State Auditor Pickering’s fuzzy math under the microscope: Exactly where are all the bucks stopping?

That’s a softball question in the post title because all of the bucks are stopping over at Joe Cloyd’s house for a celebration funded in part by the no bid, $50,000 contract Cloyd scored to supposedly communicate the results of Jamie Miller’s outside CPA firm review of the “culture of corruption” that is the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.

I don’t know about you good folks reading this, but Slabbed New Media did not discern any communication from Team Cloyd on the topic of the review done by Horne CPA group, a connection Michael Newsom brings up today in his column in the Sun Herald. In fact, a seasoned, albeit slightly jaded pundit would observe stuffing money into a political strawman’s pocket via a no bid $50,000 DMR contract is eerily reminiscent of what Slabbed New Media covered back during the depth of the oil spill with our own Magnum hosting a multitude of political fundraisers in close proximity to receiving a multimillion dollar contract with BP to help with governmental relations. True dat, Cloyd is jonesing by comparison with a paltry $50K but Mississippi ain’t BP.

But this is not what has us common folk upset at Auditor Pickering, no siree.  I was glad to see the Sun Herald Editorial Board was bright enough to pick up the problem today despite Auditor Pickering’s sophistry on the subject and it is at this point that I’ll direct everyone back to a post I did in December 2012, Mississippians are being robbed blind by Phil Bryant’s political cronies. Exactly where are all the bucks stopping:

If this had been a school secretary embezzling a few thousand dollars from the Student Activity Fund or a secretary at (insert name of state agency) doing same that person would be, at the minimum put on a leave of absence while the investigation sorted all the dirty deeds out.  If you are a political appointee of Bryant on the other hand you get to keep your job and search for a graceful exit.

This turned out to be somewhat prophetic because I have also observed the State Auditor’s Office was expert at crushing school secretaries that steal a few thousand dollars and there it is for all to see in Auditor Pickering’s 2013 exception report, which includes as a State Auditor’s Office recovery the restitution from Roger Ladner of Hancock County, a case the FBI and US Attorney’s Office investigated and prosecuted. Like the typical political that he is, Pickering will take credit for everything he thinks will make him look good, even the stuff he had nothing to do with. Let’s take a peeksie at the report:

First the school secretary that steals a few thousand dollars:

2013 Exceptions report Cap 1

And now the politically connected Hog that steals hundreds of thousands:
2013 Exceptions report Cap 2

Pickering has since spun, twisted and gyrated trying to make his fuzzy math of letting Bill Walker go for pennies on the dollar sound more palatable to the Mississippi public but no one I know seems to be buying into his brand of BS, especially since come Tuesday he’ll be cuddled up with past perpetrators of events like the Cedar Point Land Swindle over at Joe’s million dollar beach front mansion. So long as the money spends for your pecuniary benefit Mr. Pickering such is OK huh?

It is against this backdrop that rumors of public protest Tuesday night at Joe’s place swirl. Before we can clean up Washington DC I submit the people of this area should first take out their own trash.  The problem isn’t Mexican ditch diggers or welfare recipients as politicians like Governor Bryant would have people believe, no siree. I submit the greatest problem today is politicians like Governor Bryant, Auditor Pickering and their cronies that rob their own kind blind and then cut sweetheart deals on the back end so the perpetrators can laugh all the way to the bank.  We saw it with Wall Street after the financial crash and we’re all seeing it again as the tab for such thievery gets stuck on our children and grandchildren.

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  1. WOW!!!! You have conveyed the thoughts and anger of the silent mega-majority better than you ever have. You made so many important points in this post it will take days for the public to respond to all. I would like to say that on Tuesday night all roads lead to Joe Cloyd’s house. He has invited a mix of the DMR, Walkergate, CedarPoint, Ms.Power ,Public Service Commision, Frontier Gulf Coast people to play it up for Stacey Pickering. While these people will all be winners in some way Stacey Pickering will be the loser of any integrity he once had. We all need to go to the fundraiser each with the name of somebody on a sign he has brought to prosecution and was punished with prison time, probation or full restitution. Where is the justice for these people? What is very obvious at this point is that Stacey Pickering is nothing more than an empty red shirt with an R beside his name just like the people who will be paying him homage for what he did for Bill Walker on Tuesday night at the headquareters of Frontier Gulf Coast. You are correct if people do not get active in their own communities fighting thuggery Washington will not matter because these local Joe Cloyds ,Scott Walkers and Josh Gregorys have their eyes on the prize which is political office =$

  2. You give Cloyd and Gregory $50,000. they give a certain percentage back to the politicians.You give Bill Walker thousands from the DEQ placed into his CONPROFIT FOUNDATION he gives a certain percentage back to the politicians. Same type of corrupting the system, just different people. I think it is time for a little lab work on Joe Cloyd. We all need to put his DNA on a slide under the microscope and look at every cell of his being all the way from grade school to the MILLION DOLLAR MANSION at 433 East Beach Blvd., Ocean Springs. He obviously wanted attention He now has the Slabbed Nation, the Snake Nation the SEA (SCREWED ENOUGH ALREADT) PARTY and everybody else with all eyes on deck. Time to dissect and report back people. Need some “THERES A NEW GUY IN TOWN” music on Doug.

