I can’t be there in person but I have a photographer that will be there. I hope there is a good turnout.

  1. Thanks for all of your coverage of the corruption throughout the Coast. It is not often you have a group like the one who will assemble tonight at Joe Cloyd’s house. While they would never admit it, they all are probably grinning about the Monopoly game played by Bill Walker with Stacey Pickering where he was allowed to use his GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. Yes the taxpayers lost this round but will not stop until Walker has lost Park Place and the other assets he has amassed thru the misuse of taxpayers funds, an act he has already been accused of by the same Pickering who allowed him to walk. We will see.I hope tonight is the beginning of the end of all of this collusion between the money men and the political robots they control .

  2. I am sorry I won’t be able to watch the running of the piggies on East Beach Drive in person. Hopefully the local media covers this and interviews a few of the observers. Footage on the evening news of the piggies in the Range Rovers and Gelanden Wagens pulling up next to the used clothing magnates’ headquarters will be priceless.

    If I was able to attend in person I would have a sign. Originally I was thinking something like:

    ACFE or GAAP Stacy! Do You Know What They Stand For?

    Then I thought better. Pickering probably thinks ACFE stands for Annual Campaign Filing of Expenses. He also probably thinks that GAAP is what you go to the orthodontist to have fixed. Then after further review of Auditor Pickering’s bona fides I had an inspiration. Surely Chaplain Pickering is familiar with Leviticus 19:9-17.

    Leviticus 19:9-17

    New International Version (NIV)


  3. Love the comments rfp. Somehow I think when these people become politicians they change in how religion fits in to there new world. They start thinking “I am the Lord your God”. Read the Clarion Ledger article attached about Pickering’s speech at the Neshoba County fair the other day in which he said “We have over 50 public officials indicted or awaiting trial”. He is has fallen flat on #15 of Leviticus above when it comes to Bill Walker “Do not pervert justice.” While these 50 Pickering boasts about bringing to justice, Walker escapes Justice. Sad. Lets be heard.

    1. Thanks for the link. I am busy beyond belief, and don’t have time to find the transcript myself. myself. If someone can post a link to Pickering’s speech on video, or an actual transcript, I would be MOST INTERESTED AND THANKFUL. I suspect he might be an example of the proverbial foot in mouth afflicted “chaplain”. More examples will help support the tentative diagnosis.

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