Environmental disaster specialist BP wants to stop playing, again

OTOH I can verify a jailbreak of subsistence claims once word got out. But the masters of disaster at BP crying foul?

BP presents evidence of fraudulent claims, demands temporary halt of claims payments again ~ Mark Schleifstein

Seems like just yesterday BP had some interesting conflicts of their own.

3 thoughts on “Environmental disaster specialist BP wants to stop playing, again”

  1. “Kickbacks” are CROOKED, and no matter who you are, we all know that. Those who participated in “kickback” schemes should go to Federal Prison. The “issue” is why Barbier didn’t see this, or why he ignored it. I have my own views on the subject, but I’ll keep my mouth shut for now. Generally, plaintiffs’ lawyers are unfamiliar with “conflicts of interests”. On the other hand, defense lawyers have to deal with conflicts on an almost daily basis. And generally, all a plaintiffs’ lawyer need do to win a case is “piss on the table”. The “grey matter” is, generally lacking, and there is, generally, “larceny in the heart”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. A customer wanted to know if I was going to file a business claim. Offshore really doesn’t affect my business directly and the spill had no effect at all. Lots of businesses in Baton Rouge with no relationship with offshore, fishing, or anything about this have filed claims and received rewards.

    Their business was just off that year, this was mostly due the government in complete power in DC in 2010, not the spill.

    Some may even had “off book” accounting methods that year waiting to pounce.

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