A question of trust: Advocate owner John Georges lied about Steve Newhouse meeting

Looks like we have a truth problem over in the Publishing/Ownership department at the Lucky Coin Today:

The dangerous peoples of the intertubes strike again – Jason Berry

After reading Jason’s piece head over Jim Romenesko and read a few more whoppers from John Georges and his shills in comments.

I have not spoken to Steve Newhouse though some curious visitors from Jersey occasionally pop up reading Slabbed. In fact, the last thing most people want publicized is the fact they have spoken to Slabbed New Media. That list of names is long, distinguished, occasionally infamous and in fact would be surprising, perhaps even shocking to the readers of this project.

I do have the Wino’s permission to reveal her name after her death (which hopefully will not come to pass for many, many years). Otherwise my lips are completely sealed. (See how easy it is not to lie?)

8 thoughts on “A question of trust: Advocate owner John Georges lied about Steve Newhouse meeting”

  1. Given the formula that Georges is utilizing to morph the Advocate into the Picayune, who cares?

    1. Jr: Your site truly seems like an oxymoronic, hypocritical story.

      The evicter happens to be one of the many people accused of squatting on AROD’s family batture land for many years as per AROD..

      Maybe someone needs to drop a nickel on the cafe’s owner so she knows about the evicter.

  2. Oh, yes. I am, frankly, surprised that The Advocate ran this story. It would appear that Thomas Coleman (or one or more of his corporations) owns the St, Rose Tavern (or at least the land on which it is situated), and has been the owner since 1985, having paid the current operators of the Tavern “good money” (over $200,000). Thomas Coleman DOES NOT enjoy the status of “owner” of my Family’s Mississippi River batture property. He is a SCUM-BAG SQUATTER and TRESPASSER, who is in BAD FAITH, and he and the members of his family and inner circle KNOW it. The “inner circle” includes the owner of The Advocate, John Georges, who unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of the City of New Orleans and for Governor of the State of Louisiana. Georges is married to Thomas Coleman’s daughter, Dathel (her Mother, Coleman’s spouse, has the same first name). So Coleman would appear to have the law behind him with respect to the St. Rose Tavern, and the operators of the Tavern would appear to be out of luck, unless ther is something in their lease that would preclude Coleman from doing what he wants with respect to property that he legally owns. My Family’s batture property is entirely different, because my Family has had legal title since 1945, and Coleman, one of the squatters and trespassers, who is in bad faith, has NOTHING, But being a BIG CONTRIBUTOR to Sheriff “Noodle” Norman and to Assessor Tom “GOOMBA” Capella (whose brother Jack works for Georges and has worked for Georges for many years), Thomas Coleman thinks he will get away with the THEFT of the O’Dwyer Family land, to which I say: “OVER ASHTON O”DWYER’s DEAD BODY”.

    1. That place is a STY.
      The woman who apparently “runs” it is a troll…and a HOARDER & has yet to know the true use for a MOP…I think she flies around on hers. She spoke to her daughter worse than one would a DAWG. She scolded me for walking around with the BEER I had just PAID for. I said, “You can speak to your daughter like that & I guess she HAS to TAKE IT. But my Mama lives in Kinder & if she would have EVER come close to resembling the gross troll you are?
      We’d a taken her out back & Shot HER,
      Take a bath for gawd’s sake your making me GAG!!!


  3. Didn’t quite know where to post this?
    An Open letter to DAVE & WENDY VITTER….OINK.

    In keeping with the task of lessening stress by sharing the thoughts which would otherwise fester
    (DON’t call me FESTER!)
    and cause a girl to get to an ULCER I have written a sentiment directed to David & Wendy Vitter ~ His WIFE Wendy, not the prostitute
    he paid with OUR MONEY, to change his diapers & rock him to sleep.

    Hey DAVE, How many POLITICIANS does it take to CHANGE a DIAPER?

    Only a cowardly, mentally deficient miscreant would cut FOOD STAMPS which keep the suffering suffering as a means to add a few bucks to the slop bucket.
    If you had HUMANITY’S best interest at heart, you would have committed hari kari, or gone to the Money WHOREDERS & raised THEIR Taxes.
    Instead & true to form, you offer a despicably idiotic ineffectual answer that does nothing but garner a few votes for you from half-witted racists.
    POLITICS CAUSES the rest of the WORLD to HATE US.
    Hell, I HATE US.
    YOU bring NOTHING to the TABLE but an APETITE.
    What have you accomplished besides buying a few more elections & having taxpayers pay for your prostitutes?
    Nothing against whores, but if I PAY for ONE….I expect to BE THERE.
    Ya’ll have managed to LEAD the WORLD in PRISON POPULATION.
    Wow, what a credit to your efforts.

    I suggest the LOT of the MOTLEY Crue with whom you wallow in Washington,
    Claim your role & be ACCOUNTABLE for your grossly inadequate accounting, problem solving & intellectual skills and get your oversized head OUT of the SLOP BUCKET.

    HEY…Here’s a thought…
    GET a JOB!
    One that requires NO INTEGRITY.
    WAIT, That’s what you have now?

    I Don’t imagine you or your white collar partner in crime wife WENDY, who has brokered people’s lives via the Court System with no regard for JUSTICE,
    have ever been hungry OR homeless.
    Well, I will certainly copy this missive to my friend KARMA &
    you and she will face the deprivation ya’ll so desperately deserve.
    Ya swarthy little diaper wearing POS ya.

    Just one more thing….Have you got a furball caught in your throat or what?
    Go to the carwash hose that phlegm out of there cuz you’re making EVERYBODY SICK.

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