      1. Right!
        And he sees it as FLATTERY?
        What a MORON.
        Some of the photos I made parodies of, I didn’t even have to EDIT.
        They are so absurd on their own.
        Just a caption or seeing at the vacuous look on their MUGS.
        HAHAHHA….Gotta LAUGH.

  3. They make me a little queezy this morning. The must use they same cement base hair spray. I hope they are happy how this is turning out for them. Phil taught him everything he knows about not auditing Bill Walker and DMR. Blind and foolish we are if we put up with these shills.

  4. I will be keeping a low profile around the party scene but I am hoping to see heavy media coverage if a large protest results. Maybe we might be lucky enough and see heavy vandalism. Could that be considered destruction of government property? 😉

      1. These are GREAT lines…
        Ya’ll can CHANT these & ADD a buncha OINKIN’ too! hahhaha
        I get so sick of hearing people bitch about the impoverished, using food stamps & welfare; wanting them drug tested.

        Elected officials live obscenely elitist lifestyles off our tax money!

        WHITE COLLAR WELFARE has got to STOP!
        No tellin what would be found if the swine were drug screened?
        Prolly a lota VIAGRA & built up deposits of HAIR GEL & bacon grease.

  5. They first told me we did not need a permit by then said they better check when I mentioned Slabbed Nation. The wanted to SEA my passport. I am supposed to have an answer first thing Monday morning. I will post the results as soon as I get them.

      1. Since Mr. Pickering did bring it up and felt comfortable enough speaking about it so candidly, I wonder if he has ever seen the face of the innocent woman he has pushed aside as a tragic situation? Maybe he should have a visual as he is drinking his toddys tomorrow night.

  6. I’ve just about came to the odd-balled conclusion that the aforementioned folks hosting this fundraiser for Pickering are ready to see him commit political suicide. Use him, bruise him, lose him….

    1. It would be BUSINESS as USUAL, unless the citizens put a stop to it.
      AND…the same old blame the voters argument is LAME…
      Who you gonna VOTE for?
      Don’t VOTE.
      It only ENCOURAGES them.
      The electoral process is MANIPULATED anyway.
      HOWEVER, ya’lls effort to organize & PROTEST is COURAGEOUS & PRODUCTIVE!
      I’m mad as hell & I’m NOT gonna take it anymore!

    2. That is a very interesting observation .Last year next door at Scott Walkers they had the SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA fundraiser for Lynn Fitch which turned out to be a fiasco for her, Pickering will be so beat up by this. I am sure the Cloyds also want to show off their new found wealth which comes from government programs, no different than welfare.

  7. You need to KNOW your rights & I would print them out
    (LARGE & SIMPLY STATED so their lil inbred brains can READ IT)
    & put the on one of the SIGNS, or print out & have each person carry it?
    But definitely KNOW your rights, don’t ASK them anything!


    These piggies are IGNORANT, COWARDLY & they are WRONG.
    I wonder why we don’t exercise our right to citizen’s arrests?

    If I were going, I’d wear a very SHORT SKIRT & Some STEEL-TOE Boots.

    Taxpayers are giving (being forced to give) nearly have their earnings to these ingrates &they ALWAYS WANT MORE.
    They have the AUDACITY to hold dinners for hundreds of dollars a PLATE & Spread around MILLIONS of OUR DOLLARS around to each other & think we’re just gonna TAKE DAT?

    They’ve never done a decent day’s work in their LIVES.

    They give speeches and take pictures of each other & put their putrid piggie faces on BILLBOARDS & name buildings after each other.

    They serve NO PURPOSE.

    When’s the last time you saw a politician living from paycheck to paycheck?
    And they make BABY POLITICIANS!


      1. I like that. They inhabit marine environments sort of like we are doing at the DMR where many on the inside support our noble cause. The SEA snake can be very deadly to crooked politicians and their soldiers. We are SCREWED unless we decide that it is over because we have the power if we want to exercise it.

  8. Patricia, we need to send a limo over to pick you up for this gathering. You my dear are a natural born rebel without a cause. The silent majority, who are always being screwed by these pin heads with their paper diploma to plot and manipulate from places like Ole Ms. and Vanderbilt, are no match for voices like yours. Together we can win the war because we have on our side the most potent weapon, the TRUTH. We must all rise up and tell the Scotts and Joes in our state WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.

