Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride

Walt Bennetti over at Click Jefferson has been levying some interesting accusations at Mayor Yenni regarding the Kenner vehicle fleet including saying Mayor Yenni is somehow lying about having 6 vehicles for his personal use while simultaneously taking up for Kenner Councilman Carroll for commuting to his personal job on the Kenner taxpayers including curbing his taxpayer funded car resulting in taxpayer paid damage repairs to same. Editorially at Slabbed we do not play favorites when it comes to the wasting of taxpayer money thus the interest in why a Good Government Group would “defend the indefensible”.

As an old auditor with governmental motor pool experience here in Mississippi, Walt’s assertions about Mayor Yenni having a personal fleet of 6 cars just did not seem plausible but to the extent this is Kenna and Louisiana, anything is possible, so I decided to check things out including speaking with Kenner Mayor Yenni Last Friday. This is what I found out.

First off Mayor Yenni is the Grand Poohbah of Kenna and he can indeed use any vehicle in the City’s fleet that he wants.  No surprise there and indeed Mayor Yenni has driven several different CIty vehicles on occasion, including the SUV donated by the Parish to the City that Walt Bennetti has such a problem with, typically when his primary city vehicle, the same SUV driven by former Mayor Muniz is being serviced or in the case of the donated SUV that Walt says is “worthless”, driving several city employees to Baton Rouge for a meeting saving the need for multiple vehicles making the trip.  Contrary to what Walt asserted about Yenni’s uncle driving the donated SUV back in the day (thus the reason Yenni acquired it), I am told by sources familiar with in Parish government during the early 1990s that Mayor Yenni’s uncle drove a 1993 Oldsmobile, an assertion Mayor Yenni also mentioned to Slabbed mainly because he remembered riding in the car when he was a kid. Continue reading “Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride”

Today’s five dollar word is still Stylometry

Why hackers should be afraid of how they write ~ The Sydney Morning Herald

I’ve gotten an unusual number of inquiries of late on this topic and my earlier post on same.  While I understand the topic on a higher level than most I am no expert.  If you wish to learn more the following runs over 90 minutes and is a very good treatment of the topic:

I do know you need a brawny computer to run the JSAN software suite of Jstylo and Anonymouth. There is also GitHub and GitShell sites for Jstylo for those that understand how those websites work.

Be careful out there folks.

A question of trust: Advocate owner John Georges lied about Steve Newhouse meeting

Looks like we have a truth problem over in the Publishing/Ownership department at the Lucky Coin Today:

The dangerous peoples of the intertubes strike again – Jason Berry

After reading Jason’s piece head over Jim Romenesko and read a few more whoppers from John Georges and his shills in comments.

I have not spoken to Steve Newhouse though some curious visitors from Jersey occasionally pop up reading Slabbed. In fact, the last thing most people want publicized is the fact they have spoken to Slabbed New Media. That list of names is long, distinguished, occasionally infamous and in fact would be surprising, perhaps even shocking to the readers of this project.

I do have the Wino’s permission to reveal her name after her death (which hopefully will not come to pass for many, many years). Otherwise my lips are completely sealed. (See how easy it is not to lie?)