Today’s five dollar word is still Stylometry

Why hackers should be afraid of how they write ~ The Sydney Morning Herald

I’ve gotten an unusual number of inquiries of late on this topic and my earlier post on same.  While I understand the topic on a higher level than most I am no expert.  If you wish to learn more the following runs over 90 minutes and is a very good treatment of the topic:

I do know you need a brawny computer to run the JSAN software suite of Jstylo and Anonymouth. There is also GitHub and GitShell sites for Jstylo for those that understand how those websites work.

Be careful out there folks.

3 thoughts on “Today’s five dollar word is still Stylometry”

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t take 5,000-6.500 written words, software and a super computer. Case in point is Sal and one rare word common to both his case/brief writings and online comments – namely ,” dubiety” as in ” the dubiety of it all”. It also doesn’t hurt to have a paid stool pigeon to confirm your research.

    We still admire and love you Sal for being a non-native trying your best to clean up the local cesspool which is reported to be one of the fastest growing systems in the U.S…

    1. Sal or not… maybe you can decide with the help of stylometry ;-).

      Random impotence is Often not observed now a extensive dubiety

      22.03.2009 12:08:42

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      This blog post is not intended to diagnose normal or abnormal brick flows to any body part or any other medical condition. You might want to consult a doctor anytime you suspect brick flows or molest of drugs.

  2. rfp: I do believe da’ auter of dat ” brick flowin’ , penile pumping article is not Sal but dat datinquished Dr. Demento from Climax College in Weinerville. Kentucky.

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