OK boys and girls, is the protest in Ocean Springs on for Tuesday evening or not?

I’m hearing a lot of chatter about such and would like to gauge interest. Obviously if people gather to let Auditor Pickering know how they feel Tuesday night, such confirmed public interest is certain to attract the media.  Leave your intentions in comments here or email me. Thanks.

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19 thoughts on “OK boys and girls, is the protest in Ocean Springs on for Tuesday evening or not?”

  1. I am in the process of checking with the city of Ocean Springs to see if a permit is required. I am going if I have to go alone. I am MAD AS HELL and I am thru taking the Corruption This could very well be the first meeting of the CEA party movement. I also am contacting WLOX to come to the site. How about STEPS Coalition,Serria Club (This will be a Ms.Power/PSC meeting) and all the other anti groups I can come up with between that support the 99%.

    1. Please find out I will definitely be there and would love to se media coverage how bout it Anita Lee I know you aren’t scared of a good story

      1. We need cameras, action, rollem type of coverage and somebody like AJ Girdinia to call Pickering out. Of course CNN and Fox are also welcome along with Ms. Lee.

      2. We need cameras, action, rollem type of coverage and somebody like AJ Girdinia to call Pickering out. Of course CNN and Fox are also welcome along with Ms. Lee.

  2. I am standing at attention for the Sunherald Snake Nation. Your group has been spoken of with great respect on Slabbed. We all are fighting for the same cause. Pickering,Cloyd and Walker will never know what bit them.

  3. What really needs to happen is a good ol’ fashion street fight if anyone wants my honest opinion.

  4. I’m all for the protest, and will be there if work allows me the time. I recently checked our wonderful auditors bona fides, and am not really surprised why this is such a mess. Dude’s resume is less impressive than guvnah Phil’s. Slick gets a friggen b.a. From Sanford in heaven knows what, a masters from n.o. Baptist theological seminary, and a job from the Howard’s in laurel as a guvment contract liaison and inside sales mgr….then onto state politics, aside from being a chaplain in the air national guard, and teaching Sunday school in laurel. WTH!

  5. I know everyone is focused around Pickering and Cloyd but let’s not forget that Jamie Miller hired the Cloyd Clan.

    In today’s article regarding the DMR boats it was mentioned that the DMR declined to comment. I guess Joe Cloyd must have been too busy planning The Big Shindig to tell Jamie what to say.

    1. Of course they revised the article in the Sunherald adding some comment an explanation from Pickering. I suspect he is feeling the heat. We all should be emailing him with our thoughts on his performance in this matter. He has disgraced his office by applying the law unevenly. I am sure by now he has hired extra security for his return trip to Ocean Springs. Watch for the Brinks truck to arrive at about 8 to haul out the money he will raise. Does anybody think he has increased that amount but cutting Bill Walker loose ? That is an easy one to answer. Street Fight, I am ready. I hope to get matched up with one of those preppy, hotty toddy Republican conmen made from that Scott Walker mold. Tuesday night ,LETS ROLL!!!!

    2. Speaking of boats, does anyone know, or know how to find out, what the government received for Vic Planetta’s boat?
      “The Agreed Order of Forfeiture also provides,

  6. Looks like the Sunherald is feeling the heat from somebody .They are deleting comments from some of the Snake Nation because of something that is being discussed. Seems like it has to do with the organized protest being planned for Tuesday night on East Beach Blvd across the street from 435 & 433 East Beach Blvd.Ocean Springs. This is the site of the proposed Stacey Pickering fundraiser 6pm. Everybody needs to come out and enjoy watching the 1% act nervous.

  7. It is heating up folks. People a staring to send threats to others.Tuesday night is going to fun.Stacey Pickering, COME ON DOWN !!!!!

  8. It is heating up folks. People are starting to send threats to others who they think are involved in organizing this gathering. What they do not understand is it is the 99% of the people who are tired of being screwed by that 1%. Stacey Pickering, COME ON DOWN !!!

    1. Ya it would not surprise me if Jamie miller and joe Cloyd were to cook up a plan to set up video cameras just incase something really big happens. That way frontier can view the footage afterward and scan for anyone associated with the DMR or its employees.

  9. I hope you are reading all of this Mr. Pickering. Do you see what you have caused? And now that I know you studied seminary at N.O., it is even worse for me. How hypocrital we can become when money is shoved in our faces! If anyone gets hurt in this rumble, it will be all your fault!!! For not doing the right thing! There is still hope for you if you carry out your duties like you are supposed to. If not, kiss your political career good bye! And as far as heaven? That’s a real long shot for you. The Walker Clan and the rest of the conspirators in this organized crime network need to be brought to justice! We will not rest until that happens. They deserve no more special treaatment than the next man. Walker fired two people over $24 and $118. I hope they are paying attention and have gotten lawyers. Looks like to me that you can set them free Mr. Pickering! You’ve opened the doors on the transplant crooks down here. You have riled the mighty Snake Nation Sir….it’s in their hands now. Snakes, don’t forget to bring your large red “R”s for their foreheads! One also might be nice for their vehicles, so the world will know that they are branded as unexceptable and unable to carry out their duties!

  10. For security reasons (unless you don’t care) I would recommend that Snake Nation members not disclose their identity if they plan on attending the main event.

  11. Good editorial coverage this morning in the Sunherald about the bogus Walker settlement. Also read the commentary from Newsom on the Pickering fundraiser. A protest gathering is going to gain participants. I went by the Joe Cloyd residence at 433-435 East Beach Blvd this morning and it looks like they are putting out barb wire around the perimeter. Next I feel elevated guard stations will be built at the drives to control the traffic. Plenty of sand beach in front of this location to for hundreds. If anybody ask why we are there just tell them you heard a jubilee might happen at about 7pm. This information is being provide by the Committee to STOP STACEY PICKERING FROM EVER SEEKING PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN.

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