  9. Every one should go to Jackson Jambalaya to comment on the article he has posted about Stacey Pickering’s HOEdown being held in Ocean Springs. We need to comment to let him know what we think about what Pickering is up to down here on the Coast. He already has some good comments going so lets spread the word.

  10. Just got off the phone with the City of Ocean Springs again and the very nice lady told me that based on what she found out so far we did not need a permit for this “Jubilee” (the fish kind seen recently in Gulfport) This one will bring the rats to the surface. Anyway she is checking with the police dept. I did tell her the exact location with the purpose being to observe the FUNraiser. Also did some recon in the area and found Jackson Counties employees with equipment cleaning/grooming the beach for us. There goes that private property argument .Got some great pictures of these kind people prepping for the 99%. Will post as soon as hear back

  11. Thanks,thats is because I am MAD AS HELL. They didn’t even see me drive down the back driveway behind 435-433 East Beach Drive. I love” this is private property that the county maintains.” Plenty of room for hundreds. We can use the same parking lot they describe on the invitation .Hey we are all just HUMID BEINGS when the temperature is in the 90s. John Grissom should come and start on this future best seller. Something like “In the Heat of the Night” or “You Pickering my Nose” or “Stacey got Walkered on”. I could go on but I won’t. Gots to git my camo from the dry cleaners.

  12. We just received word from the Mayors office in the City of Ocean Springs that we are allow to have our gathering on the East Beach Blvd. location in front of 433-435 on the beach side of the road. The city asked that we do not bring any guns, knifes, surface to surface missles or F-15 fighter jets (just kidding).They did ask that we stay out of the road and on the beach side only. They also said no shouting profanities would be allowed so I agreed no one can yell Walker, Cloyd, Pickering or Republican CONsultant. We are not required to have a permit and have a right to be there but be assured they will be watching our every move. Get your signs, flyers, cold water ,chairs, umbrellas and anything else you feel you need to let them know we are MAD AS HELL. LETS ROLL 99%!!!! Starts at 5:30

    1. Lets not forget about another key player of the BFI that has managed to stay a little low lately…..That person is Jamie Miller who hired the Cloyed outfit and continues to mismanage our state money by hiring his buddies.

      1. You think he will show up at Dough Boy Cloyds for the local version of the “PRICE IS RIGHT” which is all a fundraiser really is. He is already well represented with Cloyd and the other consultants he is friends with.

        1. I don’t know for sure but it seems like a political gathering of his type based on what we have seen so far at the DMR. He surely wasn’t shy about his image when talking to the media when the PR Rehabilitation Course was set in place.

          1. If he comes it will be thru the tunnel from Scott Walkers home everybody jokes about. Watch for somebody being escorted by the Marine Patrol people from the DMR. That be him.

  13. Some good action going on at Jackson Jambalaya and Topix Ocean Springs over this Stacey Pickering event.

  14. I see on the invitation it says to park in an open lot down the street from Cloyd’s house. He doesn’t even own that lot or maintain it. Just another example of him trying to showboat and use someone else’s property. Who is Joe Cloyd anyway? I have never heard of one thing that this guy has done besides rip off DMR 50 grand.

    1. Somebody else asked the same question earlier in this same post. It appears he is a man living the highlife . He seems to have came ashore here with Katrina working for the Barbour administration. He had a couple of other jobs ,one with Gen. Joe Spraggins in Gulfport.Now it appears he is full bore into the CDBG money and doing a little Shaggy on the side. I am sure there is much more to be learned and I would bet people are digging deep. Maybe he has nothing to hide, who knows. One thing that is obvious to many is he has taken Scott Walker’s leadership spot in the local Republican Wannabe’s club and will probably finish destroying the party locally before things are done.

  15. I am sorry I won’t be able to watch the running of the piggies on East Beach Drive in person. Hopefully the local media covers this and interviews a few of the observers. Footage on the evening news of the piggies in the Range Rovers and Gelanden Wagens pulling up next to the used clothing magnates’ headquarters will be priceless.

    If I was able to attend in person I would have a sign. Originally I was thinking something like:

    ACFE or GAAP Stacy! Do You Know What They Stand For?

    Then I thought better. Pickering probably thinks ACFE stands for Annual Campaign Filing of Expenses. He also probably thinks that GAAP is what you go to the orthodontist to have fixed. Then after further review of Auditor Pickering’s bona fides I had an inspiration. Surely Chaplain Pickering is familiar with Leviticus 19:9-17.

    Leviticus 19:9-17

    New International Version (NIV)


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